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Notes on the Fly offense at a clinic from Willamete Univ, from the Fly guru himself Mark Speckman.


<p>FLY OFFENSEGREEN LIGHTX X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X</p> <p>- Usually crack. - Blocking back has to start sideways. Need 3 steps sideways on GREEN, 1 on RED. - Want 2 blockers on # 2. - They like shorter edge ( GT better than GTTE ) Dont like TE edge. Run YELLOW. Run to slot/SE. - Out of trips widest rec. always has Safety.</p> <p>BELLY GUARDX X X X X X X X X</p> <p>x x</p> <p>x x x</p> <p>x x</p> <p>x x x xX</p> <p>X</p> <p>- GUARD blocking scheme only used on 3 man side ( side with TE ). 1 is CORNER 2 OLB or man coming thru that spot. They call SAFETY 4. They dont crack on tackle.</p> <p>X 2 1 4 X</p> <p>X</p> <p>X X X</p> <p>X X</p> <p>- If DE playing wide, run STOP and kick him out with Tackle staying on him. Its like ISO to sweeper. + They dont force sweep, rather go to STOP. + Rarely they make LOAD call and crack. Tackle goes to ILB. + Start by telling PT reach. + They WANT to doubleteam # 2. 70 % of time 221. X comes off if 2 gets off underneath and X looks for most dangerous ( usually 3 or 4 ). If # 2 gets off outside, X stays with him and Slot looks for most dangerous. First 2 weeks dont tell anyone to come off. + GOAL for tackle is stop DTs feet. + Dont pull guards because when they dont pull they limit flow ( no run throughs) and back can cut back. ( Make a hole first, limit flow 2nd ).</p> <p>2 1</p> <p>X X 4</p> <p>X X</p> <p>X</p> <p>X X</p> <p>X</p> <p>X 2 1 4</p> <p>X X</p> <p>X X X X X</p> <p>+ GOAL for tackle is stop DTs feet. - If DE on air, Run GUARD + Theyll call SWEEP GUARD or SWEEP GUARD FOLLOW. + SWEEP GUARD is GRREN LIGHT SWEEP with GUARD blocking when DE is crashing. ++ Very good 1 back play.</p> <p>X X X C 4</p> <p>X X</p> <p>X X X X</p> <p>- Can run FLY against 5-3 defense with either 3 blockers ( 231 ) or 21 with GUARD blocking ( above ) . + Coaches have to watch OLB. If he runs, run inside him. If he sits, give ball. 221 BLOCKING vs. 50 GREEN 221X X X C X X X X X X X</p> <p>- Out of bunch, area block. 1 and 2 block inside 3 take corner, or if OLB walks out head on widest man. 1 and 2 double OLB ( 221) and which ever man OLB crosses his face stays with him. Other man comes off for most dangerous.</p> <p>X X C</p> <p>X X</p> <p>X</p> <p>X X</p> <p>X</p> <p>X</p> <p>2 1</p> <p>3 X 3 X</p> <p>X X</p> <p>X</p> <p>X X 4</p> <p>1</p> <p>2 X 3 X</p> <p>X X</p> <p>X</p> <p>X X</p> <p>- SERVITE ALIGNMENT - When flank is really hard to count, go somewhere else. - should have run at TE side. OR mo (above right) or motioned back as FLY man Far right ( SEEK Motion ) - If # 3 outside tackle dont run sweep.4</p> <p>1</p> <p>2 X 3 X</p> <p>X X</p> <p>X</p> <p>X X</p> <p>YELLOW LIGHT</p> <p>X</p> <p>X X</p> <p>X</p> <p>46 YELLOW GUARD - With standard YELLOW blocking ( TRACK ) , HB runs STRIKE path and stays on backside. Can run with PT blocking down ( GUARD scheme ) and TE reaching. No change for FB/TE YELLOW IS YELLOW. With GUARD Call HB runs BELLY path with GUARD call when you want DE to close. - With one back QB runs fake with GUARD call. - PSG tracks around 2 tech. BELLY GUARD FOLLOW - QB carries ball behind. FB and Sweeper fake SWEEP.</p> <p>X</p> <p>X X</p> <p>X</p> <p>- If DE is spilling Long trap, GUARD ( Long Trap ) scheme can be run with YELLOW. DE will spill and be out of play. BG logs DE. If DE comes head on, Guard blows his up. If he plays out, stay engaged with him. FB and TE run usual YELLOW sweep scheme.