fourth quarter and year-end 2005 high-speed access report

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Fourth Quarter and Year-End 2005 High-Speed Access Report. Brought To you as an Industry Service Every Quarter. BY. Information Gatekeepers, Inc. AND. B & C Consulting Services. With This Year-End Report We Are Introducing Two Innovations:. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


  • Fourth Quarter and Year-End 2005 High-Speed Access ReportBrought To you as an Industry Service Every QuarterBYInformation Gatekeepers, IncANDB & C Consulting

  • With This Year-End Report We Are Introducing Two Innovations: We Brought The Report To You In Segments, Rather Than Waiting For All Carriers To Report Their Quarterly Results. This Allowed Us To Bring You More Timely Data, While Still Giving You The Big Picture! The First Segment Provided the Major Telcos Results. This Segment Adds the Cable Results for the Entire Picture. We Are Formatting This Report As A PowerPoint Presentation. This Will Allow The Reader To More Quickly Grasp The Important Points. And It May Be More Interesting!We Invite Your Comments On These Changes To C.Holliday@ieee.Org

  • H-S Access Report

    Year-End 2005

    Final SegmentH-S Growth Going Strong All Year!Verizon Makes IGI Analyst Look Good with Record Quarter!

    Cable Results Continue to be very Flat.

  • Major 2005 High-Speed Access NewsDSL exceeds 43% of total H-S Accesses, up from 34% at end of 2002 !Penetration of h-s accesses reaches 44%, up from 19% at end of 2002 (Households)H-S Accesses exceed 45,000,000 up from 20,000,000 at end of 2002Verizon sets quarter record by gaining over 600,000.This is more than 100,000 over previous record!IGI Forecasts Telco DSL to surpass Cable in 2006!

  • Major Cable Companies - CMs Added2004200420052005Total2005200520054QTotal1Q2Q1st H 053Q4QTotalCharter100,0002,011,50094,00043,8002,149,30098,400Comcast437,0006,977,200414,000297,0007,688,200437,000Rodgers57,000951,40051,60033,4001,036,40053,300Cox125,0002,548,549177,000150,0002,875,549150,000Time Warner197,0004,009,000209,000201,0004,419,000234,000Totals916,00016,497,649945,600725,20018,168,449972,700Major Telcos - DSLs added2004200420052005Total2005200520054QTotal1Q2Q1st H 053Q4QTotalBellSouth224,0002,096,000253,000124,0002,473,000205,000 Bell Can.91,0001,857,00091,00092,0002,040,000106,000 Qwest110,0001,065,00085,00068,0001,218,000150,000 SBC425,0005,104,000504,000360,0005,968,000528,000 Verizon306,0003,559,000385,000278,0004,222,000389,000 Totals1,156,00013,681,0001,318,000922,00015,921,0001,378,000 Total2,072,00030,178,6492,263,6001,647,20034,089,4492,350,700CM+xDSL

    204000 2,882,000425,000 6,921,000613,000 5,224,000Heres BellSouth with one of their best quarters!AT&T (SBC) had another good Quarter!Verizon broke all records!!All-in-all it was a great quarter and a great year for the RBOCs!!!Especially Verizon!!!61,000 2,207,000Bell Canada is somewhat lower than previous.

  • Partial Results Major Telcos OnlyMajor Cable Companies - CMs Added2004200420052005Total2005200520054QTotal1Q2Q1st H 053Q4QTotalCharter100,0002,011,50094,00043,8002,149,30098,4002,247,700Comcast437,0006,977,200414,000297,0007,688,200437,0008,125,200Rodgers57,000951,40051,60033,4001,036,40053,30062,2001,151,900Cox125,0002,548,549177,000150,0002,875,549150,0003,025,549Time Warner197,0004,009,000209,000201,0004,419,000234,000265,0004,918,000Totals916,00016,497,649945,600725,20018,168,449972,700327,20019,468,349Major Telcos - DSLs added2004200420052005Total2005200520054QTotal1Q2Q1st H 053Q4QTotalBellSouth224,0002,096,000253,000124,0002,473,000205,000204,0002,882,000Bell Can.91,0001,857,00091,00092,0002,040,000106,00061,0002,207,000Qwest110,0001,065,00085,00068,0001,218,000150,0001,368,000SBC425,0005,104,000504,000360,0005,968,000528,000425,0006,921,000Verizon306,0003,559,000385,000278,0004,222,000389,000613,0005,224,000Totals1,156,00013,681,0001,318,000922,00015,921,0001,378,0001,303,00018,602,000Total2,072,00030,178,6492,263,6001,647,20034,089,4492,350,7001,630,20038,070,349

  • Final Results

  • Telcos are gaining on the forecast, and are going to catch cable!

    Cable continues to fall further behind our forecast:

    The Gap is narrowing!!

  • SBC Has Been the Telco Leader in H-S AddsBeating All Telcos and in the Last Few Quarters Also All Cable Companies!

  • SBC- AT&T H-S Adds

  • SBC Is Averaging Over 450,000 H-S Adds!

  • This Quarter, Things Changed!Verizon Added More H-S Lines Than Any Company Ever!Almost 100,000 More!!WHY? FIOS Verizons Brand Of FTTP. It Is Rolling Now, And Verizon Is Setting H-S Records!!

  • Verizon Has Been Averaging about 350,000 H-S Adds

  • 4th Q 2005 613,000 H-S Adds!!

  • And Heres the Trend Line Not Bad!DSL Additions for Major Telcos

  • This adds the results for the major cable companies - a very different story!Here is the Cable trend line it couldnt be flatter!

  • Final Results Compared to ForecastsForecastsActualsCable Below ForecastTelco Just Above ForecastTotal Below Forecast, but Above Linear Projection!

  • IGI Analysts Have Predicted That Telcos Would Gain Parity with Cable Companies by the End of 2006.See Our Report The Market After the Mergers The Telecom Economy Today, for Details,This Latest Result with Verizon Gaining Over 600,000 H-S Lines, Gives New Credence to Our Forecast.As AT&T Starts Implementing Their Project Lightspeed This Trend Will Accelerate, especially if they implement in their new acquisition BellSouth!

  • Note That Cable Led By Two-to-One In 2003!We predict that the Telco's will gain parity with cable this year!PARITY!!

  • Thank You For Visiting Our Report!Please Forward Comments Or Questions To C.Holliday@ieee.OrgOur Latest Reports, The Next Generation Network Will the RBOCs Get Googled Up? and The Market After the Mergers The Telecom Market Today, Are Available on this Site.