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<ul><li><p>Outstanding ideas for fundraising that dont require you to sell </p><p>Most fundraising ideas require the volunteers to sell some products or vouchers. The article </p><p>suggests a few ways, following which you can raise money for your cause, with really selling </p><p>anything. </p><p>Some of the most common fundraising activities require volunteers to indulge in hardcore </p><p>selling, and collect money from as many sources as they can. Following these traditional </p><p>ways of raising money for some social cause is an uphill task, which sometimes may </p><p>demoralize the involved volunteers. </p><p>Getting donations for your project can be easy. In the following sections, I will be </p><p>enunciating some excellent crowdfunding ideas that do not ask you to sell anything to </p><p>spread aware regarding your initiative, to obtain money for your initiative to go on </p><p>Use free online donation portals </p><p>There are many free online fundraising ideas and websites that enable the NPOs and </p><p>NGOs to assemble funds from investors. Check out following subsections to learn how you </p><p>can use these sites: </p><p> Visit a dependable fundraising portal: Out of many dozens, you have to choose the best crowdfunding site for startups, having a noble, social cause. </p><p> Review their policies and procedures: Check if there is something, because of which your expectations and goals will be affected. If you find their policies and </p><p>procedures in your interest, go on and create a fundraising campaign with them. </p><p> Create a profile/page: To create your fundraising campaign, ideally what you will need are: a brief description describing your cause the best way, and a few </p><p>photographs. You will need to put it your details. Through these easy steps, your </p><p>profile is now ready. </p><p> Invite your friends and circles to visit and share your cause with their friends and circles: It will give a boosted visibility to your cause, and soon, you will </p><p>start receiving funds for your initiative. You can further promote your campaign on </p><p>diverse social media platforms that will be more beneficial for you. </p><p>Donation jars </p><p>Ask some local stores to place donation jars, with a message, depicting your cause and </p><p>need. This way, you may receive decent amount. However, when going this way you need </p><p>to have patience, as it is a time taking procedure. </p><p>Organize fairs and parties </p><p>Another cool way to popularize your cause would be to organize a party, event or fair in </p><p>your locale. Christmas and year end are falling in a couple of weeks. So, if you have a </p><p>cause, you can think over organizing a party or dance event, and charge a few dollars as </p><p>entry fee. Call on caterers and musicians that are ready to work on (less payment) for your </p><p>initiative. You can sell the food and beverages, and bag a handsome amount this way. </p><p></p></li><li><p>Out of these three, going with the free online fundraising idea seems effortless. However, </p><p>when choosing to go online, you should decide on the website that carries a good </p><p>reputation. </p></li></ul>