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<ul><li><p>Download Turkish worksheets &amp; books from </p><p>Senin adn ne? </p><p>1. First learn the words. Then write about you. Learn the question Ne demek? if you dont know the meanings of the words. Learn and ask. Ad Ali . . . Soyad . . . ehir . . . Ya . . . lke . . . 2. O kim? Listen to your teacher reading about Can. </p><p> Merhaba! Benim adm Can. Benim soyadm zkan. Ben 20 yandaym. </p><p>Ben bir renciyim. Ben stanbulluyum. Peki ya sen? Senin adn ne? </p><p>Senin soyadn ne? Sen ka yandasn? Senin iin ne? Sen nerelisin? </p><p> 3. Now read about Can aloud. You can read and translate the text for comprehension before reading aloud. </p><p> 4. Answer the questions about Can. Give short answers. </p><p>1. Onun ad _________________. 4. O bir _________________. </p><p>2. Onun soyad _________________. 5. O _________________. </p><p>3. O _________________ yanda. </p><p> On the next page study with your teacher and do the dialogue for getting to know each other. </p><p>Ad ne demek? </p><p>Ad name demek. </p><p>1 </p><p>BEGINNER TURKISH LESSONS </p><p>INTRODUCING YOURSELF </p></li><li><p>5. Getting to know each other. Study with your teacher. Listen and give true answers. Simply fill in the blanks in the answers to answer your teachers questions. A Merhaba! Benim adm Senin adn ne? B Benim adm A Memnun oldum. B Ben de. A Ben yandaym. Sen ka yandasn? B Ben yandaym. A Ben bir Senin iin ne? B Ben bir A Ben Sen nerelisin? B Ben </p><p> 6. Listen to these people talking about themselves and complete the text with the missing words. A. (1) _______________! Benim (2) _______________ Banu. Benim (3) _______________ rnek. Ben 28 (4) _______________. Ben (5) _______________ doktorum. Ben zmirliyim. </p><p>(6) _______________ oldum. </p><p>B. (1) _______________. (2)_______________ adm Deniz. Benim (3) _______________ Derya. Ben 24 </p><p>(4) _______________. Ben bir renciyim. Ben Ankaralym. (5) _______________ sen? Senin (6) _______________ ne? Senin (7) _______________ ne? Sen (8) _______________ </p><p>yandasn? Senin (9) _______________ ne? Sen (10) _______________? </p><p>7. You are Banu &amp; Deniz. Now try to introduce yourself like them. Merhaba! Benim adm Banu </p><p>Selam! Benim adm Deniz </p><p>Download Turkish worksheets &amp; books from 2 </p><p>BEGINNER TURKISH LESSONS </p><p>INTRODUCING YOURSELF </p></li><li><p>8. Your turn. Ask similar questions to your friends. You dont need to use words like Ben, Benim, Sen, Senin in colloquial Turkish. A Merhaba! Adn ne? B Adm A Soyadn ne? B Soyadm ... A Ka yandasn? B yandaym. A in ne? B Bir A Nerelisin? B (ehir / lke) </p><p>9. Everyday Turkish. Learn the phrases below, say it to your teacher, listen to him/her and write his/her replies. 1. ngilizce biliyor musun? Evet, biliyorum / Hayr, bilmiyorum. 2. Teekkr ederim. _______________________________________ </p><p>3. yi gnler. _______________________________________ 4. Naslsn? _______________________________________ </p><p>5. Bakar msnz? _______________________________________ </p><p>10. Ask your teacher about similar useful every day expressions. Remember the question Ne demek? for both meaning of the words and translations. A Table ne demek? B Table masa demek. A Good morning ne demek? B Good morning gnaydn demek. 11. Writing. Write and introduce yourself. Merhaba. Benim adm </p><p> IMPORTANT NOTICE These Turkish language lessons are copyright Ali Akpinar &amp; </p><p>They may be photocopied and used in lessons. However, they may not be reproduced and distributed on the </p><p>Internet. Your use of these materials signifies agreement with these terms and conditions. 3 </p><p>BEGINNER TURKISH LESSONS </p><p>INTRODUCING YOURSELF </p></li><li><p>Tapescript / Exercise 6 A. Merhaba! Benim adm Banu. Benim soyadm rnek. Ben 28 yandaym. Ben bir doktorum. Ben zmirliyim. Memnun oldum. </p><p> B. Selam! Benim adm Deniz. Benim soyadm Derya. Ben 24 yandaym. Ben bir renciyim. Ben Ankaralym. Peki ya sen? Senin adn ne? Senin </p><p>soyadn ne? Sen ka yandasn? Senin iin ne? Sen nerelisin? </p><p>BEGINNER TURKISH LESSONS </p><p>INTRODUCING YOURSELF </p></li></ul>