formula hybrid membership entry examination by: khieu hoang calpoly pomona, mechanical engineer...

Download Formula Hybrid Membership Entry Examination By: Khieu Hoang CalPoly Pomona, Mechanical Engineer Supplementary: Formula Hybrid SAE Rule Book

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  • Formula Hybrid Membership Entry Examination By: Khieu Hoang CalPoly Pomona, Mechanical Engineer Supplementary: Formula Hybrid SAE Rule Book
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  • What does FHSAE stand for? - Formula Hybrid Society of Automotive Engineers Member Restrictions - No restrictions to any major, ANYONE can join - 2.20 Minimum GPA overall/core Member Dues - $20 per quarter Workshop - The AV (alternative Vehicle) lab is not a play ground - All machine are off limit without an advisor present General Clubs Briefing
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  • Formula Hybrid Rules Vehicle Design Objectives - Design and build a Hybrid prototype within a $32,000 budget Competition Events - Dynamics and Static - Score on a basis of 1000 pts total Competition Requirements - To participate in the competition in May, member must be a register member of one of the following : (1)SAE, (2) SAE Australasia, (3) SAE Brasil, (4) ATA, (5) IMechE or (6) IEEE.
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  • - A vehicle must demonstrate evidence of substantial development (mechanical and/or electrical) since the last time the vehicle was entered. - Car can compete as an all hybrid for 1 yr provided proof of hybrid in progress - Member must be at least 18 yr of age - Universities may enter up to 2 vehicles per competition. Vehicle Requirements and Restrictions - Faculty Advisors may not design, build or repair any part of the car - Minimum of 50% of all braking energy must come from hydraulic mechanism. - Braking system must have an over travel device to override vehicle power system in the case the brake system fails
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  • - Maximum of $6,000 can be spend on batteries - Vehicle must have 4 wheels - 3 power (shut down) buttons must be available and accessible to the driver
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  • Static Event Total of 300 pts - Technical Inspection - 0 pts - Presentation - 100pts - Presentation of Hybrid Marketing Approach - Engineering Design - 200 pts - Supporting Vehicles Designs
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  • Dynamics Events Total of 700 pts - Acceleration - All electric (75pts) - Unrestricted (75pts) - Auto Cross (150pts) - Endurance (400 pts) Driving Conditions - Competition will continue in rain or shine - Vehicle must pass safety inspections to Compete
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  • Driver Limitations - No ONE driver can compete for all events - Minimum of 3 drivers Repairs - Can be make during drive change - Can be make during the event with expense of time Exceptions, Alternative - Vehicle can enter an all electric event in the case that their hybrid failed.
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  • Engine Limitations - There is no limitation to the Electric motor size - Maximum Combustion engine size of 250cc - Gasoline engine are allowed to be modified but aspects of modification are limited by the rule book Fuel Restrictions - 93 Octane, E-85, and Biodiesel only - Fuel is limited but can be bought at the expense of pts Electrical System - All high voltage wiring must be enclosed Supercharger and Turbo - Not restricted from engine modification - Must comply with engine modifications rules Vehicle Specs


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