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Download Free Animated PowerPoint Template – Theme Background Download

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Some free Microsoft PowerPoint template with animation or moving image to decorate or add interesting element in slideshow for presentation in business, medical, health, education, sport, nature or green eco theme


  • 1. One of PowerPoint templates that can create a slide show presentation to be interesting, is to use animation
  • 2. Due to the use of moving images, then the slide as if life and always dynamic
  • 3. Of course, this way you can make the audience interested to pay attention to what is happening on screen presentation
  • 4. Animated PowerPoint presentation template is a page that has been designed to add moving images such as cards in the form of animated films
  • 5. Although existing image-only motion repeats the previous movements, but the screen will slide even more interesting to look at
  • 6. The audience listened to a presentation as if she were watching a short film when given an explanation in a seminar, conference, product promotions, courses or meetings as well
  • 7. Here are some PowerPoint design template that uses animated images
  • 8. Sport Animation ppt Background
  • 9. Flying Butterflies Animation for PowerPoint
  • 10. Pink Insect for PowerPointTemplate
  • 11. All of the templates can be downloaded at : Animated PowerPointTemplates


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