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As a Performance Management Solution Platform specifically designed for Mobile Networks, both Focus and FocusWeb increase the visibility of all mobile network layer performance (RAN/UTRAN, Transport, Core) through a vendor-free environment, and support all access technologies (GSM, WCDMA and LTE). All-in-one features move Focus and FocusWeb ahead of their competitors. Wide ranging functionalities including alerts, trends, degraded node data and trend templates make possible to track expert-level technically detailed information and oversee management level information, supported with GIS reporting.


  • 1. FOCUS Network Business Intelligence Expert
  • 2. Advantages Focus Easy-to-use performance management via user friendly interface Oracle powered program performance Private and Shared Template control for Node, Function and Workspace selections New reports can be added quickly and efficiently. Thanks to modular program structure Results can be exported as excel files or monitored on the GUI Simplified Database Structure to save Administrator's time
  • 3. Focus is a Network Performance and Configuration Management Tool. It includes network optimization and planning add-ons for OSS, RF Planning and RF Optimisation Engineers. Focus
  • 4. Focus
  • 5. Network Integration
  • 6. Parser Infrastructure Parser Groups RAN, CORE, Transport Parser Sources OSS or Nodes Parser Type Performance, Performance/ Configuration Parsing Intervals 5-15-60 Minutes
  • 7. Trends : RAN, CORE, Transport KPIs progress observation. Reports : RAN, CORE, Transport KPIs performance check. Peak Performers : Worst Performing Node analysis. Maps : Thematic configuration and inter-node relation check. Optimization : Cell Data Planning and Optimization. Dashboard : Troubleshooting by anomaly detection module. Modules
  • 8. Focus Platform - Trends
  • 9. Focus Platform - Trends
  • 10. Advanced chart options with multiple views and configuration informations List down your network structure with requested node types and filter options Focus Platform - Trends
  • 11. Focus Platform - Reports
  • 12. Focus enables to prepare intelligent reports for diagnosis and troubleshooting of network problems in all network layers, RAN/UTRAN, Core and Transport Focus Platform - Reports
  • 13. Implement private or shared reports with all resolution and node types All types of data available in the system can be extracted to be in the reports item Besides performance data, configuration and node data reports are also available Focus Platform - Reports
  • 14. Collapse options to ease analysis according to the requested filters Advanced report outputs with performance, configuration and node data Easily export to excel, filtering and sorting options Supports all types of vendor data Focus Platform - Reports
  • 15. Focus Platform - Peak Performers Reports
  • 16. Peak Performers Report to ease troubleshooting of the worst performing nodes Send to Work Area to make detailed analysis Focus Platform - Peak Performers Reports
  • 17. Focus Platform - Map
  • 18. Advanced Map View with site and configuration data. Satellite Map and Road Map options Possibility to view various Cell Data on the Map View Poligon select options for detailed group analysis by adding to the work area Focus Platform - Map
  • 19. Thematic views for every node level, for each statistics, measurements and parameters Focus Platform - Map
  • 20. Serving Area Distribution view. Timing Advance and PRACH distribution; either with values or with percentages. Focus Platform - Map
  • 21. KPI movie function. Get your KPIs movie day by day. Focus Platform Map - KPI Movie Day 1 Day 2 Day 3 Day 4 KPI: City NQI
  • 22. KPI movie function. Get your KPIs movie day by day. Focus Platform Map - KPI Movie Day 1 Day 2 Day 3 KPI: Daily TCH Traffic
  • 23. Focus Platform - GSM- UMTS Cell Data Optimization
  • 24. Focus recommends new BCCH, BSIC, SC and NEIGBOURS to the existing cells. The BCCH recommendations are listed in a table. The user can check the BCCH penalty values Focus Platform - GSM- UMTS Cell Data Optimization
  • 25. Optimize neighbours with both geographical and statistics/measurement inputs Focus Platform - GSM- UMTS Cell Data Optimization
  • 26. Fast detection of degraded cells in your network with Focus GSM & UMTS Anomaly Dashboards Focus Platform - Degraded Nodes Dashboard
  • 27. Contact For More Information +90 232 282 0265 [email protected] Visit us