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  • December 2013

    Fog Horn Volume 9, Issue 11

    2013 Turkey Trot

    This year we had another great turnout for the Third Annual Community Center Turkey Trot. Although it was a bit brisk and breezy, we had over 130 brave souls join us Thursday morning for a fun 1 mile and 3 mile run. It was great to see the support of many families even while they had turkeys cooking in the ovens at home. For their effort, everyone was treated to some warm coffee and tasty pastries thanks to Robin, Amy, and Christina who do a wonderful job running the Café.

    We noticed a few characters who came in costume – Ryan Rodd seemed to have just hopped out of the shower and ran down to join us. This gave us a great idea for next year. We want everyone to get into the spirit for 2014 so start planning your attire as there will be a grand prize for the runner/walker in the best costume.

    Here are the results from this year’s trot:

    1 Mile 18 and Under William Strothe

    1 Mile Spry 19-30 Sammy Finan

    1 Mile Fabulous 40-60 Margaret Chaves

    1 Mile Glorious 61 & over Sharon Patterson

    3 Mile 18 and Under Garnett Reid

    3 Mile Spry 19-30 Lyon Van Voorhis

    3 Mile Still Got It 31-40 Jen Guimaraes

    3 Mile Fabulous 41-60 Andrew Benkard

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    December 16th 4:30 pm

    Meetings are held at the

    Fishers Island Community Center, unless noted.

    Fog Horn Entries:

    Send your photos, announcements, articles

    and other submissions to

    [email protected]

    or you can mail them to:

    FI Community Center

    P.O. Box 464,

    Fishers Island, NY 06390

    You can also drop them off at the

    Island Community Center

    or call 788-7990 and leave a message and some-

    one will get back to you..

    Submissions are due by the 7th of the month.

    FI School Board

    Schedule of Regular Meetings


    December18th 5:00 pm

    January 15th 5:00 pm

    All meetings are held at the Fishers Island School in the His-

    tory room unless Noted.

    FI Community Board

    Schedule of Regular Meetings

    All meetings are open to the public and are held at

    the Fishers Island Community Center unless noted.

    Ebb & Flow


    Campbell Reynolds Collingham to

    Jamie duPont and Tom Collingham Nov 15th

    Cooper Spinola Turner Nov 22nd

    Camilla and Cale Turner

    Reese and Harry Spofford to

    Carrie Hall and Jeremy Spofford Dec 2nd


    Helen Rogers and David Logemann

    Sophie Malinowski and Travis Michael Johnson

    Alicia Cairns and Steve Basette

    FI Community Center Café Winter Hours:

    Wednesday Night 4:00 - 8:00 pm

    Saturday Night:: 4:00 - 8:00 pm

    Call ahead to place your order! 631-788-7601

    Don’t forget to check out the Community Center’s Face-

    book page for weekly additions and specials!

    Walsh Park Information:

    Walsh Park has a new website!

    Stop by and check it out.

    Birth Announcement

    Reese Truesdale Spofford,

    born Monday, Dec. 2, 2013:

    5lbs. 5 oz.

    William Harrison Spofford,

    born Monday, Dec. 2,

    2013: 5lbs. 13 oz.

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    Fishers Island School Honor Rolls for

    Grades 7-12

    At the end of each quarter an Honor Roll shall be generated. All courses except physical education are included. Students must main- tain a C or better in physical educa- tion to be eligible. A student must maintain a grade of 80 in all courses in order to be eligible for consideration.

    First Quarter High Honors (93-100)

    Thaddeus Allen Olivia Backhaus Emma Cypherd

    Elias Kane Devin Kucsera Shelby Lusker

    Elizabeth McCarthy Jose Perez

    Charles Snyder Sophia Streimer

    Arrianna Reyes-Suarez Alexi Switz

    Mackenzie Switz Grace Timmons

    Honor Roll (87-92) Sydney Bond-Cavanagh

    Molly Cypherd Alan Eastman Bria Fielding Aaron Kane

    Charles Scala Adeline Visscher

    THE LIGHTHOUSE WORKS’ fall fellows departed on December 15 after a wonderful six weeks on Fishers Island. Visual artist David Whelan worked on a series of oil portraits and taught figure drawing in the Fishers Is- land School. Nicolette Good, a singer/songwriter, men- tored a student in songwriting—and they performed the student’s song together at the school’s holiday con- cert. Nicolette and writer Jaime deBlanc-Knowles gave a concert and reading on November 30. Stay tuned for news of The Lighthouse Works’ 2014 fellows. Happy Holidays, with our gratitude, to the island community!

