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Pictures and commentary from the 100th anniversary exhibition of the life of Franz Bardon in Opava, Czech Republic, 25th November 2009.For more details see


<p>Franz Bardon 100th Anniversary ExhibitionOpava, Czech Republic, 25th November 2009</p> <p>Horni Namesti, Opava</p> <p>View over U Jaktarske Brany to Mezi Trhy, Opava</p> <p>We cordially invite you to an exhibition of</p> <p>the 100th anniversary of the birth of</p> <p>Frantika BardonaOpava native one of the greatest and most globally recognized hermeticist and guru of the 20th Century</p> <p>The exhibition will take place from 25th Nov 2009 to 12th Dec 2009</p> <p>The opening will take place on 25th Nov 2009 at 5pm with a son and daughter of Franz Bardon, Dr Lumra Bardona and Mrs Marie pikovAt the exhibition you will see items from the personal estate of Franz Bardon, foreign-language editions of his books, the purchase will also look at contemporary Czech prints.</p> <p>The invitation from</p> <p>Location: esoteric shop Radost, 61 Horn nmst, Opava</p> <p>Admission free</p> <p>Hosting the meeting at Radost, Lenka and Iveta</p> <p>The Radost bookshop, 1 floor, Horni Namesti/Mezi Trhy</p> <p>st</p> <p>Books, photographs and personal effects from the exhibition</p> <p>Foreign editions of Bardons books in many languages including Czech, German, French and Korean</p> <p>Lenka and Iveta from the Radost bookshop introduce the proceedings</p> <p>Bardons son and daughter, Lumir and Marie Bardon</p> <p>Lumir Bardon speaks about his father</p> <p>Bardons Mercedes typewriter, mentioned in Memories of Franz Bardon,</p> <p>His Leica camera, one of the few possessions not seized by the Czech authorities</p> <p>The magic mirror that stood in the waiting room of Bardons practice, made from the seven planetary metals. The effects of the mirror would have already begun healing unwitting patients even before they had been treated, according to Lumir. Not confiscated by the authorities presumably because of its size and unknown purpose.</p> <p>Temple drawing</p> <p>Photographs and drawings mostly from Frabato or Memories of Franz Bardon</p> <p>Dedications from the frontispieces of Bardons first editions or original manuscripts</p> <p>Bardons death certificate</p> <p>Bardons family tree</p> <p>Commentaries in Czech</p> <p>Commentaries in Czech</p> <p>Views of 22 Obloukova, Bardons Opava apartment, near to the hospital where he worked</p> <p>Bardons family house and home, Kylesovice</p> <p>View to the cemetery, Hlavni</p> <p>Family grave, provided for by his acquaintances, in the south-west corner of the cemetery</p> <p>In loving memory, from his many grateful students and disciples around the world</p>