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    Lest we forget In honour of remembrance day last week, the school

    came together for a two minute silence to remember

    the fallen from the World Wars.

    The classes learnt that one hundred years ago was

    the worst battle of the First World War and that it

    is important that we remember those who gave up

    their lives for us to be safe, and to be free. Each

    child has created a poppy in remembrance of those

    brave people. One poppy from each class will go to

    make a whole school wreath as our way of saying

    thank you for their ultimate sacrifice. The wreath

    will be on display outside the lunch hall on the PHSCE



    This weeks problem..

    Last weeks solution..

    The answers to the problems will be published in

    the Gordonbrock Weekly and on the website in

    the Children section the following week.

    8hr 15mins Learning time lost due to lateness last week.

    This is an unacceptable level.

    Year 2 Visit to Lewisham Fire Station

    The Year 2 classes have all visited Lewisham Fire Station recently.

    We have been learning about the Great Fire of London and we wanted

    to know how firefighters put out fires these days!

    We all had a fantastic time, learning about the firefighters work and

    we learnt lots about the fire engines, how different types of fires are

    put out and the other jobs they have to do. And yes, they do have to

    rescue cats from trees!!

    This is what some of the children had to say about their visit.

    I liked seeing the man go down the pole. It was funny because we

    had to shout, Come down! - Poppy

    We climbed up and sat in the front of the fire engine. And we

    tried on the helmet - Tracey.

    I liked it when he showed us how the hose works. It was very

    heavy. - Rigby

    Pre-loved books for sale! At Gordonbrock Primary School, we endeavour to

    instil the love of reading in all our children.

    Our school council representatives are organising

    a second hand book sale, on Monday 12th

    December. We would appreciate donations of any

    primary school age books that are in good

    condition. This will enable us to put good books to

    good use and provide affordable reading material

    to all our children.

    The proceeds of the book sale will be used by our

    school council representatives to buy new

    equipment for our school playground.

    Any donations of childrens books will be hugely

    appreciated. Thank you to all parents who have

    already donated.

    Year 6 Aquamarine

  • Blackheath 12.11.16

    Our first match of the year was played in the rain. This

    was not a good start to the season.

    10 am Eliot Bank v Gordondbrock 0-2

    Man of the match: Stan for good distribution and command of the defence.

    We began with only six boys on our team, but by half time we were up to seven and by the end of the first

    match we had a complete team. The boys (named The Wet Bandits by Graham) got off to a good start and

    Joshua was able to put us in the lead by scoring two goals before the end of the first half. One goal made us all

    gasp, Stan kicked the ball from one end of the pitch and it hit Joshua on the back of the head. Joshua ran

    round the ball and kicked it into the goal. As you can imagine there was a flurry of applause from the parents. In

    the second half there was pressure from our side all the time but the score remained at 2-0

    11 am Gordonbrock v Kender 1-3

    MOTM: Isaac for being able to adapt and play centre back in both matches. Quote from Graham: He is the

    most versatile player on the pitch.

    Kender was a more formidable opponent and our team were under pressure from the beginning. Joshua tried to

    score and Stan continued to do a good job as goal keeper. Kyson scored, but after a brave save by Stan, Kender

    scored back. They then went on to score two more goals. Our boys kept trying to get the ball in Kenders net,

    Joshua tried again from a pass from Sammy and Isaac pushed it just over the goal. In the end it was a win for


    The boys made a good start and we know that they will work on improving every time they play.

    Thank you to Graham for coaching the team.

    Well done to: Isaac, Stanley, Kyson, Joshua, Henry, Manu, Sammy and Jerrell.

    Gill Norris, PE Coordinator

    P S O R T I N G N E W S: F O O T B A L L


    Why cant skeletons play music?

    Because they dont have organs!!

    - Shirley & Miss Barry



    This week (14th-18th November 2016) is anti-bullying week in Great Britain.

    Cette semaine (14-18 novembre 2016) c'est la semaine anti-intimidation en Grande-Bretagne.



    Humphrey's Big-Big-Big Book of Stories

    by Betty G. Birney

    The perfect gift, this new edition in Betty G. Birney's

    bestselling series brings together her first three stories

    about Humphrey the classroom hamster. Discover the

    wisdom, wit and brilliance of the nation's best-loved furry

    friend as he tells you all about the World, Friendship and

    Trouble, all according to his Humphreyness!

    Week commencing 11.11.16

    Class Attendance No. of lates

    Topaz 1a 97.1% 0

    Topaz 1b 95.4% 0

    Topaz 2 87.5% 0

    Topaz 3 96% 2

    Topaz 4 99.3% 0

    Topaz 5 87.4% 0

    Sapphire 1 98.6% 0

    Sapphire 2 96.9% 2

    Sapphire 3 96% 3

    Sapphire 4 98.7% 1

    Sapphire 5 97.3% 2

    Sapphire 6 100% 0

    Emerald 1 99.3% 2

    Emerald 2 98.6% 0

    Emerald 3 95.5% 2

    Emerald 4 92.5% 1

    Emerald 5 97.9% 2

    Emerald 6 98.1% 2

    Aquamarine 1 98.6% 4

    Aquamarine 2 93.7% 0

    Aquamarine 3 97% 2

    Aquamarine 4 98.1% 1

    Aquamarine 5 94.4% 3

    Aquamarine 6 97.5% 1

    Well done to Sapphire 6 for 100% attendance and no

    lates last week.

    Who can make it to 100% next week?


    Mon 21.11

    - Fri 25.11 Road Safety Week

    Tue 22.11 Year 4 visiting Eliot Bank

    Tue 22.11 Year 3 World War II trip to

    Horton Kirby

    Wed 23.11 Year 6 Junior Citizen event at

    Lee Fire Station

    Wed 23.11 Aquamarine 3 Performance at

    The Catford Broadway Theatre

    Fri 25.11 Year 5 & 6 Dads Breakfast

    Mon 28.11 Turning of the Year Concert at

    Blackheath Concert Hall @6.30pm

    Thu 1.12 Pantomime for Reception Year 6

    Wed 7.12

    School Nurse in for

    Reception & Year 6

    Weight & Height measurements

    Thu 8.12 Nursery Carols

    Fri 9.12 Gordonbrock Christmas Fair


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