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  • 1. October 26, 2010

2. A found poem is a poem which is made from choosing different words and phrases that catch your eye from a newspaper, magazine or passage. Choosing words and phrases that you find powerful moving or interesting. Especially ones that reflect your feelings Go back over your list and cut out words that are dull and unnecessary or that do not seem right A found poem does not have to rhyme 3. You are going to be creating a found poem by looking through magazines and newspapers for words and phrases that are powerful, moving and interesting and will work in your poem. Remember to include in your poem the nouns, verbs, and adjectives as well as words like the, and, an, a etc. The poem must be at least 10 lines long and each line must contain at least 4 words and pertain to only one topic. 4. You must be able to identify at least one figurative language piece in your poem Have a valid reason how it works Explain why it is effective in your poem 5. Look it over form Idea for your topic Magazines, newspapers Glue, scissors, background paper Found Poem assignment contract 6. Bec. December 2008. Retrieved October 19, 2010 from: der=9&offset=384#/d1qpo13 Emily. June 2006. Retrieved October 19, 2010 from: Klenon, Austin. Newspaper Blackout Poems in the Classroom. December 2008. Retrieved on October 20, 2010 from: b9b49d43_o.gif Paterson, Joanna. July 2010. Retrieved on October 20, 2010 from 32913/


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