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<p>Fort Ticonderoga - American Revolution:</p> <p>Fort Ticonderoga - American Revolution:</p> <p>Seen as a key defensive position by the Americans, two expeditions were mounted in 1775, to capture it. Led by Colonels Ethan Allen and Benedict Arnold, the groups encountered each other in the wilderness and after some disagreement decided to work together. Moving forward, they successfully stormed the fort on May 10, 1775, and captured Captain William Delaplace's garrison. Becoming a hub of activity, Fort Ticonderoga served as the jumping off point for the American invasion of Canada in July 1775. Late that year, Colonel Henry Knox arrived and removed many of the fort's guns for use in the siege of Boston.</p> <p>Transporting the fort's guns through the snow, Knox's artillery train played a key role in forcing the British to abandon the city. In 1776, the American army in Canada was thrown back by the British and forced to retreat back down Lake George area. Encamping at Fort Ticonderoga, they aided Arnold in building a scratch fleet which fought a successful delaying action at Valcour Island that October. The following year saw Major General John Burgoyne launch a major invasion down the lake. In anticipation of the British attack, efforts had been made to fortify nearby Mounts Independence and Hope.</p>


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