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Quarterly magazine for The United Grand Lodge of Queensland



    FreemasonMAY 2010

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    Inside+ Gathering of the Clans+ Anzac Day Ceremony+ Skin Cancer and You

    Handingover thereins

    Handingover thereins

    The Official Magazine of the United Grand Lodge of Queensland

  • Mission Statement

    page 2 The Queensland Freemason, May 2010

    The Queensland FreemasonEditor: Dennis MacreadyProduction: Leigh MacreadyTel: (07) 3841 correspondenceconcerning The QueenslandFreemason to:The Editor18 Grampian CtRochedale South Q 4123

    contentsMessage from The Grand Master ..............P3

    Our Masonic Apron ................................P4-5

    Gathering of the Clans ............................P6-7

    The Lewis....................................................P9

    Anzac day ..........................................P 10-11

    Lodges in Action ......................P13-16-20,21

    Installations ..............................................P17

    Carpentaria & North Queensland........P18-19

    Board of Benevolence ........................P22-23

    Skin Cancer ..............................................P24

    Serving the Community ......................P25-27

    Passage to India ......................................P29

    Other orders ........................................P30-31

    Official Magazineof the

    United Grand Lodgeof Queensland

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    GPO Box 2204Brisbane 4001

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    Grand Master:Graeme Albert


    Deputy Grand Master:Adrian BURTON

    Assistant Grand Master:Gregory James


    Grand Secretary:John William RAWLINSON

    District Grand Lodge ofNorth Queensland

    District Grand Master:Ian Ross MACKENZIE

    District Grand Secretary:John Thomas URQUHART

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    Unless otherwise indicated, the views expressed in thismagazine are those of the authors and do not necessarilyreflect the opinions or policy of the United Grand Lodge ofQueensland.The Editor reserves the right, due to limitation of space, toaccept, reject, sub-edit and re-arrange material submitted forpublication.No photographic or editorial material contained herein may bereproduced without prior consent of the Editor. It is theresponsibility of the advertiser to ensure that alladvertisements comply with the Trade Practices Act 1974 asamended. All advertisements are accepted for publication onthe condition that the advertiser indemnifies The QueenslandFreemason, The Editor, the United Grand Lodge ofQueensland and its servants against all actions, suits, claims,loss and/or damages resulting from anything published onbehalf of the advertiser.

    Deadline for the August 2010issue will be strictly adhered

    to: July 1, 2010.

    To practise Freemasonry as a progressive philosophyof life which encourages tolerance, integrity andself-development of its members while promoting

    service to the community.


    The Ian Maddox Masonic Library is currently closedfor an audit of library holdings (books and journals) andto allow for changes to the library layout andmanagement system to be implemented. The key aimof these changes is to improve accessibility to thelibrary catalogue by means of the internet (a newfeature to be added for use by members of the Craft),as well as by customer use of a library PC. Thesechanges are scheduled to be completed by July 1,2010 and all lodges will be notified when the library isre-opened for service. This notice will also include abulletin explaining the new features of the library, howto use them, and how to find your way around thelibrary.

    A review is also being undertaken into the UGLQmuseum holdings. The library has quite an extensivecollection of items including masonic certificates,regalia, jewels, engraved artefacts, lodge records etc.

    This review will span a longer timeframe, and it isnoted that a number of items have had to moved outof the library into other display cabinets or intotemporary storage whilst the work is undertaken.Lodges will be notified in due course of the status ofthese holdings and how to view or access them.

    If anyone has library material out on loan could theyplease return all items for audit purposes.

    Gary Bacon PJGWChairmanMasonic Information Communication Committee

    Rebirth of the UGLQLibrary in Ann Street

    HANDING OVER THE REINSOn July, 3, 2010 MW Bro. Graeme Ewin GM will hand over the UnitedGrand Lodge of Queensland reins to RW Bro. Adrian Burton DGM.The cover photo shows Adrian and Graeme along with theirrespective wives, Regina and Pam.

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  • The Queensland Freemason, May 2010 page 3

    Brethren, I have now entered the last Quarter of my term as yourGrand Master. However, my message to you has not and will notchange. We must continue to ensure that the good works and goodwill of our Fraternity are prominently placed before the community at large.

    During the March- April period the Grand Secretariat has receivedover two enquires per working day via the web site and more thanhalf of these enquiries have been referred on to lodges.

    As I have consistently said, Freemasonry is on the move; but wecannot afford to relax. It is most important that the impetus that weare currently enjoying is maintained into the future. The promotion ofour Fraternity is a task in which all Freemasons should engagethemselves.

    The presentation to the community of a vibrant, caring and unitedCraft is essential to enable a successful outcome to our efforts to beachieved.

    A strong foundation has been laid for the growth of Freemasonry inthis Jurisdiction. Your new Grand Master, together with his Deputyand Assistant Grand Masters, will not only be relying on yoursupport and loyalty, but are justly entitled to expect it as theycontinue take the message of Freemasonry into the community.

    Pam and I wish to thank the ladies and brethren of this Jurisdictionfor their wonderful company, support, loyalty and hospitality duringmy term as Grand Master.

    We are particularly grateful for the support we have received on thevarious interstate visits. Queensland has had one of the largestdelegations at all recent Grand Installations. At the recent VictorianGrand Installation we clearly had the largest delegation inattendance.

    Ladies and brethren your support has been greatly appreciated. Wehope that on July 3, you transfer your loyalty and support to the newGrand Master and his wife, Regina.

    I thank you for allowing me the great honour to serve as your GrandMaster. It is an experience that I will never forget. I trust that I havedischarged my duties to the satisfaction of the large majority of thebrethren.

    Brethren, continue to enjoy your Freemasonry.Be Happy and Communicate Happiness.Graeme EwinGrand Master

    A Message from...THE GRAND MASTER

  • page 4 The Queensland Freemason, May 2010

    More honourable than...An emblem of innocence and the bond offriendship; more honourable than the GoldenFleece or Roman Eagle, more honourable thanthe Order of the Garter, or any otherorder..

    Few words could better express the importanceof the most noticeable symbol of pure andantient Freemasonry, the Masonic Apron. Thatsaid; what of the Golden Fleece, the RomanEagle, the Order of the Garter, what do we knowof them?

    Without going into great depth, the Order of theGolden Fleece was founded by Philip, Duke ofBurgundy, in 1429. The Roman Eagle wasRomes symbol and standard of power andstrength a hundred years before Christ and theOrder of the Garter was founded by Edward IIIof England in 1349 for himself and 25 Knights ofthe Garter.

    Let there be no doubt; in its antiquity theMasonic apron is indeed more ancient and thisis a proven fact. As to being more honourablewe have to add when well and worthily worn,and the apron is more honourable than theOrder of the Garter when all that it teaches isexemplified in the life of the wearer.

    Essentially the Masonic Apron is the badge ofhonourable labour and the right to wear it isgiven only to those who have been tried andtested.

    Much has been written on the symbolism of ourMasonic Apron and I am not going to go downthat path at this time, except to say that it isindeed an honorary badge of distinction.

    Wearing the apronWhat is truly important is the apron itself andhow it is worn, what is less important is its sizeand shape. All Freemasons wear the badge ofa Mason; when one has progressed further thananother, his apron may differ slightly as a signthat he has learned more.

    Sadly, some members have led to the carelesshabit of wearing the apron carelessly, not as abadge of honour and of service, but worn as ifit were a matter of small moment.

    Every time we as Freemasons put on ourMasonic apron, we are putting on the history,precepts, beliefs, and the reputation ofFreemasonry. Our apron is the focal point ofour physically expressing the