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Brochure of French classes in Alliance Francaise Singapore


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Why Learn French? 4

Testimonials 5

Session Calendar 6

Registration and Membership 7

Policies 8

Prices 9


Adults General French Courses 12

Adults Focus Courses to strengthen French Language Skills 15

Adults Thematic Courses & Workshops 19


LES ZOUZOUS French for Toddlers 22


Corporate Courses 28

Private Tuition 29

French Diplomas 30

Special Events For Students 31

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Bienvenue !

Bienvenue à l’Alliance Française, THE place to learn French in Singapore!

At the Alliance Française, you can truly immerse yourself in French language and culture. When you choose to take a class at the Alliance Française, you join over 5,000 people of all ages who learn French each year. Together, they form a large and diverse network of students and friends, all passionate about the French language and French cultures.

At the Alliance Française, we make sure to optimize your learning experience and foster an individualized environment, making your learning active so that you can communicate in French right from day one. Some of our classrooms are equipped with the newest technologies, including SmartBoardsTM (interactive white boards), and in our immersion classes, teachers use the latest in digital textbooks and other innovative teaching tools that enhance language-learning.

Our teachers are highly trained

French speakers who come from all over the French speaking world.

as a foreign language, and attend professional training classes and workshops throughout the year.

This year, added to the enrichment of the adult classes catalogue, the Alliance Française is also expanding its offer to toddlers. We are opening classes for children who are 1 year old and have more Zouzous classes offered in multiple formats. The Zouzous+ immersion in French program for children aged 3 and 4 complement the offer. Based on a French preschool program, it encourages young students to become independent, curious and open-minded while developing a solid basis in French language.

We look forward to welcoming you to another great year of learning French!

Enjoy your class et à bientôt parmi nous.

Claire-Lise DautryExecutive Director

Emmanuel Lainé Deputy Director

Claire-Lise Dautry, Executive DirectorEmmanuel Lainé, Deputy Director


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FUNFrench is the indisputable language of love, food, fashion, theatre, arts, cinema, literature, and philosophy.


language to learn.

TRAVELFrench is spoken throughout the world.

EXPANDING HORIZONSSpeaking another language allows you to meet new people and explore diverse cultures.

CAREER OPPORTUNITIES AND BETTER SCHOLASTIC PERFORMANCESSpeaking French can help you gain a competitive edge professionally and has proved to boost children’s performances.


EXPERTISEAF is the leading French language school in Singapore with highly


INNOVATIONAF uses the latest methods and technologies, including SmartboardsTM

in some courses.

GREAT VALUEAF has one of the lowest hour rates in Singapore and smallest class size in Singapore (11 students/teacher ratio), with the largest variety of classes, and

ENHANCING PERFORMANCESFrom toddlers to adults, French

intellectual performance.

SOCIAL NETWORKINGMake new friends from all over the world – en français…


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“For me, there is no better place in Singapore to learn French with the experienced teachers and friendly environment. Over the years, I have also made plenty of friends. Furthermore, there are many activities organised by Alliance Française that give you an opportunity to immerse into the French culture”.

– Viola, more than 20 years with the Alliance.

“I’ve been studying at the AF since 2005. The experienced professors have made picking up French as a beginner enjoyable and painless. Over time, the AF is more than just classes - it is events, movies, culture, and camaraderie - something to look forward to every weekend!“

– Adina, 7 years with the Alliance.

“I chose Alliance Française as it offers a large number of courses for those with varied interests

and events”.

Gabriel Seah, 3 years with the Alliance.

“As an international airline, SIA takes pride in our cabin crew being able to speak the

Française has trained hundreds of our cabin crew, tailoring the Elementary and Intensive French courses to our needs. Alliance Française has been professional and effective in meeting our training requirements. Our crew who attended the classes provide positive feedback that the content of the courses is useful, in equipping them with the necessary language skills and understanding of French culture, and enabling them to serve our French-speaking passengers better.”

- Ms Eileen Hia, Senior Manager Cabin Crew Training, Singapore Airlines Limited.



