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  • 1. Forensics for Kids IFO Forensic
  • 2. Workshops, Seminars and Conferences We at IFSR are a rich source of experience in forensics, combine real world and academic knowledge of challenges and make efforts to unleash a rich and relevant background to forensics. We conduct Workshop/Seminars/Conferences on a regular basis to enhance their leaning experience and get a glimpse of what the world seeks in the new development of forensics
  • 3. Forensic science Forensic science is the study of objects that relate to a crime. The objects are evidence and analyzing the evidence is what forensic scientists do. They observe, classify, compare, use numbers, measure, predict, interpret data, and draw inferences Learn how to be a crime solver by exploring the world of the forensic scientist.
  • 4. Fingerprints Every time we touch something we leave unique marks. Come learn about the types of fingerprints, how we find and collect them and how we analyze them.
  • 5. Impression Evidence Wherever we go, we leave an impression: footprints, tire treads and more. Come find out how we use all different kinds of impressions to catch bad guys.
  • 6. Forensic Entomology Sometimes, creepy crawlies provide the best evidence to solve a crime. Youll learn all about bugs and how they make great witnesses.
  • 7. Ballistics This workshop will explore how we analyze bullets as evidence in the investigation of a crime.
  • 8. Blood Spatter What story do these shapes and patterns tell us? Not for the feint of heart, this workshop will explore the basics of blood spatter analysis. (Suitable for older students only!)
  • 9. Operation: Your School The famous mock-murder inquiry comes to your school in this two-day event. The Head Teacher is missing! Police presume foul play, three schoolteachers are suspects and your in-school investigation begins and continues at your school on day two
  • 10. A Glimpse: Our Previous Workshops
  • 11. Group Bookings:This program is also available for school, day camp and other groups. Advanced booking is required. Please contact the IFO Staff for more information on this popular program.
  • 12. Additional Services @ IFOExposure to the real world of forensics is essential for better understanding of the underlying principles related to forensics. Training sessions conducted provides students with opportunities to apply to professional practices. Our 2-3 weeks program features distinguished learning from the best experts in variety of fields from anthropology, serology, entomology, ballistics, questioned documents, fingerprints etc.
  • 13. At IFSR, we also invite eminent Forensic Experts and educationists to give insightful thought on forensics. This serves as a stimulus in enriching the academic experience of the students .
  • 14. Contact/Registration Email: Direct contact: +91-9819288253


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