</p> <p>XBELLY GUARD FOLLOW</p> <p>X X</p> <p>X X</p> <p>X X</p> <p>- They like YELLOW vs. 50. Tackle tracks up. Guard cuts DT if he pinches. = - Like on goalline.</p> <p>YELLOW LIGHT cont.- KIS OF DEATH on YELLOW Sweep is 2 guys blocking one.</p> <p>X X X X</p> <p>X X X</p> <p>- Dont like YELLOW when the PT and TE have to both reach block. like above. - RED with crossblock better or get TE away and only have 6 tech. They like GUARD blocking scheme to 7 and 9.</p> <p>X X X</p> <p>X X</p> <p>X X X</p> <p>X X X</p> <p>- Watch 7 tech ( DE ). + YELLOW only run to 7 and 9 with GUARD blocking scheme. + FB has 1st dangerous defender. In STOP FB has ILB period. + FB has playside ILB. For SWEEPER, TE, and FB same YELLOW SWEEP as always. + Run sweep first and see 7 techs reaction. ++ With GUARD scheme you can run QB FOLLOW</p> <p>X X X</p> <p>X X</p> <p>X X X</p> <p>X X X</p> <p>- Good from 1 back.</p> <p>142</p> <p>X X X X</p> <p>X X</p> <p>X</p> <p>X X X</p> <p>X</p> <p>- Could be 21, or 221 ( offset ) or 142. - If HELP call used, 2nd man on 221 has to know hes alone. But SAFETY unblocked so run only with deep Safety. Dont let DE dictate what you are calling. - Run RED LIGHT vs. above if DE loose. Dont need TE for RED LIGHT. - In RED LIGHT X always has # 1 . Backside back shouldnt fake playside ( GO ). Fake backside (STRIKE) or SPEEDY away.</p> <p>RED LIGHT- Used with EAT, OUT OUT, WALL, GAS blocking. + OUT OUT esp. against 7 and 9. + GAS good on goalline. ++ Esp. good against moving defenses. ++ Blocking back has to look for ILB as he takes first flat step. ++ Can be run to GT side only. With OUT call. - RED LIGHT EAT blocking is crossblock between T and TE with sweeper carring ball. + Good vs. all fronts.</p> <p>X</p> <p>X X</p> <p>X</p> <p>- With EAT blocking, TACKLE calls CRASH ( Crossblock ) or BASE ( Man on blocking ). If Tackle sees defender headon or if he thinks the DT is pinching or slanting away, Tackle calls BASE. If DT playing outside shoulder or head on and coming straight ahead, tackle calls CRASH. - FB blocks first man he finds in hole. FB always goes C gap. + Guard looks for LBer run through first before going backside combo. If LBer walks up, guard has LBer all the way. - Vs. a heavy reader OUT OUT call can be used. If EAT not working, try OUT. Probably hard reading DE squeezing TE. OUT OUT should work. ( Reach influence ) OLINEMANs hand goes to inside shoulder not outside.</p> <p>X</p> <p>X X</p> <p>X</p> <p>- PT and TE reach step and club Defender and block the out as defenders fight out. - If you have WING vs. 50., wing goes to SAFETY. FB small flat step. WING has SAFETY on YELLOW and CORNER on RED - PG vs. ODD has ILB blitz ahead. If ILB scraping to hole, FB has him. PG steps with hand to NOSE in case NOSE flies ( Feel block- If he feels NOSE still dont stop feet.) , then goes to Backside ILB. + If ILB far back and no threat Guard can pay more attention to backside. - C should be able to reach. - FOOD call is EAT blocking with GREEN LIGHT blocking. Adjustment when RED LIGHT is getting stuffed.</p> <p>X</p> <p>X X</p> <p>X</p> <p>- RED LIGHT FAN - PT and PTE fan block.