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31 Dec - 23 Feb 2013Registration begins on 21 Oct 20128-week session31 Dec 2012 - 23 FebCrash Course/4-week session31 Dec 2012 - 25 Jan 28 Jan - 22 Feb

No classes on Monday 31 Dec 2012, 11 Feb 2013 and Tuesday 1 Jan 2013, 12 Feb 2013.Make up classes for Monday 31 Dec 2012 and Tuesday 12 Feb 2013 to be determined with your teacher.


25 Feb - 20 Apr 2013Registration begins on 28 Jan 20138-week session25 Feb - 20 Apr 2013Crash Course/4-week session25 Feb - 22 Mar 201325 Mar - 19 Apr 2013No classes on Friday 29 Mar 2013.Make up classes on Friday 29 Mar 2013 to be determined with your teacher.

School Breaks from 22 Apr to 28 Apr 2013


29 Apr - 22 Jun 2013Registration begins on 25 Mar 20138-week session29 Apr - 22 Jun 2013Crash Course/4-week session29 Apr - 23 May 201327 May - 21 Jun 2013

No classes on Wednesday 1 May 2013 and Friday 24 May 2013.Make up classes on Wednesday 1 May 2013 and Friday 24 May 2013 to be determined with your teacher.


24 Jun - 17 Aug 2013Registration begins on 27 May 20138-week session24 Jun - 17 Aug 2013Crash Course/4-week session24 Jun - 19 July 201322 Jul - 16 Aug 2013

No classes on Thursday 8 Aug and Friday 9 Aug 2013.Make up classes on Thursday 8 Aug and Friday 9 Aug 2013 to be determined with your teacher.

School Breaks from 19 Aug - 25 Aug 2013


26 Aug - 19 Oct 2013Registration begins on 22 Jul 20138-week session26 Aug - 19 Oct 2013Crash Course/4-week session26 Aug - 20 Sept 201323 Sept - 18 Oct 2013

No classes on Tuesday 15 Oct 2013.Make up classes on Tuesday 15 Oct 2013 to be determined with your teacher.


21 Oct - 14 Dec 2013Registration begins on 23 Sept 20138-week session21 Oct - 14 Dec 2013Crash Course/4-week session21 Oct - 15 Nov 201318 Nov -13 Dec 2013

No classes on Monday 4 Nov 2013 (TBC)Make up classes Monday 4 Nov 2013 to be determined with your teacher.School Breaks from 16 Dec 2013 to 2 Jan 2014(Subject to change)


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FREE PLACEMENT TESTSNew students who are not complete beginners are required to take a placement test either online at or in person.

WALK-IN REGISTRATIONWalk-in registration is open throughout the year. For operating hours, please check

ON-LINE REGISTRATIONEasy, quick and secure, on-line registration is available @

MAKEUP CLASSESMake up classes are available at $74/hour if you missed a class and want to catch up. Fees can be shared between 1 to 3 students. Maximum 3 hour per term and minimum 1 hour per term. 4th hour will be applied at private tuition rate. Fees exclude GST.

YOUR ALLIANCE FRANÇAISE MEMBERSHIPThe Alliance Française de Singapour,

students must become members. A fee of S$25 + GST is to be paid upon enrolment and is valid for 12 months. Your membership gives you access to many privileges: free access to the Library, discounts on movie tickets and events, and more!

REFER A FRIEND & SAVE 10%Refer a friend (new Student) to the AF & get 10% off your current session! Your friend will also receive a 5% discount. Referral forms are available at

Available only for walk-in registrations.

You must be a current student to qualify for this discount.

10% EARLY BIRD DISCOUNT FOR CONTINUING STUDENTSCurrent students receive a 10% discount on their next course when

of registration. This discount applies for consecutive terms of full-session.



Page 8: French Courses Brochure



Payments of all fees must be made in full at the time of registration by cash, NETS and credit card (Visa, MasterCard or AMEX). Please note that all fees exclude GST and course textbooks. Books can be purchased at AF bookshop after the registration is complete. Registration is not

and Conditions’ form has not been read and signed for acceptance.

Admission to classes is for registered students only upon handing their statement of registration.

