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2. LocationCastelnaud castle is located in the Dordogne (a French region), near the village of Castelnaudla-Chapelle. 3. {Its located at the top of a hill above the river Dordogne. 4. Castelnaud Castles history{Castelnaud castle is a Middle Age castle. It was built to protect people. It was built during the 12th century. It was destroyed during the Albigeois Crusade and built again during the 13th century. 5. During the One hundred Year War the castle became English. In 1442, the castle was very damaged during a battle caused by King Charles VII. Then, the castle was repaired and new rooms were built to improve the well-being of the inhabitants. During the religion war (end of 16th century), the castle was not attacked. It was abandoned during the French Revolution (end of 18th century) 6. The castle was used as a quarry during the 20th century but was restored in 1966. Since 1985, it is a Middle Age war museum with more than 200 arms. 7. The castle is also visited by a lot of tourists and more than 20,000 school children visit it each year. 8. The One Hundred Year War The 100 year war began in 1337 between France and England. There were periods of peace and fighting. The English King wanted to become the King of France.{It ended in 1452 9. Middle-Age Castles During the Middle Ages, castles were built for defense. Ramparts protected villages, they were around the village. 10. There were machicolations, they are holes through which defenders threw stones, hot sand and rubbish on the enemies.{ 11. {{Archers threw arrows through loopholes without being exposed