    “Supporting the Arts. Enriching our Island.”

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    December Gardening by Melie:

    “Never worry about the size of your Christmas tree. In the eyes of

    children they are all 30 feet tall” Larry Wilde

    I loved this quote that Sam Bridge Nurseries used as the start of

    their December newsletter, because it is certainly true in our fam-

    ily. The most important thing to do with a new tree, no matter

    what size, is to give the trunk a fresh cut once you bring it home.

    Some people even make the cut and soak the tree for 24 hours in

    a bucket of water. We usually put it in the stand and pour either

    Sprite or Orangena in along with the water. I was told that the

    combination of citrus and sugar is good for the tree. Place the

    tree in a cool area, not near a radiator or fireplace, so it won’t dry

    out and top off the water in the stand every few days, so the tree

    stays fresh.

    At this time of year, it is nice to cut greens to bring inside. You

    can make a pretty small arrangement in a flowerpot to use in your

    house or give as a gift. First, pick a nice variety of greens and give

    them a good soak overnight, so they stay fresh. Take a small

    flowerpot and put a plastic glass inside. Fill the glass with water.

    Place on top of the glass a plug of oasis. (You can cut the oasis to

    form a plug that fits the top of the glass before filling it with wa-

    ter). The reason a plug is a good idea is that it holds the greenery,

    but allows the stems to go through to the water. Once you have a

    nice arrangement, you can add a ribbon, decorations or little flow-

    ers. I use small red carnations, because they last quite a long

    time. These little flowerpot arrangements look nice in groups or

    just by them selves.

    H.L. Ferguson Museum Christmas Bird Count 2013

    The 114th Annual Christmas Bird Count will take place on Saturday, December 28 this year. Anyone interested in participating for all or part of the day is welcome.

    A little background pulled from the February 2012 Fog Horn: H.L. Ferguson Museum Christmas Bird Count 2011 “For several years, the H. L. Ferguson Museum has participated in the Christmas Bird Count, a tradition initiated by our former curator, Ed Horning. Sponsored by the Audubon Society, the first Christmas Bird Count was held on Christmas Day of 1900 with 27observers in 25 locations across Canada and the United States. Since that time, the Count has grown to include well over 50,000 counters at 2000 locations each year - from above the Arctic Circle to the waters of the Drake Passage off Tierra del Fuego. For this past year’s count, held from December 14 through January 5, tens of thousands of volunteers throughout the Americas took part in the count, providing the data collected in this longest-running wildlife census, to assess the health of bird populations - and to help guide conservation action. The island is part of the New London count geographic area or “circle”, thus birding is restricted to the western half of the island. We go as far as Middle Farms and tally both species and numbers of birds seen. The Fishers count is one of the latest and always occurs on the Saturday following Christmas Day.” Highlights from past counts have included sightings of a barred owl, gannets, horned larks, horned grebe, red-breasted nuthatch, horned larks and a Cooper’s hawk. Greatest numbers have included the common eider, bufflehead, and red- breasted merganser. At the end of the day, all Fishers Island birds are tallied up by Penni Sharp and called in to the count leader in New Lon- don. The Christmas Bird Count is the longest running Citizen Science survey in the world and provides critical data on population trends. Tens of thousands of participants know that it is also a lot of fun. Data from the over 2,000 circles will be entered over the coming months into mid-2014. For more information visit: count The Museum encourages any interested parties to participate this year. You can meet the group at the Museum at 9:00 am. Or, if you don’t want to brave the cold, data from bird feeders is also welcome. If you plan to be a part of the 2013 Bird Count, please contact Penni Sharp at [email protected] or 788-7397 by December 27. Mark your calendar for December 28, 2013. All are welcome to join in the fun!