No refund or deferment is accepted after the beginning of the session. An administration fee of S$16 + GST will be charged if deferment is applied before commencement of the session and 15% of the course fees will be charged for refund before commencement of the session. Classes paid with class credit cannot be refunded or re-credited. No refunds for workshops.

DISCOUNTED COURSE FEES CANNOT BE REFUNDED OR DEFERREDAF reserves the right to cancel classes and workshops, adjust curriculum, and to change teachers during sessions if necessary without advanced notice.

Courses are typically cancelled due to

an instructor, or inability to schedule appropriate instructional space. If your

by telephone or email and given the option to transfer, to receive a credit (valid for 6 months), to defer to the next session or to be fully refunded.

Transfers from one course to another within the same session are allowed

session and implies payment of an administration fee of $16.00 + GST. The transfer is valid only if registered in person, producing the original receipt. Higher price differences are to be paid by the student. Lower price differences are not reimbursed by the Alliance nor compensated for by credit notes.

Use of cell phones is not allowed in classrooms. Eating and drinking are not permitted in the classrooms.

Disclaimer: course offering and prices presented in this brochure are subject to change without notice.

Please refer to for more details.

The Alliance Française de Singapour is registered as an Education Institution under the Council of Private Education.

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PRICESName of classes

Total of hours

Total of weeks


ONCE A WEEK CLASS 24h 8w 298.00 TWICE A WEEK CLASS 32h 8w 382.00 FIVE TIMES A WEEK 60h 4w 680.00

ACTUALITES ET SOCIETE 24h 8w 330.00 ALTER EGO 4 32h 8w 382.00 ALTER EGO 4 24h 8w 298.00 ALTER EGO 5 24h 8w 298.00 BUSINESS FRENCH 24h 8w 330.00 LE FRANÇAIS DANS TOUS LES SENS 24h 8w 330.00 THEMATIC CONVERSATION 32h 8w 375.00 DIS-MOI ! CONVERSATION CLASS 16h 8w 250.00 EXPRESSIONS ORALE ET ECRITE 16h 8w 250.00 FRENCH BOOKCLUB 16h 8w 245.00 LA GRAMMAIRE AUTREMENT 16h 8w 250.00 PHONICS 1 16h 8w 250.00 PHONICS 2 16h 8w 250.00 TRANSLATION 16h 8w 245.00 VINS ET GASTRONOMIE FRANÇAISE 16h 8w 515.00 GRAMMAIRE 12h 8w 250.00 PHONETICS 12h 8w 250.00 VIDEO AVEC TV5MONDE 12h 8w 245.00 FRENCH KIT FOR TRAVELERS 12h 6w 295.00

GENERAL CHILDREN COURSE 12h 8w 180.00 FRANCO-KIDS 16h 8w 298.00 HOLIDAY COURSES 24h 4w 295.00 LES PRE-ZOUZOUS 6h 8w 195.00 LES ZOUZOUS 24h 8w 580.00 LES ZOUZOUS 12h 8w 295.00 LES ZOUZOUS + 100h 8w 1,600.00

PREPARATION DELF A1,A2,B1,B2 24h 12w 375.00 PREPARATION DALF C1, C2 36h 12w 512.00

Private tuition At AF Off-site Individual 1 student 86.00 per hour 166.00 per hour + tr Very small group 1 - 3 students 86.00 per hour 166.00 per hour + tr Small group 4 - 7 students 92.00 per hour 166.00 per hour + tr Corporate courses At Alliance Française 8 - 18 students 100.00 per hour Off-site 1 - 18 students 166.00 per hour + tr * All fees exclude GST * New prices will be applied from term 2013B

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Page 12: French Courses Brochure


BEGINNER LEVEL A1Speak French from day one! Build a solid foundation in the French language with this comprehensive introductory French immersion program. Learn everyday expressions and phrases, ask and answer basic questions, and have simple conversations. Level A1 includes courses Beginner 1 to 6 and can be completed in 4 or 6 sessions.

INTERMEDIATE LEVEL A2Learn sentences and frequently used expressions related to everyday life. Practise speaking and reading comprehension. Level A2 includes courses Intermediate 1 to 6 and can be completed in 4 or 6 sessions.

