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  • 6. The Intelligences of the Venus Sphere

    It will be the next task of the magician to get into contact withthe intelligences of the Venus sphere and to get them - step bystep - also under his complete control. He also achieves this goaleither by way of evocation or by mental wandering. Having donethe three above mentioned spheres first, which, as said before, arevery important, the magician has trained well his magic facultiesby enlarging them and making his spirit superior to everything.The magician is therefore well prepared for making further con-tacts and may confidently try to get into touch with the in-telligences of the Venus sphere.

    It should be mentioned at the beginning that all intelligences ofthis sphere are of a fascinating beauty and power of attraction,which, unfortunately, has sealed the fate of many a sphere magi-cian, or has, at the least, hindred him from further development.If the magician allows himself to be enthralled by the extraor-dinary beauty of the intelligences of the Venus sphere, he is giv-ing up his chances for furhter magic development, for he will, inconsequence, again and again be attracted by the Venus sphereuntil finally his further intercourse with this sphere will beequivalent to a pact. Not only the positive, but also the negativeintelligences of the Venus sphere are of diabolic beauty and seduc-tive character. Thus great steadfastness is needed to recist theirtemptations.

    The Venus sphere has an oscillation intoxicated with love,which puts any sphere magician into a state of happiness that maybe compared with an ecstasy of love, so that he is often temptedeither to remain in that sphere with his mental body - which, nodoubt, would cause his physical death - or to visit that sphereagain and again. If the magician is overcome by such temptationshe by and by becomes completely enthralled by this sphere andwill find it hard to get out of it again. His development to perfec-tion then becomes quite impossible for a long time, if not for hislifetime. The magician, however, who has worked systematicallyat his development and who has worked himself through theabove mentioned spheres in the order suggested and thus gained a


  • strong character and a complete magical equilibrium and becomemaster over his faculties and qualities, having reached a state ofspirit superior to everything, can confidently travel to higherspheres including the Venus sphere. Therefore every magicianshould first test himself to see if he has the necessary maturity,power and steadfastness.

    Below is a description of ninety intelligences of the Venussphere with whom I have been in contact formerly and whosenames and seals might only be known to a few sphere magiciansand initiates. Besides these intelligences, there are a few others inthe Venus sphere about whom other authors have written intheir books, for instance Hagiel, and which have not been includ-ed in this work, since their names and seals are generally knownand easily obtainable. In order not to make this volume too large,the positive intelligences are described only in a few words, for itis possible for the sphere magician to get. into personal contactwith every single intelligence and to enlarge his knowledge bypractical work.

    In general, the seals of the Venus intelligences have to be drawnin green colour at the time of the first evocation. Also in this casethe magician must be careful to reproduce the signs in the samecolours as given in the appendix of this book. The graduation, inanalogy to the zodiac, which can be found under each seal, is thekey to the relevant influence of each intelligence on our zonegirdling the earth, and from there on man in all three planes, i. e.his mental, astral and physical bodies. This knowledge is of greatimportance from the point of view of the astro-quabbalisticScience.

    1) Omah, 2) Odujo, 3) Obideh, 4) Onami,5) Osphe, 6) Orif, 7) Obaneh, 8) Odumi.

    These eight intelligences of the Venus sphere have all the samerange of power. They may be regarded as excellent initiators intoerotic and sexual mysteries. They completely control the elec-trical and magnetic fluid, especially with regard to the magic oflove. The magician may learn from these intelligences how topractise sexual magic with the help of these fluids, how to pro-duce love amulets, in which way the oscillation of the Venus


  • sphere can be created; and they like to inform the magician aboutmany other magical practices.

    9) Orula, 10) Osoa, 11) Owina, 12) Obata,13) Ogieh, 14) Obche, 15) Otra.

    The intelligences numbered 9-15 are initiators with regard to thefertility of men and women. They are representatives of peaceand of marital happiness. Assisted by these intelligences, themagician can awaken love between men and women, can securethe favour of men and women, and achieve everything that has todo with love and propagation.

    16) Alam, 17) Agum, 18) Albadi, 19) Aogum,20) Acolom, 21) Achadiel 22) Adimil, 23) Aser.

    This group comprising eight intelligences is given the task ofcontrolling, supporting and realizing, in accordance with the in-structions given by Divine Providence, the divine ideas ofphilosophy, inspiration, art, beauty, music and all relevanttalents.

