food, drink and feasting talk: stories of cheesemaking

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stories of cheese making told by its tools the horniman museum 23 july 2013 harry g. west professor of anthropology chair, food studies centre soas, university of london

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  • stories of cheese making told by its tools

    the horniman museum23 july 2013harry g. westprofessor of anthropologychair, food studies centresoas, university of london

  • VATfir staves, iron hoopsheight: 315 mmdiameter at top: 135 mmmade: 1945acquired: 1957

    village of salva, district of nasaud,region of cluj, romania

  • creaming spoonvillage of strajamaple wooddistrict of radautilength: 285 mmregion of suceavamade: early 20th c.romaniaacquired: 1957

  • tally stickmaple woodvillage of salvalength: 345 mmdistrict of nasaudwidth: 20 mmregion of clujmade: 1944romaniaacquired: 1957

  • curd breaker and stirrervillage of salvamaple wood and Hazel twigsdistrict of nasaud685 mm x 220 mmregion of clujacquired: 1957romania

  • whey ladlemaple woodvillage of salvalength: 810 mmdistrict of nasaudwidth of bowl: 190 mmregion of clujmade: 1944romaniaacquired: 1957

  • straining basketacquired: 1990plant fibrecyprus98 mm x 125 mm

  • belt mouldacquired: 1959wood and twineswitzerland57 mm x 250 mm

  • strainerceramicdenmark80 cm x 21 cmmade: 18th c.

  • mouldacquired: 1927dark woodengland92 mm x 215 mm

  • draining mouldacquired: 1962wood and ironnetherlands184 mm x 186 mm

  • presswood185 mm x 135 mm

    date andprovenanceunknown

  • pressacquired: 1963wood and metalpoland736.6 mm x 558.8 mm

  • cheese gougeacquired: 1962brass, wood, metalengland518mm x 38mm

  • corersheep bone114 mm x 27 mm x 17 mm

    acquired: 1927 england

  • cutteracquired: 1904iron and woodcambridgeshireblade: 239 mm x 109 mm x 3 mmenglandhandle: 145 mm x 70 mm x 37 mm

  • cigarette cardacquired: 201167 mm x 35 mmlondon, england

  • mouldvillage of vrincioaiaacacia and cherry woodhamlet of poiana180 mm x 290 mm x 65 mmdistrict of vranceamade: 1916region of galatiacquired: 1957romania

  • cheese hendried curdacquired: 1959Poland

  • mouldacquired: 1959poland

  • cheese horseacquired: 1959dried curdpoland

  • thanks to:

    sarah byrne, johanna zetterstrom-sharp, tom crowley, fiona kerlogue (horniman museum)

    ivan day (food historian, museums and country house consultant)

    laura mason (co-author, traditional foods of britain: a regional inventory)

    elisabeth luard (trustee director of the oxford symposium on food and cookery)

    david lockwood (neals yard dairy)

    patricia michelson (la fromagerie)

    ewa spohn, and kazimierz furczon (gazdowie - the tatra-beskid producers cooperative)