ADVANCED LEVEL B1Advanced courses at the B1 level reinforce oral and written communication skills, emphasizing everyday topics. Study familiar situations encountered in work, school, and leisure. Learn to formulate simple sentences about personal interests, express ideas and opinions, and handle situations likely to arise when traveling. Level B1 includes courses Advanced 1 to 6 and can be completed in 4 or 6 sessions.

EXAMSFacultative exams are organized at the end of sessions 2, 4 and 6 for beginner and intermediate levels and 2, 4, 6 and 8 for advanced level. Alliance Française

they are recognized as valid internal exams.


Page 13: French Courses Brochure


SUPERIOR LEVEL B2 & C1Superior level B2 courses give you the opportunity to deepen your knowledge of French grammar and to practise both oral and written skills through sociocultural themes. Understand the main ideas of a complex text, interact with a degree of

and express viewpoints on topical issues allow you to master the French language perfectly through a program of specially designed thematic courses. Students can take classes in the order they wish. Understand a range of texts and recognize

purposes. Produce clear, well-structured and detailed texts on complex subjects, showing controlled use of organizational patterns, connectors and cohesive devices.

Page 14: French Courses Brochure



Once a week/3 hours per week/8 weeks ($298 excluding GST and books – 24 hours of French)Courses offered in the morning, afternoon and evening from Monday to SaturdayCourses using Interactive Boards with digital material

Textbook and Workbook including a DVD-Rom (available at AF bookshop)

Le Nouveau Taxi ! is a modern textbook for active learning to make you learn,

all communicative skills while working on the grammar and the vocabulary. Le Nouveau Taxi! is used from Beginner level A1 to Advanced level B1. Alter Ego 4 and 5 are used for Superior Courses.

Twice a week/4 hours per week/8 weeks ($382 excluding GST and books – 32 hours of French)Courses offered in the morning and evening, Monday/Wednesday and Tuesday/ThursdayCourses using Interactive Boards with digital material

Textbook and Workbook (available at AF bookshop)Alter Ego emphasizes clearly on a natural use of conversational French. It includes videos from TV5Monde to delve into the typical aspects of French culture to develop better communicative skills. Alter Ego is used from Beginner Level to Superior Level C1 and includes audio CDs.

Crash Course ($680 excluding GST and books – 60 hours of French)5 times per week/15 hours per week/4 weeksMonday to Friday in the morningThe best way if you want to achieve a level fast using Alter Ego textbook and workbook (see above)Courses using Interactive Boards with digital material

Page 15: French Courses Brochure


ADULTS FOCUS COURSES to strengthen French Language Skills

PHONETICSAll LevelsImprove your pronunciation and understanding of spoken French! Straighten out your pronunciation with lots of fun. Courses include breathing and voice projection techniques and easy gentle movement techniques. Description and

offered. Workshops are also available.

Page 16: French Courses Brochure


GRAMMARBeginner, Intermediate and Advanced LevelsDesigned to address the special learning needs of the students, the course allows intuitive and explicit investigations of grammatical items. A pleasant and well-structured course based on the grammatical programmes of Le Nouveau Taxi ! and Alter Ego. It also prepares for DELF and DALF exams. Workshops are also available.

LA GRAMMAIRE AUTREMENTGrammar Is Fun!Beginner 5 to Intermediate LevelsNeed to improve your grammar and revise key points? Do it in a fun way (with songs, detective stories, tales, games…)! All types of documents and videos help the students revise tenses, pronouns, how to structure a sentence, to master the subtleties of the French language.

DIS-MOI !Conversation CourseBeginner 4 to Intermediate 2 LevelsCome to use and improve your oral skills in conversing in French. Learn how to start a basic verbal exchange, to keep it going, to close it including useful phrases, to increase exchanges and understanding, strategies and tips for adapting to any communicative situation.

CONVERSATIONIntermediate to Superior LevelsAF conversation classes use French media to stimulate discussions on a variety of different topics, leading to a lively exchange of opinions and ideas.

