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The Horror Food and drink

The Horror: Food and drink in The library Katrina Carlson

My book is stuck togetherHaving trouble prying those pages apart, has turning pages become a herculean effort. Water can Cause book pages to swell and warp causing a wavy appearance Pages can become Brittle once dryLiquid can cause Ink to Run, creating unreadable booksAcidic drinks such as soda erode paper, glue and bindings.

Source: Cunha, 1988

IS That mould?!Mould can form where ever moisture is presentA spilt drink on a book is enough to allowed mould spores to start growingMould eats through the pages of a book and staining the surrounding pages making the book difficult to handle and read

Source: Cunha, 1988Source: NEDCC, 2015

Handle Your books correctlyEnsure your hands are clean when handling books, especially when handling delicate or rare items.

dont use library books as coasters, coffee and tea can stain circles onto covers and pages. Dont take library books into your kitchen to read while cooking or into the bathroom.

drink water from a bottle with a sports drink lid

Source: NAA, 2015Source: Cunha, 1988

EHHHH! A RAT!Rodents can spread diseasesThey chew through electrical cables and booksRodents leave faeces around book shelves and can stain booksPatrons generally dont like to spot rodents but please tell us when you do

Source: Parker, 1988Source: NAA, 2015

Ants in your Pants?Insects love eating our book covers and binding glue

Dead insect bodies and their facieses can stain books

Inform staff if you see any insects inside the library

Source: Parker, 1988Source: NAA, 2015

Exterminate Rodents and Insectscrumbs you leave behind become food for rodents and their families

Please dont use the paper recycling Bin for rubbish

Dispose of Food waste outside the library

Source: Parker, 1988Source: NAA, 2015

My Keyboard doesnt workLiquid can short out electrical hardware It is far too easy to spill drinks on computer keyboards French fries might be tasty but look out for those sticky fingers that gunk up the keys.

Source: Newman, 2010Source: Vacca, 2013

Electronics' dont mix with food and drinkComputer modems and Keyboards are very sensitive and are extremely susceptible to rusting and corrosion

Microchips and motherboards in the computer corrode naturally by oxidisation from humidity

Keep drinks as far away from any computer or electronic

Just say NO!Source: Newman, 2010Source: Vacca, 2013

LIBRARY or LUNCH? Choose!Many patrons like to eat lunch or drink coffee whilst they are working in the library.Please stop and think before you bring your lunch into the library.Does the library have designated area or floor allocated for food and drink?If it does fantastic! But remember to take your waste with you! Throw away food outside


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