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    Protector Zagro Fenn39 ABY

  • 39 ABY


  • Location: Unknown number of systems on far fringe of Hutt Space

    Geographic Items of Note:

    Force Adepts Cult hegemony fully established on only a handful of far flung systems. Coordination and command & control are critical issue due to distances.Economic Analysis:

    The economical output of Force Adepts Cult is unknown. Industrial capability is negligible. Main income believed to come from illegal trade, smuggling, pirating, extortion, and other nefarious activities. Native commerce and industry is levied a crushing tax in order to fund the build=up of an organic fleet and the required administrative costs to establish a functioning theocracy in the region.

    Official Language:

    BasicEthnic Breakdown25% Human, 14% TwiLek, 12% Dathomiri, 9% Zabrak, 34% OtherReligious Disposition:

    Doomsday Worship of the True Force. Cult believes the end of the galaxy was supposed to be ushered in by Yuuzhan Vong invasion. Working now to set up the means for another, unknown, host to invade the galaxe.Population: Total: Estimated 5,000 Force-sensitive users of varied strengthConquered Native Population: 125 Billion

  • Recently advance team members of a newly discovered Force sensitive sect known as Force Adepts Cult have sent observers throughout Dark Jedi Brotherhood controlled space.

    No hostile intent has been witnessed and the scouts have been unmolested in their fact finding mission. However, due to the refusal to enter into diplomatic relations or divulge their strength or status of forces laydown covert operations and espionage has been carried out on the few known sectors the Force Adepts Cult has established hegemony of.

    The Force Adepts Cult, while not a belligerent faction is hereby considered a potential threat by the Dark Council. All efforts will be made to obtain and disseminate factual data on this group. Extreme caution is advised.

  • Size - Small 6-9 man cells operating as advance scout partiesActivity - Infiltration, covert operations, surveying, surveillance, counter-intelligence Location Across Dark Jedi Brotherhood space Uniform Civilian attireTime Since early 38 ABY minimumEquipment unmarked freighters, TIE Fighters, Sentinel-class troop shuttles, light sabers,

  • CRITICAL VULNERABILITIES: Small size of forces and inability to conduct large scale and sustained attacks

    CENTER OF GRAVITY: Ability to attack and fade into local populace

    MOST LIKELY ACTIVITIES Continued surveillance, infiltration, propaganda missions, assassinations

    MOST DEADLY ACTIVITIES Bombings, full-scale fleet engagements if ships acquired, pinpoint assassinations of key leadership, all out war

  • Grand Master Faleen Droxos Intel Report:

    Executive officer and possible founder of the Force Adepts Cult. A middle aged Zabrak with ceremonial markings on each side of the face. Operates a crimson light saber and is a expert melee fighter. Born a slave in the Carida System escaped unknown timeframe after 8 ABY. Nothing else is known at this time that can be confirmed.

  • Grand Master Faleen Droxos Intent:

    To neutralize all hostile factions operating in the vicinity of Hutt Space and the Unknown Regions to establish a Force sensitive theocracy. The end state of this government is to remove all resistance and to corrupt existing governments to facilitate the arrival of an unknown interstellar invasion force. It is unknown whether the Force Adepts Cult believe this invasion force to be literal or of a metaphysical nature.

  • High Executioner Calo RaDeputy Grand Master UnknownMost Revered Templar UnknownFirst Saber UnknownFleet Battle Master UnknownGrand Master Faleen Droxo


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