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Presentation given in Manchester on 14 November 2012


  • 1. Forget Facebook#FFBook12 Manchester14 November 2012

2. Agenda9.45 10.15Discussion: issues and challenges10.15 11.15 Presentation: understanding social media as a businessprocess11.15 11.30 Coffee11.30 12.00 Case study: Preston City Council12.00 12.30 Q&A / discussion12.30 1.30Lunch1.30 1.45 Presentation: objectives what should they be?1.45 2.30 Workshop: setting objectives2.30 2.45 Presentation: a brief look at infrastructure and monitoring2.45 3.00 Presentation: the importance of people3.00 3.45 Workshop: creating a people and operational plan3.45 4.30 Discussion: what to do tomorrow 3. Take away A light-bulb moment A recognition that social media is verydifferent from a traditional communications(digital) approach A desire (and ability) to get started on somesimple, practical things 4. Loose the chip 5. Quick group discussion: Share experiences to date with socialmedia Identify the main challenges Report back 6. Social media: its not atools based problem 7. YouTubeSlideshare LinkedInFacebook FlickrTwitter 8. Social media: its aknowledge basedproblem 9. Gartner Hype Cycle 10. Gartner Hype Cycle FalseArrival of Productive EngagementEngagement IntelligenceDealing with everyone,Dealing with smallall at oncegroups or individuals 11. Its differentTraditional media Social media 12. Trying to make the Using an approachnew space work tothat is adapted to the old rules the new space 13. What is the role of traditional media? 14. Problem: social media does not have scale (engine) built into itSocial media is really an infrastructureor set of tools 15. Social media doesnt do big numbers It doessmall groups 16. Q: What was Facebook designed to do?A: Help geeks getgirlfriends 17. Possible solutions Devise ways to add Create new approachesscale to social media that dont rely on scaleIncentivising LikesResponding to smallMaximising followers groups, based on whatCreating engagementthey want to say to you (not what you want to say to them) 18. Tell me: Its just another1. Denial Dont tell me: Its a media citizensmedia channel I cancan use to reach meuse to reach my(to which I have toaudiencesrespond) My existing content I am going to haveand campaigns canto start from scratcheasily move into thisand go back tospaceschool 19. 2. New is often difficult 20. 3. The power of vested interest Power to the people?Power to the share price 21. So what should we do? ThingsProcessesThe old space: The new space:output = piece of output = form of behaviour communication 22. Traditional media Social media Channel andBehaviour messageidentificationidentificationand responsechallenge challenge 23. Two citizen spacesPart of the crowdIndividual citizen 24. The Big ROI / Scale problemWhere is the ROI ininvesting my (expensive)time in speaking to thisindividual?Where can I create a scaleeffect when only talkingto individuals? 25. Value of contactIts not about influenceIt is about relevance 26. Introducing the Super Citizen 27. Introducing the Super CitizenKachWachi saves Logitech$150,000 in call deflection costsper year 28. The rules for Super CitizensThey are not Ambassadorsbecause they are notrepresentativeThey are not Evangelistsbecause the communities theywant to be a part of comprisepeople who are also like themTheir value is not in spreadinginformation, it is in helping youmanage your business Customer service Google endorsement 29. The rules for Super CitizensThey are not volunteers, youidentify them via theirbehaviourYour role is to create anenvironment within whichtheir interest can be activatedYour call centre is not thisenvironment 30. Introducing the Important Citizen Saying something supportive Saying something critical Asking a question (for which your organisation is the answer) Indicating a willingness to help you 31. These people live in Google space 32. 9 out of these top10 sites is either ablog or social site 33. The most popular post on my blog 34. Where does it live? 35. We like what you do CONVERSATIONWe dont like what you doWho are you, what do you doCONTENTHeres how to make it better COMMUNITY 36. The Big ROI / Scale problemWhere is the ROI ininvesting my (expensive)time in speaking to thisindividual?Where can I create a scaleeffect when only talkingto individuals? 