Football vs. Football, Kick or Carry?

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We call it 'Futbol,' you call it 'Soccer;' You call it 'Football,' we call it 'American Football.' Did you know that both sports had the same origin? The history goes back to the times of the Aztecs; this presentation will bring you to a comparison and contrast of both games: the rules, the organizations, the competitions, the trophies, the heroes, and the fans! TOUCH DOWN! or GOOOOOOOOOOOL!!!


<ul><li> 1. KICK OR CARRY? </li></ul> <p> 2. ASSOCIATION FOOTBALL AMERICAN FOOTBALL Football Association Football Soccer FUTBOL FUTSBOL Football American Football Gridiron Football The Beautiful Game 3. ASSOCIATION FOOTBALL AMERICAN FOOTBALL 4. Mexico 3,400 years ago China 2nd and 3rd Centuries BC cuju Kyoto, Japan - kamari Romans and Greeks Modern football started in Britain 18th C Rules evolved into: 1. Association Football 2. Rugby 3. American Football 5. ASSOCIATION FOOTBALL AMERICAN FOOTBALL October 1863, Freemasons Tavern: Football Association 1800s: British sailors, traders and soldiers spread the sport to the world 1904: FIFA 1930: 1st World Cup in Uruguay; won by Uruguay 1874: Game between Harvard and McGill Universities Rule changes from Rugby by Walter Camp (1858-1925) Father of American Football 1892: Professional Football 1903: Ohio League = National Football League (NFL) 1919: 1st professional game 1960: American Football League (AFL) 1966: Super Bowl I 6. ASSOCIATION FOOTBALL AMERICAN FOOTBALL Most popular sport around the world: 250 million players in over 200 countries Most prevalent in Europe and South America Mainly in the US Also Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and the United Kingdom Other countries have been establishing leagues in recent years 7. Object of the game: get the ball into the others team goal area Start the game with a coin toss 11 players on field for each team Some rules: penalties Referees Support staff 8. Association Football AMERICAN FOOTBALL Ball: spherical with black/white pentagons Kick the ball Continued playing Dress: basic sports clothes No huddle or line up Players: less specialized Goals: one point Configuration of the field: netted goal area Ball (pigskin): prolate spheroid, pointed ends, brown Carry the ball; tackle Times out; stop the clock Dress: helmet, pads Huddle and line up for the play Players: highly specialized Touchdown: 6 points (additional points) Configuration of the field: big H 9. ASSOCIATION FOOTBALL AMERICAN FOOTBALL 10. ASSOCIATION FOOTBALL AMERICAN FOOTBALL INTERNATIONAL : (FIFA) ASIA: (AFC) AFRICA: (CAF) EUROPE: (UEFA NORTH, CENTRAL AMERICA AND CARIBBEAN: (CONCACAF) OCEANIA: (OFC) SOUTH AMERICA: (CONMEBOL) INTERNATIONAL (North and South America, Europe, Asia, and Oceania): IFAF US: NFL US Colleges: NCAA Individual countries leagues 11. ASSOCIATION FOOTBALL AMERICAN FOOTBALL WORLD CUP CONTINENTAL CHAMPIONSHIPS FIFA CONFEDERATION CUP SUMMER OLYMPICS DOMESTIC COMPETITIONS AMERICAN FOOTBALL WORLD CUP US SUPER BOWL AFC-NFC PRO BOWL COLLEGIATE FOOTBALL: BOWL CHAMPIONSHIP SERIES HIGH SCHOOL FOOTBALL 12. ASSOCIATION FOOTBALL AMERICAN FOOTBALL WORLD CUPS: 2010, South Africa: Spain 2014, Brazil 2018, Russia 2022, Qatar SUPER BOWL: 2012: Indianapolis,In: NY Giants 2013: New Orleans,La 2014: East Rutherford,NJ 2015: Glendale,Az 13. Edson Arantes do Nascimento O Rei do Futebol, O Rei Pele, O Rei Best football player of all time Technique Statistics Awards Retirement, 1977 14. Sweetness Running back Greatest football player + greatest human being Statistics Awards Legacy 15. The hand of God Greatest football player of all time Statistics Awards Controversy Head coach of Argentina national team Manager of Al Wasl FC in Dubai 16. World Greatest wide receiver of all time and one of the greatest players in NFL history Statistics Awards Retirement Legacy 17. ASSOCIATION FOOTBALL AMERICAN FOOTBALL 715.1 million viewers (worldwide) for World Cups final match in Germany, 2006 In South Africa, 2010; estimated over 700 viewers plus digital viewers 111 million viewers (worldwide) for Super Bowl, 2011 111 million viewers in US for Super Bowl 2012; broadcast in 200 countries, 25 languages (500 international journalists) plus digital viewers 18. 1938 Cuba 1974 Haiti 1998 Jamaica 2006 Trinidad and Tobago GREAT HOPES FOR REPRESENTATION IN BRAZIL, 2014! 19. Participation has improved in recent years: soccer mom Popularity has increased based on demographics and economics Heightened interest in international soccer American men play in foreign leagues Women Leagues: Women won the Summer Olympic competition in 1996, 2004, and 2008 World Cup participation: 3rd place in 1930 1934, 1950, 1990, 1994 and every WC since 20. IFAF, 1998, La Courneuve, France 62 member nations: EFAF PAFAF AFAF OFAF Over 700 leagues in Europe alone IFAF World Cup IFAF Womens World Cup IFAF Junior World Cup NFL International Series 21. Maradonna The Hand of God, Xenon Pictures, 2008 22. </p>