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It’s not done until it’s finished.
© 2004 XEROX CORPORATION. All rights reserved. XEROX®, DocuTech®, DocuColor®, DocuSP®, DocuPrint®, iGen3, Nuvera and FreeFlow are trademarks of XEROX CORPORATION in the U.S. and/or other countries. All non-Xerox brands and product names are trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective companies. Product appearance, build status and/or specifications are subject to change without notice. Any applications documents depicted within were created by Xerox and are fictitious. The products used to create these documents are not necessarily the products featured in this document. 09/04. 708P87919GBE
Your workflow opportunity If you’re in the print production business, you already have a workflow. The question is, “is your workflow working for you?”
If you’re ready for the answer, contact your Xerox representative to arrange for a workflow assessment, the first step toward
identifying how your workflow can be optimised to accelerate your performance.
Visit the Xerox website for additional information about Xerox FreeFlow Digital Workflow Collection at
Collection FreeFlow digital workflow
The FreeFlow Digital Workflow Collection can be tailored to meet the unique
challenges of your production print environment and streamline your workflow…
to accelerate your performance.
• FreeFlow Web Services software provides a Web storefront for your customers to submit new jobs and reorder existing ones in a secure environment from virtually anywhere. Jobs are quickly and easily transitioned into production or into other FreeFlow services, reducing errors and simplifying the fulfilment process.
• FreeFlow Makeready software streamlines your complex, labour-intensive make-ready operations with robust, sophisticated resources in a WYSIWYG environment. Makeready provides document assembly, document editing, production make-ready, and Adobe PDF review/approval.
• FreeFlow Process Manager software simplifies your application workflows by automating your prepress activities while providing you with the flexibility to modify workflows as needed. You maintain consistency and high quality across similar jobs, perform routine tasks, and reduce errors across the board.
• FreeFlow Print Manager software offers integrated print management and full job ticketing. It also provides a single point of access to all of your FreeFlow Print Manager-supported printers, as well as a highly productive demand reprint workflow, new revenue opportunities, and JDF-support.
• FreeFlow Variable Information Suite software gives you the power to turn variable data and images into variable documents – from colourful one-to-one marketing communications to fully formatted electronic customer statements. And because of the VIPP® variable data workflow, you can produce personalised communication and promotional transactional documents at rated speeds.
• FreeFlow DocuSP® print controller is an intuitive, easy-to-use digital front end that serves as a common interface to deliver productivity advantages to the entire monochrome and full-colour Xerox digital printer product line.
• FreeFlow Partner Products are an important part of the FreeFlow Digital Workflow Collection. When you implement a FreeFlow solution, you’re benefiting from all the experience and expertise of Xerox and the specialised knowledge of Xerox’s 100+ finishing and software partners.
PRODUCTS. PARTNERS. STANDARDS. SERVICES FreeFlow is based on four key elements:
Xerox FreeFlow™…
FreeFlow is a platform that enables our customers to realise the vision of the “New Business of Printing.” FreeFlow is built on industry leading products, complemented by business partner products, based on open industry standards and implemented with services.
PRODUCTS A growing collection of Xerox software and hardware solutions that impact and improve nearly every aspect of workflow in the print production space.
PARTNERS 100+ industry leaders that collaborate with Xerox to provide solutions optimised for and fully integrated into the FreeFlow architecture.
STANDARDS Open, industry-based standards, such as JDF, PDF, and XML that ensure interoperability and compatibility of FreeFlow products with existing workflows and equipment.
SERVICES Workflow assessment, systems integration, application programming support, colour management, and business development to support your workflow initiatives.
Print service providers in all markets, as well as in-plants, are under constant pressure to reinvent their processes, operations, and offerings. It’s a competitive world out there and you’ve got to be faster, better, and more responsive to your customers if you’re going to come out on top. But how are you going to:
• Streamline disconnected work processes • Automate many labour-intensive, repetitive steps • Update existing systems and applications • Take advantage of new digital printing technologies • Answer the call for faster, shorter runs of the highest quality documents.
Workflow can be thought of as the process of managing print production jobs from creation through invoice. Whether you’re in an offset environment, digital, or some combination, workflow is everything you’re doing right now to move jobs through your enterprise. Xerox FreeFlow solutions streamline your workflow and offer true interoperability among systems, applications, and printers so you can work the way you’ve always worked – only better.
Performance Accelerated.
• FreeFlow Makeready • FreeFlow Print Manager • FreeFlow Variable Information Suite • FreeFlow DocuSP • FreeFlow Partners
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Finish it… the right way
No matter how you look at it, finishing adds value to your documents. In fact, the
way a document is finished often defines what it is, how it will be used, and, ultimately,
how effective it will be. For instance, a 200-page manual that isn’t bound in some way
immediately loses its value when just a single page is lost or ends up out of order.
