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To Determine the wavelength by using sodium lamp and by Fresnel biprism action .*optical bench* biprism*Convex lens*Sodium vapour lamp*Slit*Micrometer eyepiece Apparatus : = d Dwhere, wavelength of light, fringe width,d- the distance between two virtual sources formed by biprism,D- the distance between the slit and the eyepiece. FORMULA:

Experimental diagram :

Ray diagram -

Measurement of d -

Slit ( source)Biprism ( two virtual souse)Stand for lensOptical benchWhole setup foe deterring the wavelength of sodium ligh by Fresnel's biprism

Whole setup for determining the diameter of wire by using difrraction in shadow region phenomenon:-sourceslitStand for wireScreen or eyepiece

Screw to setup the slit axis ( i.e. parallel to wire)Slit openingScrew to adjust the width of the slitScrew to adjust the height of the slitSLIT:-

Screw to adjust the axis of BiprismScrew to inset the Biprism properlyBiprismScrew to adjust the height of the biprismTangent screw (to remove the lateral shift of the fringe pattern).Biprism stand:-

Screw to adjust the axis of the wireWire to measure the diameterScrew to fit the wire standOptical benchTangent screw.Wire Stand:-

Micrometer readingScrew to rotate the micrometerRamsdens eyepiece( screen to see the fringes)Main scale readingScrew to adjust the upright position of screen.Screen:-

To remove the bench error:-slitMeasuring rodstandHow to remove the bench error:-

first of all measure the length of rod by optical bench and by scale both. scale measure the actual length and optical bench measure the apparent one. then find the error.Precautions:-

Always first remove the lateral shift then onwards perform the experiment.