</p> <p>VS. 50 PINCH</p> <p>X</p> <p>X X</p> <p>X</p> <p>- Dont run crossblock vs. PINCH. Run YELLOW</p> <p>VS. 5 - 3 PINCH</p> <p>X</p> <p>X X</p> <p>X X</p> <p>- Dont run crossblock vs. PINCH. Run YELLOW. May call RED EAT ( crossblock ) but if DT headup and looks like PINCH, then call SPEC ( MAN )</p> <p>VS. RED WALL</p> <p>X</p> <p>X X</p> <p>X X</p> <p>- Better against Edge 3 ( below TE/REC. or TE/WING edge ) + TE/WR best FB kickout</p> <p>FLY OFFENSEISOX X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X</p> <p>- For Willamette ISO is BELLY ( strong side ) and ICE ( quick side ). + They would rather run GO vs. Slanting team than ISO. - ISO can be run with standard blocking above so no blocking call is made. - Blocking back reads DLineman closest to hole. Man over Guard and then man over tackle to find route to lber. Whichever side the dl takes, the blocking back takes the other side. + Lead back never blocks RUNNER. RUNNER chasing motion. + STANDARD + GUARD blocking can be used. + SPECK ( man ) blocking can be used. BELLY GUARDX X X X X X X X X X X</p> <p>- GUARD blocking scheme only used on 3 man side ( side with TE ). - ISO path can be ISO GO, ISO LONG TRAP, BELLY MAN - Tells FB to fake a sweep and line to block MAN or GOB. - ILB in 4-4 usually reading FB and will run. - Run if ILB running out with sweep. Pull guard opposite on FLY early to find out. - Back reads 3 tech. x -</p> <p>x x</p> <p>x x x</p> <p>xX X</p> <p>x x</p> <p>x x</p> <p>x x x</p> <p>x x</p> <p>x x x x</p> <p>- If Center can handle nose man alone, fan blocking can be used. Guard and Tackle block out. - QB should always fake KEEP away from ISO. - If DE running upfield, they can make WALL call ( kickout )</p> <p>xX</p> <p>x</p> <p>x x x</p> <p>x x</p> <p>x x x</p> <p>FLY OFFENSEISOX X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X</p> <p>ISO GOB</p> <p>X X X X X</p> <p>X X</p> <p>X</p> <p>X X X</p> <p>X</p> <p>ISO FAN - ISO SPECK would have FB fake sweep with man blocking. They run that when ILB is running out with SWEEPER. - FEEL technique - BT inside step releases, if he feels Defender on release, stay with him. - HB follow FB. - Also can GOB block it. - If they run it away from motion, they run JO or run QB with lead ( CLINTON ).</p> <p>X X X</p> <p>X X</p> <p>X X X</p> <p>X X X X</p> <p>X X</p> <p>X X</p> <p>X X X</p> <p>X X X</p> <p>ISO KEEP - Run FB first and get see if OLB making tackle. Then call follow. QB always fakes behind ISO KEEP.</p> <p>- Can be run with HB influence.</p> <p>FLY OFFENSEGOX X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X</p> <p>- For Willamette GO is a split flow short trap scheme ( vs even ) and man scheme vs. odd. - Trap is always run to 3 technique. Center calls side to be trapped. REX or LEE. Center also calls REX/ LEE on other plays. Back runs same path over center regardless of which DT being trapped. Vs. odd back reads Nose and cuts off him. VS. REDUCED 50 still trap 3. Back path same. - If there are two 2 techniques, the Center calls the blocking to the motion side. - NO CROSSOVER STEP ON GO !! Can also fold backside vs. slant/pinch. - Wedge on short yardage also or coming out. - GO good vs. good mobile NOSE ok not vs. good NOSE who 2 gaps. GO GOB</p> <p>X</p> <p>X X</p> <p>X X</p> <p>X</p> <p>- GO GOB is a fold blocking scheme used with GO against an EVEN front. - Their QUICK would be our GAG. Its run from M set with FB behind QB. Formation is 1 back set or STRONG or WEAK back set. GO</p> <p>X</p> <p>- Against a NOSE moving with motion ( or standup NOSE moving to motion) run GO and back reads NOSE. GO will be base blocking vs. ODD. - PG responsible for backside Lber. Playside ILB should be running to sweep. PG starts vertical and checks ILB. If PILB walks up, he takes him.</p> <p>X X</p> <p>X X</p> <p>X X</p> <p>x x</p> <p>x x x</p> <p>x x</p> <p>x x x x</p> <p>- Can run QB GO out of 1 back set.