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Focus-Abengoa Foundation's Annual Report from 2013. On it it's reflected the sociocultural activities of the yeah following its goal of generating value for society.


  • 1. Focus-Abengoa Foundation 2013 Annual report Stewards of the past to build the future
  • 2. 2 | Focus-Abengoa Foundation | 2013 annual report About this report Welcome to the 2013 Annual Report of the Focus-Abengoa Foundation, where we report on our economic and social performance in 2013 Just like every financial year, the Focus-Abengoa Foundation is publishing this annual report to take stock of its sociocultural activities in 2013 in pursuit of its goal of generating value for society. Throughout 2013, Focus-Abengoa has kept up its sociocultural commitment to the city of Seville and all the communities where Abengoa does business. Its main objectives are to protect and disseminate culture, primarily in its different artistic expressions, and to develop cooperation and social training activities, with particular attention to the most socially disadvantaged groups. Among the new developments in 2013, and in line with its avant-garde spirit, Focus-Abengoa is presenting this 2013 annual report following the latest G4 version of the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI), the worldwide standard of reference on sustainability reports. For the first time, this annual report contains a materiality analysis on the most important issues for the Foundation and is thus anticipating the trends in informational transparency in its sector. We welcome your opinion on our new form of reporting. Please feel free to contact us at our online mailbox: For further information: Table of contents Inspiration 3 Letter from the Presidents 4 Interview with the General Manager 5 Profile of the Foundation 7 Present and Future of Focus-Abengoa 11 Our presence 12 What matters to us 13 Transparency 15 Corporate governance 16 Ethics and integrity 19 Dialogue with stakeholders 20 Informational transparency 21 Action 22 Social Development 23 Research 28 Artistic heritage 33 Education 39 Abengoa employees 42 How we do it 45 Our team 46 Economic performance 50 About this report 51 Appendixes 57 Appendix I GRI standard index 57 Appendix II - Annual accounts and Auditors Report 63 Appendix III - Certificate of emissions 64
  • 3. Focus-Abengoa Foundation | 2013 annual report Inspiration Rigour, excellence, transcendence and enthusiasm
  • 4. 4 | Letter from the Presidents Focus-Abengoa Foundation | 2013 annual report In 2013, the Foundation reached the United States through Abengoa Felipe Benjumea Llorente and Jos B. Terceiro Presidents of the Focus-Abengoa Foundation Letter from the Presidents The Focus-Abengoa Foundation presents a new edition of its Annual Report, where it takes stock of financial year 2013. This time we are following the guidelines of the most recent version (G4) of the Global Reporting Initiative in order to get our stakeholders to participate in our activities with transparency and anticipation. This report is a reflection of Abengoas commitment to the sociocultural development of the communities where it operates. During this past year, the Foundations internationalisation took a huge leap forward: For the first time, it reached the United States through the exhibition Noor. Light in Art and Science in the Islamic World, which will be displayed at the Dallas Art Museum in 2014. The show is yet another manifestation of Focus-Abengoas focus on researching and disseminating our humanistic-technological knowledge. The 2013 School of Energy, which was devoted to global governance of climate change, ushered in a new stage with the Forum on Energy Transition and Climate Change, directed by Professor Josep Borrell. The purpose of this activity is to observe, analyse and debate the process of energy transition within the context of the struggle against climate change. The Forum aims to reach a level of quality and international dissemination that the Foundation has already attained in its cultural heritage activities. We are continuing our cultural promotion efforts through our artistic heritage. The permanent collection of the Centro de Investigacin Diego Velzquez, the Alfonso E. Prez Snchez Library and the Legacy, all housed in the Hospital de los Venerables, are a cultural treasure that the Foundation wishes to make available to everyone. For this reason, we are making an enormous investment in order to properly showcase this heritage and make it available online so we can promote the Baroque globally. With regard to our social actions, we are still working to improve the wellbeing of the most vulnerable collectives in five Ibero-American countries along with India and Spain through our People, Education and Communities Programme (PEyC). In 2013, it was implemented in Seville for the first time with the assistance of the Hermanas de la Cruz congregation.
  • 5. 5 | Interview with the General Manager Focus-Abengoa Foundation | 2013 annual report Interview with the General Manager Anabel Morillo, General Manager of Focus-Abengoa, takes stock of the Foundations essence and its most important contributions. 1. In your opinion, what is Focus-Abengoa and what does it represent? Our Foundation is a cultural institution created by Abengoa in 1982 to channel its social action. It was started by Javier Benjumea Puigcerver, the founder of both Abengoa and its foundation. Abengoa is a socially conscious company that is committed to society and has a universal vision of its city. The Foundations soul can be found in Seville. 2. What would you highlight in the Foundations history to date? Since the beginning with its first publishing activities, Focus-Abengoa has managed to bring to fruition a large number of important milestones and it has risen to countless challenges which have helped it The Foundation has its roots in Seville, but its vision is universal Anabel Morillo Len General Manager of the Focus-Abengoa Foundation to grow sustainably. And this is thanks to the drive, effort and toil of many people, a great human team that has imprinted Abengoas history with their own personality in the promotion and patronage of the arts, situating the Foundation where it is today. Our focus on excellence has always enabled us to choose the best professionals for each activity, plus we have woven ties of friendship and partnership with institutions, beneficiaries and people who have brought us vast human and intangible wealth over time. 3. Describe the Foundations relationship with its parent company, Abengoa. The Focus-Abengoa Foundation serves Abengoa. The companys commitment and involvement are not just a passing trend. The support that Abengoa provides is palpable; it is our patron, even though we independently manage our initiatives in order to safeguard our founding goals. The top professionals
  • 6. 6 | Interview with the General Manager Focus-Abengoa Foundation | 2013 annual report support us in our daily efforts by contributing their values and skills. Correspondingly, the Foundation benefits from Abengoas international expansion and its innovation and anticipation policy, which enables us to open the Foundation up to the world. 4. It is time to take stock of the financial year. How has 2013 been for the Focus-Abengoa Foundation? This year has been very positive. It has enabled us to continue contributing to the cultural and social enrichment of the countries where Abengoa operates through our different areas of action. We have made headway in each of these areas: in our social work efforts with the implementation of the PEyC programme in Seville; in our heritage activities with the Alfonso E. Prez Snchez Library and Legacy; and in the spheres of technology and research with the launch of the Forum on Energy Transition and Climate Change. We want each of our activities to be unique and to bear our hallmark And yet we have also managed to combine this with our traditional activities, such as education, publishing and musical activities on the organ of Los Venerables. I would particularly like to highlight the Noor exhibition, which is the first large international exhibition we have held on to Islamic art. This is the first time that one of the Foundations cultural initiatives has been taken to the United States, a country where Abengoa has a strong presence as a world leader in renewable energies. 5. Could you explain how the Foundation is dealing with these times of socioeconomic hardship? Just like the company, the Foundation works with budgets and short- and medium-term plans in an attempt to get the greatest return from each of the activities we do, and we do away with any actions that are not aligned with our objectives. We also trim the budgets of each initiative and replace economic resources with imagination and creativity. 6. What would you like the Foundations future to be like? In the future, the Foundation should keep working without losing its values, without losing its original spirit and retaining a team of professionals who are aligned with the culture of the Foundation and evolve over time, building trust and quality