CONVERSATION AND GRAMMARIntermediate to Superior LevelsImprove your conversational French skills! Learn how to apply the grammar you learned in General French classes and explore how to use it in spoken French.


12 weeks before the exam dates. Please refer to for more details.

Page 17: French Courses Brochure


TRANSLATIONSuperior LevelsLearn English-to-French translation techniques through a great variety of material, from literary text to ads. Develop a complete range of linguistic skills and master modern written and spoken French.

VIDEO WITH TV5MONDESuperior LevelsImprove and expand your French using resources available through the cable channel TV5Monde, its dedicated website, and related activities.

ORAL AND WRITTEN EXPRESSIONAdvanced And Superior LevelsLearn how to write different types of texts, how to convince, argue, analyse and compare while working on descriptions, oral documents and photos. All sorts of topics are discussed. This course is also a good complement to the DALF preparatory class.

Not all classes are offered every session. For schedules and prices, please visit

LE FRANÇAIS DANS TOUS LES SENS Advanced And Superior Levels

French, be it job perspectives or cultural areas. Various topics such as French society, business in France, French history and geography, literature, cinema, fashion, food and wine, the media, make this course the best way to have a French scope!

Page 18: French Courses Brochure


ACTUALITÉS ET SOCIÉTÉSuperior Levels This course focuses on developing greater vocabulary and practising oral French through the analysis of the news from the week. Alternately, issues related to each student’s country of origin will be discussed making the course a fascinating cross cultural venture.

THEMATIC CONVERSATIONSuperior Levels In this superior course, the great variety of material (press articles, songs, TV

to a great variety of discussion topics: cinema, literature, philosophy, arts, news …

BOOK CLUBIntermediate And Superior LevelsRead novels, short stories, watch adapted versions of the texts, and get to knowhow to read and write book reviews, get a glimpse into texts written for songs. This course also gives you a great overview of both 20th literature masterpieces and more classical ones.

Not all classes are offered every session. For schedules and prices, please visit

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BUSINESS FRENCHAdvanced And Superior Levels (B1 And B2)Improve business language skills and learn about major business issues and events in contemporary France. This course prepares you for the DFA exams (Diplôme de Français des Affaires 1 et 2).

FRENCH KIT FOR TRAVELERSBeginner LevelYou are a complete beginner and you want to quickly master the basics of French and very practical information about French culture? Join this language and cultural class to develop speaking and understanding (with basic reading comprehension) in just 15 hours over 6 weeks. Also offered in workshop format - “Bon Voyage” - an all-day course on Saturday that includes lunch. Complete program available at

VINS ET GASTRONOMIE FRANÇAISEAdvanced And Superior LevelsDiscover some unusual aspects of the French cuisine while enriching your vocabulary to talk about different types of wine and dishes. A great way to develop your conversational skills and satisfy gourmet palate!

Page 20: French Courses Brochure
Page 21: French Courses Brochure



Page 22: French Courses Brochure


LES ZOUZOUSFrench for Toddlers

As early as 12 months, children can be exposed to a foreign language as their natural abilities help them to master a language rapidly and easily while boosting the intellectual competencies.

AGES 12-24 MONTHS8 weeks – Once a week45 minutes per class / 9 students per class / $195 per session (+GST)A gentle introduction to the French-speaking world, children engage in playful activities through songs, dance, stories, games, and more. Children are encouraged to form and understand new sounds.

AGES 2-5 YEARS8 weeks – once or twice a week90 minutes per class / 9 students per class / once a week $295 per session (+GST)twice a week $580 per session (+GST)Bilingual groups availablePlaced in groups according to age, children learn new words and language structures, using them in fun, age-appropriate activities like arts and crafts, songs,

in French demonstrating the French savoir-vivre.

Page 23: French Courses Brochure


Les Zouzous program introduces French through:

poetry, games with coloured blocks or cards,

activities from painting to preparing a salade de fruits

dancing or gym

puppet as well as books and videos

LES ZOUZOUS +Intensive French Program For ToddlersBased on French teaching methods and preschool curriculum, this intensive program in French immersion aims at giving your child a strong base in the

physical development. Alliance Française highly-trained teachers use proven philosophical approaches to construct engaging daily activities that contribute to

ZOUZOUS INTENSIVE 1Ages 4 – 2.5 hours per class – 5 days per week – 9am-11.30amZOUZOUS INTENSIVE 2Ages 5 – 2.5 hours per class – 5 days per week – 1pm-3.30pm

Check for more details on schedule and prices.ces.

