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<ul><li> 1. Fromages de FranceFromages de FranceShreya chakraborty,Arnab Kundu</li></ul> <p> 2. It is also said that there is adifferent cheese forevery day of theyearUn repas sans fromageUn repas sans fromagecomme un journe sanscomme un journe sanssoleil.soleil.""( Any meal withoutcheese in it is like a day withoutthe sun in it.)The land of 300 cheesesThe land of 300 cheeses 3. Types of French CheeseTypes of French Cheese(Les huit familles de fromage) 4. French cheeseSoft Cheeses with Natural Rind(Fromages pte molle aveclcorce naturelle)Fresh Cheeses(Fromages frais)Soft Cheeses with Washed Rind(Fromages pte molle avec lcorce lave)Pressed Cheeses(Fromages presss)Pressed and Cooked Cheeses(Fromages presss et cuits)Goat Cheese(Fromage de chvre)Blue CheesesProcessed cheeses 5. Appellation dorigine contrleThe appellation dorigine contrle(AOC) , which translates as"controlled designation of origin",is the French certification grantedto certain French geographicalindications for wines, cheeses,butters, and other agriculturalproducts, all under the auspices ofthe government bureau Institutnational des appellations dorigine,now called Institut national delorigine et de la qualit (INAO). 6. 1.) Standardization of Milk2.)Souring (Curdling) of Milk 3.) Shaping the Cheese4.) Ripening the cheeseCheese Making Process 7. some of the mostpopular Frenchcheeses availableworldwide 8. embertembertmbert Making: Made from pasteurizedmilk. At the beginning of its ripening,umbly and soft and gets creamiertime (usually 2-3 weeks).n of origin - Normandy- a dry white rind with a creamyw interior- a milky, melting flavor that lingershe mouth(Its taste depreciatesically when heated)re - soft, creamy and runny. 9. oquefortoquefortquefort Making- made from the ewes milk,e processing of the curd, thenicillium roqueforti andn the maturation in natural cavesgion of origin - Roquefortor - white with blue markingsste - a subtle creamy taste with a salty finish.xture - not quite hard, but not runny eithersemi-hard texture 10. ComtComtOriginal ingredient - unpasteurized cows milk,specifically the Montbliard cowsRegion of origin Franche-ComtColor - dusty brown exterior rind,yellowish interiorTaste - less salty, rather sweet and feelsa bit nuttyTexture - can be classified as semi-hardto hard 11. some other cheeses..some other cheeses.. 12. Cheese and wine couplings: 13. Cheeses and White Wine Matching:Cheeses and White Wine Matching:1)Rieslings with hard cheeses like Fol Epi and Etorki2)Sauvignon blanc wines with Ile de France Goat Cheese3)Jura Whites Wine lle de France Normandy Camembert4)Sauternes with Ile de France Roquefort 14. 1)Port wine and Fourme dAmbert cheese2)blue cheeses with wines from the Ctes de Pruvence andRhone regions3)A rich Merlot with Etorki cheese4)Cahors wines and Monbazillac wines with Camembert5)Pinot Noir with Ile de France BrieSome red wine and cheese pairings:Some red wine and cheese pairings:</p>


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