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Folk Dances and Songs


FOLK DANCES AND SONGS IN SLOVENIAThe music of Slovenia is closely related to Austrian music because of its common history and Alpine and littoral culture. Croatian and Northern Italian music from the regions close to Slovenian border also bear some resemblance to Slovenian music. In the minds of many foreigners, Slovenian folk music means a form of polka that is still popular today, especially among expatriates and their descendants. However, there are many styles of Slovenian folk music beyond polka, kolo and waltz. Lender, tajeri, mafrine and altin are a few of the traditional music styles and dances.


PolkaThe polka is a Central European dance. Is still a popular genre of folk music in many European countries including Slovenia.

KoloIts a round dance. It has a leader who leads dancers around the space. Within they are singing songs.

SLOVENIAN NATIONAL COSTUMESlovenian national costumes differ from region to region.


Marko skae, Marko skae,po zeleni trati.Aj, aj, ajajaj, po zeleni trati.

Pijte, jejte, pijte, jejte,mojga brata konja.Aj, aj, ajajaj, mojga brata konja.

Zdaj smo ili, zdaj smo ilidale po devojko.Aj, aj, ajaja dale po devojko.


Marko`s jumping, Marko`s,on the green grass.Aj, aj, ajajaj, on the green grass.

Drink and eat, drink and eat,from my brother`s horse.Aj ,aj, ajajaj from my brother horse.

Now we`re going, now we`re goingJust to find a true love.Aj, aj, ajajaj just to find a true love.