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<ul><li> 1. FOLKORE WORKSHOP<br /></li></ul> <p> 2. Traget Audience :varied public, both nacional and internacional from all ages.<br />Goals : This Workshop is a nonprofit institution, under a cooperative shape, and intends to congregate living experiences in the region's etnographical and folklore, by researching new ways of broadcasting the traditional culture.<br />Timetable: Mondays to Fridays 15H00 23H00 | Saturdays 10H00 23H00<br />Holiday : November<br /> 3. PORTUGUESE FOLKLORE DANCE CLASSES<br /> 4. ATTIRE DISPLAY AND ANALISYS<br /> 5. A space where people will be able to learn a range of portuguese folklore <br />(Vira, Malho, Chula among others) and feel the rithm of portuguese popular music.<br /> 6. Showroom for the range of portuguese folklore attire, as long as the explanation <br />of it's composition, use and history.<br /> 7. EXPOSURE AND GETTING TO LEARN THEqUSE OF PORTUGUESE POPULAR MUSIC INSTRUMENTS<br /> 8. Dedicated space for the instruments used in portuguese popular music, where the audience will be able to get to know and interact with a range of instruments, their use in the different types of folklore and know the origin of each one.<br /> 9. PORTUGUESE POPULAR MUSIC CLASSES<br /> 10. Music classes both practical and theorical, in the portuguese popular shape, with specialized teachers<br /> 11. HANDCRAFT WORKSHOP AND DISPLAY<br /> 12. Showroom with a wide range of portuguese handcraft,where the audience will have<br />contact with peaces, their history and legends. <br />Information on handcraft's and craftmen's routes. Workshops where people <br />will learn about the manufacturing of some peaces.<br /> 13. TRADITIONAL GAMES<br /> 14. DisclosingandOrganizingeventsabouttraditional games.<br />Malha, Bilro, Vara, Lencinho, Cabra Cega, are some examplesoftraditional games<br />for participantsfrom 8 to 80 yearsold.<br /> 15. Student : Sandra Almeida<br />Course: EFA|TIAT 2009/2010 Valena<br />September 2009<br /></p>