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  • 1. T W IT T E RS T R A T E G IE S Jack Monson Vice President, Engage121 312.658.0600 @jackmonson
  • 2. Whats Your Strategy for This?
  • 3. Monitor & Listen, Then Engage!1978: Life is just a cocktail party on the street.2011: Twitter is just a cocktail party on the web. (cocktails optional)
  • 4. Monitor & Listen, Then Engage!Monitoring & reporting means lurking at a cocktail party, then going home and writing about it in your diary.Engagement: interacting with people at the party!
  • 5. 10 Best Tactics1. Say hi.2. Ask a question.3. Respond to all questions.4. Follow everyone who follows your brand. Everyone!5. ReTweet a handful of interesting Tweets each day.6. Do not send automatic Direct Messages, and use real DMs sparingly.7. Engage with people outside of the brand.8. Content = 90% about your customers, their interests, lifestyles. 10% about what youre doing.9. Avoid our new blog on, our take on, our CEO says10. 140 characters? Try 120Remember its all about sharing.
  • 6. The Dirty Little Secret of TwitterYour friends and fans read Your followers rarelyalmost all of their read every Tweet. YourNewsfeed and see your Tweets are read by many,posts. many more people who are searching your subject.
  • 7. Negative CommentsRespond to all thoughtful criticismsRespond to Tweets on only on TwitterPositive CommentsCross-Populate to other networksRemember, your Facebook fans, LinkedIn followers, blog readers, or otherconnections may never go to Twitter.
  • 8. What Should We Measure?
  • 9. It doesnt matter if you have 30 followers or 30,000 If you provide valuable content. If you start conversations. If you listen to what people are doing and saying. If you engage with people as human beings. If you build relationships.Social media will be successful for you. Source: Gini Dietrich
  • 10. Not working? 4 Things to Do:1. Increase Tweets2. Change How You Tweet3. Improve the Content of Tweets4. Stop
  • 11. Jack 312.658.0600 @jackmonson