37. Value of contactQuality of engagement 38. Customer service has broken out of prison 39. Value of contact Quality of engagementIntelligence / communityengagementThe expectation of listening 40. First: start listeningNext: acknowledge thatlistening is taking placeFinally: resource (decentralise) aresponse process 41. Implications: people are the key assetCorporate DJ Listening Specialist Conversing High volume Generating information 42. Implications: prioritisation You dont have to speak to everyone You can afford to be very specific about Audience Subject You should be very specific about anobjective Defined in terms of what you want to achieve 43. Implications: decentralisationCommunications becomes atraining,facilitation or editorial function(not a productionfunction) 44. Example: @twelpforce 45. What does a strategy look like?Objectives InfrastructurePeople PlanPlanOperationPlanContent Response 46. Carl HollowayPreston City Council 47. The Workshop 48. Communications team Issues Dominance of local press (bottleneck /stranglehold) City Centre Redevelopment key subject Ending the culture of the press release 49. Contact Centre Issues1. Council Tax2. Benefits3. Cleansing Missed bins Changes to bin collection schedule Seasonal queries 50. Leisure Centres Issues 2000 calls per month going unanswered Lack of ability to communicate real-time issues(e.g cancellation of classes) 51. Discussion / questions 52. Defining objectives Channel and Behaviour message identificationidentification and responsechallengechallenge 53. Two citizen spaces Part of the crowdIndividual citizenAbility to reach the whole Ability to respond totarget group with generic individual citizens orinformation specific situations 54. Defining objectivesAddress overall Linked to specificcorporate image and operational issuesreputationSolved via the designand implementationSolved via production of business processesof communications Have clearlyoutputs (channel andidentifiable metricsmessage strategies) (usually linked tomeasurable shifts inbehaviours) 55. Example: Vodafone Vodafone identified a long-term need to hire 40 specialisttechnicians (in an area notconventionally associated withmobile telecoms). A 1.5million budget was allocated(advertising and agency fees) Objective: To hire at least 50%via direct recruitment (viasocial channels), thus savingagency costs 56. Example: Vodafone Process train existingemployees on socialnetworking and publicationtechniques to raise theprofile of Vodafones expertiseand participation in this space.Note: they did not publish theavailability of jobs Result: 80% of the hires madevia direct recruitment, savingapprox. 1.3 million 57. Example: Air Traffic Control To ensure that X organisations views onthe benefits and practical considerationsassociated with airspace liberalisation arevisible and accessible within the digitalspaces likely to be frequented by relevantgovernment officials To demonstrate X organisationsoperational expertise, using the roll-out ofthe (X project) as a content andconversational focus point To provide the ability for X organisation tocontribute to the debate about otherindustry issues (beyond X subject) and toestablish a presence in other spaces if itwishes 58. You cant have single,overarching socialmedia objectives 59. Supporting traditional communicationsTraditional (mass)Making that process communications more efficient process 60. Social media is your campaigndashboardIt can help you steer a campaign,rather than power a campaign 61. Communications team objectives Issues Dominance of local press (bottleneck / stranglehold) City Centre Redevelopment key subject Ending the culture of the press release Objectives Ability to make a greater range of relevantinformation more accessible Establish Comms team as knowledge and guidancecentre Establish the expectation of listening reRedevelopment (business and public) 62. Contact Centre Objectives Issues Cleansing = major issue generating calls to ContactCentre Objectives Reduce inbound enquiry re disruptions to bincollection To provide real time information to CleansingDepartment about bin collection issues To allow Cleansing Department to be seen to be moreresponsive to citizens 63. Leisure Centres Objectives Issues 2000 calls per month going unanswered Lack of ability to communicate real-time issues(e.g cancellation of classes) Objectives Reduce volume of in-coming calls Make it easier for customers to self-inform 64. Objective setting workshop Back into groups Select one organisation Define a set of objectives Present back / discuss 65. A brief look at infrastructureConversation spaceSocial NewsMonitoring Content &HubResponseProcess Hosted or supportedcommunities 66. A brief look at infrastructureConversation spaceMonitoring 67. It all begins with listening 68. Insert Whos Talkin screen shot 69. Cant be done via black box 70. A brief look at infrastructureConversation spaceMonitoringContent &Response Process 71. What is our content strategy?Content is not necessarily somethingyou can plan in advanceContent is better understood as aprocess 72. What is our information strategy? Responding Publishing traditional content Targeting Google space 73. What are thequestions youraudiences are goingto be asking?What spaces shouldwe responding to (e.g.HDTV problem)? 74. Tagging and categorisation How will yourcontent becategorised What will be theconversations /tags 75. A brief look at infrastructureConversation spaceSocial News MonitoringContent &Hub Response Process 76. Creating a soci