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  • Fraction FunIntroduction to fractions

  • FractionsFractions are parts of a whole. When you break something up into equal pieces, you just made a fraction.Example:You want to share your candy bar with 3 friends. Everyone wants the same amount of candy bar, so you split up you candy bar into 4 equal pieces (1 per friend and 1 for you). You have just split your candy bar into fourths. Each person would get 1 of the fourths. This is written as . What other things can you think of that represents of something else?

  • Use this website for the following slides.

  • Helpful hints for using the websiteThe scissors icon- use this icon to split the square into 6 different fractions. Roll your mouse onto the icon to see your options. Once you select the correct fraction, click on one of the squares. If you select the wrong fraction, dont worry. Simply go back to the scissors and click the correct fraction and re-click the same square.Warning: if you have colored in a fraction slice that does not equal something in the new fraction, you will not be able to perform this action until you undo the coloring. Example: 1/5 doesnt equal so that change would not be possible

  • Helpful hints (continued)2. The beaker (cup) icon with the purple coloring- this icon can be used to shade in (or color) a certain fraction. Simply click on the beaker and then click on part of the square you would like to color in. This tool should be used AFTER you have cut your square into the appropriate pieces. For example, you have cut the square into fourths (1/4 or 4 pieces) and you want of the whole square so click on 1 square and it will color in.

  • Hints (continued)3. The brush icon- This clears everything that you have done. It will ask you to confirm that you wish to clear everything and get a new workmat. Click on yes or no depending on what you choose.

  • Hints (continued)4. The icon- this is the icon that can be used to see which fraction is larger, smaller, or if they are equal. It changes the fraction into decimal form. This option takes the colored portion and makes it the numerator (top number) and then the number of pieces total is the denominator (the bottom number).

  • Question 1How many pieces are in the fraction 1/10?12510

  • Question 2How many fourths equal ?1234

  • Question 3Which is larger 1/5 or ?1/5Neither, they are equal

  • Question 4 Which statement is true?1/5 = 20/1001/5 = = 6/107/10 = 65/100

  • Now that you are finished, please go onto the collaboration section and complete the discussion.

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