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The first international tattoo art and culture bi-monthly magazine. It contains interviews with the finest international artists, footages of the main international conventions, news, music, curiosities, artwork, fashion, splendid cover-girls.


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    BriNg me

    the hOrizON

    Laurie LiPtON

    PauLO SuLuaPe





    EASTTATTOO TAIWANStyLe aNd cuLture FrOm the OrieNt





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  • Cover Model: Fanny Maurer aka Lady Diamond Tattoo Info: Arm is by Olivier at Jack Ribeiro,

    France Leg by Lizzie Renaud, CanadaPhotographer: Christian Saint

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    One of the things that makes us so proud is

    being able to look back and see how much we

    have done together for the art of tattooing in

    all these years. This editorial adventure cost

    us lots of sacrifices and lots of hard work, but

    the passion for what we do gave us the strength to overcome

    obstacles and now with the progress of new technologies and

    the future prospects, we can hardly see back to the point where

    it all started. We started because we wanted to spread and

    enhance tattoo art in itself, at a time when those who werent

    in the field, didnt even know what it was or considered tattoo

    like something dirty, dangerous and immoral (but as Oscar

    Wilde said, all the beautiful things in life are immoral, illegal or

    fattening). Now we are ready for further development. Internet

    brought together our world into one big community (virtual

    and real) that uses the net as a source of inspiration. As before

    when internet wasnt around we looked for inspiration

    on the field, watching the works of the great tattooists live

    or admiring them on the few books available. Now, everything

    is just a click away and extremely fast to look up. The real

    problem is that there is no filter online and you can find

    anything and everything, often without any logical order.

    So we decided to concentrate our energies to create the biggest

    tattoo gallery ( in the world, offering

    our archive to everybody, organizing it by key word to make it

    easier to find that perfect tattoo.

    Furthermore, we purposely decided to select the tattoos,

    focusing on the best pieces, of both international and less

    famous artists, but certainly worth the while. The result: there

    are over twenty thousand top quality images to search through

    and admire. An archive that is constantly updated and that

    we believe will become one of the biggest world libraries of

    quality tattoos. We are proud to have created a space that

    wants to become a meeting place for the entire international

    tattoo world, a pillar around which professionals or simple

    tattoo enthusiasts looking for information, suggestions, images

    and, why not, the next tattoo artist can meet. We hope you

    appreciate this step into the future.

    by Miki Vialetto

    Future Gallery

    Artistic contAminAtions

    LiFE in stYLE

    Bring mE thE horizon By simone sacco

    EchoEs From thE undErground

    Laurie Lipton By maurizio candeloro

    16th edition of the eventBy maurizio candeloro

    FAnnY mAurEr (aka Lady dIaMond) By simone sacco

    thE BEst sitEs onLinE


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    SOuTherN INk XpOSure/CApe TOWN

    ANdreAS CurLy MOOre














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    GrimeBy margherita B.

    The convention dedicated to the memory of Shone Davis

    Yang and his brothersBy margherita B.

    Everything about the Canadian convention

    intErnAtionAL inK APPointmEnts

    The 15th edition of the conventionBy david dats racana

    Tattoo in South AfricaBy marco galdo

    Passion for tribalBy tas

    Ladies, Ladies!, female tattooists on displayBy Elvia iannaccone gezlev

    stefano c. & naomi smith

    The life and death of Paolo SuluapeBy Luisa gnecchi ruscone


    The Japanese Tattoo Design HandbookLearning by iPhone!

    La nouvelle exposition de Frank Thoenessen se droulera jusquau 29 mai prochain dans les espaces situs mi-chemin entre le studio et la galerie dart du clbre Lionheart Tattoo Gallery, Weselerstrae 146 Oberhausen, en Allemagne. Les organisateurs nous informent quaprs les uvres "diaboliques" de Thoenessen, deux nouvelles expositions personnelles sont dj programmes, celle de Sandor Jordan ( du 2 juillet

    prochain au 25 septembre 2011 et celle de Chriss Dettmer ( qui exposera, lui, partir du 5 novembre jusquau 28 janvier 2012. Si vous allez donc du ct

    dOberhausen, souvenez-vous-en! Lionheart Tattoo GalleryWeselerstrae 146 - 46149 Oberhausen

    Un sminaire chez vous, directement dans votre salon? Cest bien ce que nous vous proposons avec ce dvd (qui dure pas moins de 3 heures!) intitul Black & Grey Portrait with Andy Engel. En fait le clbre propritaire du studio de tatouages situ Kitzingen/Etwashausen (en Allemagne) nous montre comment raliser un portrait en noir et blanc, des premiers pas jusqu la ralisation complte de luvre. Riche en anecdotes et en conseils trs utiles pour ceux qui veulent se spcialiser dans la catgorie difficile des "portraits", Black and Grey Portrait with... est un investissement utile dautant plus que les sminaires de monsieur Engel qui ont lieu un peu partout dans le monde sont presque toujours complets e