    24) Aahum, 25) Acho, 26) Arohim, 27) Ardho,28) Asam, 29) Astoph, 30) Aosid.

    The range of power of these seven intelligences covers the ac-quisition of magical faculties, personal beauty, power of attrac-tion, knowledge of the magic of mummies with regards to love,etc. A magician is readily informed by these intelligences on howto acquire various magical faculties by love magic. They are in-spirers in respect of love and its realization, not only for beings ofthe zone girdling the earth, but also for beings of other spheres.

    31) Iseh, 32) Isodeh, 33) Idmuh, 34) Irumiah35) Idea, 36) Idovi, 37) Isill, 38) Ismee.

    This group of eight intelligences teach the magician to causefriendship, love, sympathy, in all spheres and planes by force ofmagic and quabbalah, applying, for this purpose, apt rituals,ceremonies and gestures.

    39) Inea, 40) Ihom, 41) Iomi,43) Idioh, 44) Ischoa, 45) Igea.

    This group consisting of seven intelligences of the Venus sphereis commissioned with the task of awakening and increasing in-tellectual faculties of making beauty, love, harmony perceptible,

    42) Ibladi


  • and explicable in all languages of the intellect. The range of powerof these intelligences also covers the control, inspiration andrealization of art and of all kinds of inventions.

    46) Orro, 47) Oposah, 48) Odlo, 49) Olo,50) Odedo, 51) Omo, 52) Osaso.

    These seven intelligences control the laws of harmony in theanimal and vegetable kingdoms. They explain to the magician theinfluences of the Venus sphere on these two kingdoms, not onlyon our planet but also on all other planets of the universe. Therange of power and knowledge of these intelligences includes thecontrol and regulation of growth and fertility on all planets.

    53) Ogego, 54) Okaf, 55) Ofmir, 56) Otuo,57) Ohoah, 58) Ocher, 59) Otlur, 60) Ogileh.

    The above named eight intelligences inform the magician of thetechnical inventions of the human beings living on Venus andother planets. Above that, the magician is given details about alllaws that are in force on the planet Venus.

    61) Gega, 62) Gema, 63) Gegega, 64) Garieh,65) Gesa, 66) Geswi, 67) Godeah, 68) Guru.

    The above eight intelligences initiate the magician into the lawsof the Positive and Negative principles. Furthermore, they in-struct him in the effectiveness of the Divine Virtues on the Venusplanet and in the Venus sphere. Apart from this, they reveal tothe magician special methods which, by mummification of theoscillation of the Venus sphere in the magic-quabbalistic manner,bring about the favour of the beings of the Venus sphere as well asof the beings of all other spheres. These intelligences inform themagician also of many other theories and practices in magic andquabbalah.

    69) Gomah, 70) Goldro, 71) Gesdri, 72) Gesoah73) Gescheh, 74) Gehela, 75) Gercha.

    These seven intelligences allow the magician a glance into theworkshop of Divine Providence, and the magician perceives theeffectiveness of Divine Providence or of the Akasha-principle onthe Venus planet and the Venus sphere. Helped by these in-telligences, the magician may behold the whole history of evolu-


  • tion of Venus and its sphere. The magician is also instructed inquabbalah by these intelligences.

    76) Purol, 77) Podme, 78) Podumar, 79) Pirr,80) Puer, 81) Pliseh, 82) Padcheh, 83) Pehel.

    This group of eight intelligences teach the cosmic language andits use in the Venus sphere. At the same time the magician is in-formed about the correlative influences of the individual sphereson the Venus planet and on its sphere and is also instructed in thepractical application of these facts in magic and quabbalah.

    84) Pomanp, 85) Pitofil, 86) Pirmen, 87) Piomal,88) Piseph, 89) Pidioeh, 90) Pimel.

    The magician is instructed by these intelligences in the divineorderliness of the universe, especially with regard to the Venusshere, in its laws, symbolism, etc. These intelligences can, further-more, initiate the magician into spheric quabbalistic magic and itsrelation to love. The magician learns to evoke a state of happinessand ecstasy of love by using the quabbalah and magic havingvalue in the Venus sphere. There are many other things that theseintelligences can teach the magician who has got into contactwith them.


    These short descriptions and hints will no doubt be sufficientfor the experienced magician. I could, of course, give a moredetailed picture of each individual intelligence, but must,however, desist from doing so for technical reasons. A fulldescription of the whole r