Page 24: French Courses Brochure


Classes offered on weekdays and SaturdaysChildren are placed according to age and level (beginner and intermediate) – Yearly Beginner intakes for long term: March and July1.5 hrs / 1 day wk / 8 weeks / $180 (+ GST)

KIDDIESAges 5 - 6Using Tatou le Matou textbook, children are engaged into learning French through tailored activities. This multisensory course improves speaking and listening competencies. Children are encouraged to interact in French during the class.

KIDDOSAges 7 - 9Using Alex et Zoé text book, this course is specially designed to improve the oral communication and comprehension of young readers. Learned material is revisited at strategic points using the use of games, songs, rhymes and stories to make the learning

TEENSAges 10 - 12This course teaches pre-teens to read, write and communicate while developing a strong grammatical basis, all in French. The course is based on a brand new textbook: Adosphère,class, perfectly paced for pre-teens.

YOUTHSAges 13 - 15Speak French from day one! Youths learn everyday expressions and phrases, ask and answer basic questions. Authentic situational exercises introduce to the structure and use of language in everyday life. Students and teachers use Le Mag textbook, a clear,

contemporary and up-to-date.

KIDS AND TEENS CLASSESGeneral French Classes

Page 25: French Courses Brochure


Pre-Franco and Franco Kids Courses

FRENCH FOR BILINGUAL CHILDRENAges 6-15These courses are for children who speak French: either they attended a French school or French is spoken at home as a second language of communication or their level is excellent. 2 main objectives for this course: to maintain the school knowledge and savoir-faire in French

that are necessary to be able to join the French education system if needed, and to make sure French becomes a true medium for intellectual and personal development for genuine cross cultural children.

Classes offered on Saturdays and on weekdaysChildren are placed according to age and level2 hours / once or twice a week / 8 weeks / $298 (+ GST)

Holiday Camps Programs

Ages 6 - 14Children are placed according to age. No level in French is required as this course aims at giving your child a taste of French language and culture. During 4 weeks, children explore and experience how far they can go in learning one of the most widely spoken languages in the world. This activity course introduces French through albums, arts and crafts, playing games and singing songs and gives good basis of French grammar.

Classes offered in June and November/December2 hrs / 3 days wk / 4 weeks / $295 (+ GST)

International Diplomas For Children

Give your child the opportunity to get an international diploma in French! Students ages 8-12 are encouraged to take the DELF PRIM awarded by the French Ministry of Education. Students aged 13-17 are encouraged to take the DELF Junior.

For more information please contact s[email protected] or visit


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Gain a competitive edge in Francophone markets, enhance your business and travel experience in French-speaking countries, improve communication with clients and colleagues, and foster team building within your company.

Current clients include: Singapore Airlines, Ministry of Defense, Total Trading, Total Oil…

THE ALLIANCE FRANÇAISE ADVANTAGECompetitive Pricing: Prices scaled to class size and organizational needs—the more employees enrolled, the better the value.

CUSTOM CLASSES: Instruction tailored to meet your time frame, goals, scheduling and logistical needs.

CULTURAL TRAINING: Gain cultural training in addition to language instruction.

RESOURCES/MEMBERSHIP: Corporate Students receive AF Membership, gaining access to cultural programming, special events and Singapore’s largest private French language library.

Technology: Alliance Française incorporates multimedia tools to enhance your learning experience. Individual or group instruction available at all levels of

CUSTOM COURSES: We will work with you to customize classes to reach your organization’s goals!

SAMPLE CLASSES INCLUDE: Business French, French Diplomacy, Legal French, Phonetics and Translation.

WORKSHOPS: Custom workshops can also be tailored to your business’ needs and are great for team building purposes.

