Foreword: Happy Birthday, Karel! Professor Vytřas Celebrates His 65th Birthday

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<ul><li><p>Happy Birthday, Karel!</p><p>Professor Vytras Celebrates His 65th Birthday</p><p>Time goes by so quickly... It is already some sixteen yearswhen the two of us and the jubilarian met for the first timestarting joint research collaboration and a firm friendship;both lasting until presence. Now, on the occasion of his 65th</p><p>birthday we are pleased for having been invited by theEditor-In-Chief of Electroanalysis to prepare this specialhalf-issue. It gathers an assembly of dedicated contributionsthat concern typically latest trends in electroanalysis thefield, in which Prof. Vytras has spent most of his scientificcareer.Professor Karel Vytras, MSc., PhD., DSc., was born on</p><p>July 14 (also a commemorable calendar day from historicalpoint of view), 1944, and spent his childhood in apicturesqueregion of Moravian Wallachia. From here, he moved toEastern Bohemia and Pardubice, where he absolved hisstudies at the University of Chemical Technology in theDepartment of Analytical Chemistry under supervision ofProf. Stanislav Kotrly his teacher and the mentor in thefirst steps of his scientific career. His beginnings were in thesign of spectrophotometry and objective color measure-ment; nevertheless, he soon reoriented his activities toelectroanalysis and, namely, to potentiometric measure-mentswith ion-selective coated-wire electrodes the field inwhich he later became a renowned expert worldwide.Since the 1990s, after the political changes in former</p><p>Czechoslovakia and the fall of the IronCurtain, Prof. Vytraswas allowed to offer his fruitful scientific contacts to theyoung fellows within his research group and he did so. Sincethen, Pardubices electroanalytical team has established orstrengthened numerous international bounds; the above-mentioned collaboration being just one of such examples.</p><p>Alongwith these activities, his scientific interest has becomequite diverse, absorbing year by year modern techniquesof electrochemical stripping analysis, biosensing, or thedevelopment of new types of electrodes, among which thecarbon paste-based electrodes have always played a dom-inant role.Professor Karel Vytras, Head of the Department of</p><p>Analytical Chemistry at the University of Pardubice (since1994), is the author or co-author of about 350 scientificpapers, more than 20 text-books, monographs or bookchapters, and his scientific work has been reflected in nearly1500 citations. He also contributed to our joint review oncarbon paste electrodes from 1995 which with itsapproximately 350 citations is the second most widelyreferred article so far published in Electroanalysis. Prof.Vytras has given numerous plenary lectures over the worldand proved himself to be also a successful organizer ofsmaller conference events.Among friends and colleagues, Karel Vytras is well</p><p>known for his honesty and good sense of humor, his lovefor traditional music and tasty wines, and also for a fancy intravelling and hiking. Thanks to this, his health is inpermanently excellent condition and we can be sure thatthere will be further occasions to celebrate his next lifejubilees.So, Karel Have still many years of work and joy!</p><p>Cordially YoursIvan Svancara, Kurt Kalcher, Joseph Wang,and many others who wish you all the best !</p><p>1709</p><p> 2009 Wiley-VCH Verlag GmbH&amp;Co. KGaA, Weinheim Electroanalysis 2009, 21, No. 15, 1709</p></li></ul>