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  • Forthcoming Reprints of Music and Music LiteratureAuthor(s): Dale L. HudsonSource: Notes, Second Series, Vol. 28, No. 3 (Mar., 1972), p. 469Published by: Music Library AssociationStable URL: .Accessed: 15/06/2014 17:46

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    Compiled by DALE L. HUDSON


    This column, which appears in the March and September issues, began in September 1966 (vol. 23, no. 1). To have a complete list of all reprints announced since the summer of 1966, the reader must consult all the previous lists, as well as the list below. When corrections are reported by the publishers these will be reported.

    We thank the following publishers for their cooperation in sending these announcements. If you are not already receiving their catalogues, you will want to have your name added to their mailing lists.


    Cooper Square Publishers, 59 Fourth Ave., Greenwood Publishers, 51 Riverside Ave., New York, N. Y. 10003 Westport, Conn. 06880

    Crescendo Publishers,48-50 Melrose Street, Princeton University Press, Princeton, Boston, Mass. 02116 N. J. 08540

    In the following lists the place and date of the original publications are given in parentheses following the title. When the publisher has supplied a tentative publication date, it follows immediately the name of the publisher [Gregg International. Spring, 1972]. If the publisher offers a reduced price, it is given first, with its terminal date in parentheses, followed by the published price [$15.00 (31 Apr. 1972); $17.50].

    New Announcements Abraham, G. E. H. Grieg. (Norman, Okla., 1950) Greenwood Publishers. Feb., 1972. $8.75.

    Aubry, Pierre. Trouveres and troubadours. Trans. 2d French ed. by Claude Aveling. (New York, 1914) Cooper Square Publishers. Spring, 1972. vi, 174 p. $6.00.

    Cohan, George M. Twenty years on Broadway and the years it took to get there. (New York, 1925) Greenwood Publishers. Jan., 1972. $12.25.

    Gammond, Peter. Terms used in music. (New York, 1959) Crescendo Publishers. Spring, 1972. 60 p. $3.50.

    Gardiner, Julian. A guide to good singing and speech. (London, 1968) Crescendo Publishers. Spring, 1972. 300 p. $7.95.

    Gaskin, L. J. P., comp. A select bibliography

    of music in Africa. (London, 1965) Crescendo Publishers. Spring, 1972. 86 p. $12.50.

    Horricks, Raymond. Count Basie. (London, 1957) Greenwood Publishers. Feb., 1972. $13.50.

    Macleod, Joseph. The sisters d'Aranyi. (Lon- don, 1969) Crescendo Publishers. Spring, 1972. 320 p. $7.50.

    Marek, George Richard. A front seat at the

    opera. (New York, 1948) Greenwood Publish- ers. Feb., 1972. $13.75.

    Sessions, Roger. The musical experience of

    composer, performer, listener. (Princeton, 1950) Princeton University Press. Spring, 1972. 136 p. Cloth, $4.50; paper, $1.95.

    Streatfield, Richard A. The opera: a sketch of the development of opera. (New York, 1932) Greenwood Publishers. Feb., 1972. $14.50.


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    Article Contentsp. 469

    Issue Table of ContentsNotes, Second Series, Vol. 28, No. 3 (Mar., 1972), pp. 393-624Front Matter [pp. 393-396]Recueils Imprims - XVIIIe Sicle (Rism, B II) Supplement [pp. 397-418]Notes for NOTES [pp. 419-422]Book ReviewsReview: untitled [pp. 423-425]Review: untitled [pp. 425-429]Review: untitled [pp. 429-430]Review: untitled [pp. 431-433]Review: untitled [pp. 433-434]Review: untitled [pp. 434-436]Review: untitled [pp. 436-438]Review: untitled [pp. 438-440]Review: untitled [pp. 440-443]Review: untitled [pp. 443-444]Review: untitled [pp. 444-445]Review: untitled [pp. 445-446]Review: untitled [pp. 446-448]Review: untitled [p. 448]Review: untitled [p. 449]Review: untitled [p. 450]Review: untitled [pp. 450-451]

    Books Recently Published [pp. 452-468]Forthcoming Reprints of Music and Music Literature [p. 469]Index to Record Reviews: With Symbols Indicating Opinions of Reviewers [pp. 470-501]Music ReviewsReview: untitled [pp. 502-503]Review: untitled [pp. 504-505]Review: untitled [pp. 505-507]Review: untitled [pp. 507-508]Review: untitled [pp. 508-509]Review: untitled [pp. 509-510]Avant-Garde MusicReview: untitled [pp. 510-511]Review: untitled [p. 511]Review: untitled [pp. 511-512]Review: untitled [pp. 512-513]Review: untitled [pp. 513-514]Review: untitled [p. 514]Review: untitled [pp. 514-515]Review: untitled [p. 515]Review: untitled [pp. 515-516]Review: untitled [p. 516]Review: untitled [pp. 516-517]

    Piano and Harpsichord MusicReview: untitled [p. 517]Review: untitled [pp. 517-518]Review: untitled [p. 518]

    Chamber MusicReview: untitled [p. 519]Review: untitled [pp. 519-520]Review: untitled [pp. 520-522]Review: untitled [pp. 522-523]Review: untitled [p. 523]Review: untitled [pp. 523-524]Review: untitled [p. 524]Review: untitled [pp. 524-525]Review: untitled [p. 525]Review: untitled [pp. 525-526]Review: untitled [pp. 526-527]Review: untitled [pp. 527-528]

    An Annual Survey: Sacred Choral Octavos [pp. 529-535]Music Received [pp. 536-551]Back Matter [pp. 552-624]


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