For more information, please contact: Myzu Hoang at 68339304or email [email protected]


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CUSTOMIZED COURSES AT THE ALLIANCE FRANÇAISE DE SINGAPOUR OR AT YOUR HOME/OFFICE Tailor-made to your needs, customized tuitions for individuals and small groups

At AFIndividual 1 student $86 per hourVery small group 1 – 3 students $86 per hourSmall group 4 – 7 students $92 per hour

limited to 18 students $166 per hour + tr

All fees exclude GST.

Private lessons are from Monday to Friday 9.00am – 6.30pmNo classes are conducted on public holidays.Private lessons are signed up in blocks of 5 hours and must take place weekly with a minimum of at least 1 lesson per week. For cancellation and postponing, a notice of 24 hours is mandatory. Failure of respecting the delay notice will lead to the lesson being charged.

Page 30: French Courses Brochure


exams and international tests of the French Ministry of Education and the French Chamber of Commerce.

DELF (DIPLÔME D’ÉTUDES EN LANGUE FRANÇAISE) AND DALF (DIPLÔME APPROFONDI DE LANGUE FRANÇAISE)French Ministry of Education CategoriesDELF Prim A1.1, A1, A2 Primary schoolDELF A1, A2, B1, B2 All public and JuniorDALF C1, C2 Arts et Sciences Humaines, Sciences

Session I: 15 May - 23 MayRegistration: 18 Feb - 4 Mar, coaching courses start 4 Feb 2013

Session II: 21 Nov - 29 NovRegistration: 12 Aug - 2 Sep, coaching courses start 12 Aug 2013

PARIS CHAMBER OF COMMERCE (CCIP) DIPLOMASDiplôme de français professionnel : DFP A2/DFP B1/ DFP Affaires B2/DFP Affaires C1/DFP Affaires C2

TCF (TEST DE CONNAISSANCE DU FRANÇAIS)Useful for graduate studies and job applications in French-speaking countries. Scores good for 2 years.

TEF (TEST D’ÉVALUATION DE FRANÇAIS)French level evaluation for Canadian and Quebec immigration, French universities, and employment. Scores valid for one year.

DAEFLE (DIPLÔME D’APTITUDE À L’ENSEIGNEMENT DU FRANÇAIS LANGUE ÉTRANGÈRE)DAEFLE is a diploma provided by the Alliance Française de Paris and the CNED (Centre national d’enseignement à distance). This diploma is for teachers or for people who intend to become teachers.

For more details (detailed calendars and fees), please visit


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RUNME SHAW CHALLENGE CUP Become Alliance Française de Singapour’s Best Student of the Year!

Easy! You must be a Singaporean citizen and you must have been a regular student over 2 consecutive years.

Rules and prizes of the competition are advertised on our information boards during the month of January. The winner is announced during the prize giving ceremony held during the Francophonie Week in March.



SINGAPORE’S LARGEST FRENCH LIBRARYBooks, DVDs, magazines - for further learning or for leisure. All under one roof!

SOCIETE GENERALE GALLERYExhibitions featuring international and local artists

OLIO BITESSavour French snacks, have a conversation in French over a glass of wine...


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Bus Services: Bukit Timah Road & Dunearn RoadBus Nos: 48, 66, 67, 170, 171, 700, 700A, 960

MRT: Newton Station

Visit Us Today!

Alliance Française de Singapour

headquarters in Paris. It is one amongst the 1,085 Alliances Françaises worldwide and serves 6,000 students every year. It is Singapore’s premier French language school as well as a cultural centre bringing together artists from

the cultural scene of this City-State by positioning itself as a place of artistic expression for emerging artists from all disciplines and as an institution that participates in a movement to expand the cultural consciousness of the public. The Alliance Française de Singapour is a rich and diverse community of people whose strength is built from inter-cultural understanding, which is at the heart of all dialogue.

We are the only French language institution in Singapore registered as a Private Education Institution under the provisions and regulations of the Private Education Act 2009 in Singapore with the Council of Private Education (Singapore). UEN: S61SS0085C

Alliance Française de Singapour1 Sarkies Road Singapore 258130

t: 6737 8422 f: 6733 [email protected]