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here can got the expeimental details with pics of instruments to


  • 1. Determine the wavelength and thickens of wire by using sodium lamp and by Fresnel biprism and diffraction respectively
    Trisha Banerjee @ 2010

2. Whole setup foe deterring the wavelength of sodium ligh by Fresnel's biprism
Slit ( source)
Biprism ( twovirtual souse)
Stand for lens
Optical bench
Trisha Banerjee @ 2010 2010
3. Whole setup for determining the diameter of wire by using difrractionin shadow region phenomenon:-
Stand for wire
Screen or eyepiece
Trisha Banerjee @ 2010
4. SLIT:-
Screw to setup the slit axis ( i.e. parallel to wire)
Slit opening
Screw to adjust the width of the slit
Screw to adjust the height of the slit
Trisha Banerjee @ 2010
5. Biprism stand:-
Screw to adjust the axis of Biprism
Screw to inset the Biprism properly
Screw to adjust the height of the biprism
Tangent screw (to remove the lateral shift of the fringe pattern).
Trisha Banerjee @ 2010
6. Wire Stand:-
Screw to adjust the axis of the wire
Wire to measure the diameter
Screw to fit the wire stand
Optical bench
Tangent screw.
Trisha Banerjee @ 2010
7. Screen:-
Micrometer reading
Screw to rotate the micrometer
Ramsdens eyepiece( screen to see the fringes)
Main scale reading
Screw to adjust the upright position of screen.
Trisha Banerjee @ 2010
8. To remove the bench error:-
Measuring rod
Trisha Banerjee @ 2010
9. How to remove the bench error:-
first of all measure the length of rod by optical benchand by scale both.
scale measure the actual length and optical bench measure the apparent one.
then find the error.
Always first removethe lateral shift then onwards perform the experiment.
Trisha Banerjee @ 2010


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