Finishing options can also influence the way a document – a consumer brochure, for
instance – is designed. To make a strong and memorable visual impact, a designer may
want their brochure to be finished and folded to reveal a striking centre spread. Or, when
the most important consideration is introducing information in a specific order, folding and
finishing can be used as a guide, to reveal just a portion of the information at a time. Clearly
finishing is critical to the overall success of a document but how do you decide the type of
finishing you want to invest in? Flat? Stitched? Tape Bound? Coil Bound? Perfect Bound?
There’s a lot to consider.
Let Xerox help you cross the “finish” line. Xerox FreeFlow and Xerox FreeFlow partners offer the widest range of finishing solutions
and options to let you choose the binding methods that are right for your operation and
your documents. And because these devices are part of the FreeFlow Digital Workflow
Collection, you can be confident that they are compatible with your fleet of Xerox production
printers and that you’ll have the on-going support you need to finish what you started –
professionally and profitably.
FINISH WHAT YOU START What can it mean for your business? • Increase the value of every document and increase
your margins.
• Differentiate your business with expanded finishing capabilities to stay ahead of the competition.
• Expand the breadth of your product offerings and opportunities.
• Boost customer satisfaction and build long-term loyalty.
• Optimise your complete document workflow.
finished?How would you like that
All types of finishing... from Xerox Choose the type of finish that’s right for you and your applications. FreeFlow Finishing
solutions can add that final, professional look to all of your documents.
PERFECT BOUND Individual book pages are printed on signatures, which are then stacked together in a book block and glue-bound to a flexible cover. The edges of the book block are covered and trimmed flush.
Examples: Catalogues, books
BOOKLETS One or more printed sheets, which are creased, folded, and stitched from the inside to the outside on the fold. The images are imposed on the printed sheets so the pages are in correct order for reading.
Examples: Brochures, magazines, manuals
FLATS A single printed sheet, which has a process such as folding, lamination, UV coating, or foil imprinting applied to it. The sheet may then be reduced in size by trimming.
Examples: Brochures, direct mailers, bills
CASE BOUND Individual book pages are printed on signatures, which are then stacked together in a book block and glue-bound to a rigid cover. The edges of the book block are covered and trimmed flush.
Examples: Textbooks, yearbooks, manuals
TAPE BOUND Individual sheets are grouped together and commonly bound to a front and back cover, which protects the contents. The binding method is adhesive tape that wraps around the book block overlapping the front cover and back covers along the spine edge.
Examples: User manuals, course manuals, reports
LAY FLATS (COIL BOUND) Individual sheets are punched with holes and stacked together then mechanically bound offline. Separate front and back covers of heavier stock may be used to protect the body. Common binding methods include wire coil, plastic coil, plastic comb, 3, 5, & 9 ring binders.
Examples: User manuals, course manuals, spiral bound notebooks
STITCHED SETS Collated sets of documents bound by stitching or stapling, which penetrates the media from one side of the first sheet to the other side of the last sheet.
Examples: Reports, manuals, policy documents
From the simple to the complex, FreeFlow Finishing devices offer
the capabilities and the flexibility you need to leverage your printing
workflow and get the greatest possible return on your investments.
Comprised of both FreeFlow and FreeFlow partner products,
FreeFlow Finishing offers a range of options that are compatible
with your Xerox monochrome, full colour, highlight colour, wide format,
and continuous feed printers. Contact your Xerox representative to
learn more about how FreeFlow Finishing can give your documents
a “finishing touch.”
Booklets: Brochures, Catalogues, Books, Manuals
Perfect bound: Catalogues, Books, Manuals
Lay flats (coil bound): Manuals, Catalogues
Tape bound: Catalogues, Manuals
PRODUCTION COLOUR • iGen3™ Digital Production Press • DocuColor® 8000 Digital Press • DocuColor® 6060™ Digital Colour Press • DocuColor® 5252 Digital Colour Press
Print engines that can deliver the speed, image quality, reliability, and overall productivity that you need all day, every day are
critical to your successful workflow. The fleet of Xerox production printers is designed to meet the challenges of your unique
environment and to integrate seamlessly with FreeFlow solutions, opening doors to new opportunities and accelerating your
performance like never before.
CONTINUOUS FEED • DocuPrint® 425/850
Continuous Feed Printers
• 510 Copy System • 6030/510 Wide Format Solutions • 721 Copy/Print Systems
With FreeFlow finishing solutions, you’re bound to impress
Print engines to power your workflow