</p> <p>FLY OFFENSESTRIKEX X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X</p> <p>- Long trap scheme. - Good scheme vs back readers. - Back goes crossover plant. Vs. 4 -4 they use JO. They dont run this play to strong side. TE has OLB vs 4-4.</p> <p>X X X</p> <p>X X X</p> <p>X X</p> <p>X X X</p> <p>FLY OFFENSEVEER</p> <p>X X</p> <p>X X</p> <p>X X</p> <p>X</p> <p>X X</p> <p>X</p> <p>- No mesh by QB &amp; Sweeper - They have run veer path with motion to offset FB. Ball snapped early and sweeper became pitch man. They like the play better against teams that dont rotate but back up.</p> <p>X X</p> <p>X X</p> <p>X X</p> <p>X</p> <p>X X</p> <p>X</p> <p>- Looking for 1 tech. side. + blocked 12 on flank. First time give to sweeper. Box watches DE. QB reverses an disnt reading. FB watches and calls ME ME ME ME if DE wide. QB then gives ball. If DE tight, FB doesnt say anything ans QB gives ball to sweeper. They ran Veer to 1 and Midline to 3.</p> <p>X X X</p> <p>X X X</p> <p>X X</p> <p>X X X</p> <p>FLY OFFENSETRAP/ COUNTERX X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X</p> <p>COUNTER TRAP</p> <p>COUNTER GAT</p> <p>- LONG TRAP SCHEME featuring split flow. - TRAP is weakside blocking scheme. COUNTER TRAP ( SG longtrapping ) Also could be COUNTER FOLD + COUNTER FOLD good vs. SLANTING /PINCHING 50 and even 3 tech. . - Counter and Strike same scheme for Willamette with different blocking. ( COUNTER is weak side long trap carried by FB, STRIKE is long trap carried by HB. - COUNTER path for backs is open step and then go.</p> <p>FLY OFFENSECOUNTER/STRIKE/ SCISSORSX X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X</p> <p>COUNTER</p> <p>STRIKE</p> <p>- LONG TRAP SCHEME featuring split flow. Away from motion. - Counter and Strike same scheme for Willamette with different blocking. ( COUNTER is weak side long trap carried by FB, STRIKE is long trap carried by HB - STRIKE steps for back have to be flat so it looks like hes running ISO.</p> <p>GREEN BAY ( DICKEM ) - Like SPEEDY but no QB read.</p> <p>x x</p> <p>x x x</p> <p>x xX</p> <p>x x x</p> <p>- Playside reach. - SE + HB 21. - Good vs. 1 in the hole. SPINNER</p> <p>x x</p> <p>x x x</p> <p>x xX</p> <p>x x x</p> <p>- Reach blocks, Traps harder because of reading. - One back or empty set usually. QB turns and goes opposite of NOSE. - Dont run with 2 in hole.</p> <p>SPINNER - A gap play. x x x x x x xX</p> <p>x x x</p> <p>TAG - Dont pull TACKLE on TAG</p> <p>x x</p> <p>x x x</p> <p>x xX</p> <p>x x x</p> <p>FLY OFFENSESCISSORSX X X X X X X X X X X</p> <p>SCISSORS GUARD - HB always goes first. FB always goes 2nd.</p> <p>X X X</p> <p>X X</p> <p>X X</p> <p>X</p> <p>X X</p> <p>X</p> <p>- Vs. a pinching/slanting DT: PT should wash down DT and BG turn up in hole when no one to trap. + PT rule: Gap Down Lber + BG rule : Pull and kick or wall. +</p> <p>X X X X X</p> <p>X X</p> <p>X</p> <p>X X</p> <p>X</p> <p>- Blocking alternative = PT show pass.</p> <p>FLY OFFENSEMIDLINEX X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X</p> <p>- Vs. odd if QB run called, FB bends around and blocks PLB. - QB just keeps ball vs. NOSE. - Still read vs. 1 tech. 90 % chance of pull but DT may loop out. - Always give vs. 5 tech.</p> <p>- Can be run with HB faking FLY. QB doesnt fake sweep. Most not reading QB.</p> <p>FLY OFFENSEQUICK - QUICK is run to back behing QB. (M set) . - Still trapping 3 tech. Same rules as GO. GO GUARD QG traps. QUICK TRAP SG traps. + 2 3s trap to motion. Center calls with motion. + Run with KING or QUEEN set. Needs 2 back formation so other back fakes sweep. ( Can be SPLAT JO KING ). 3 - 7 times per game on avg.</p> <p>x x</p> <p>x x x</p> <p>x x</p> <p>x x x x</p> <p>WILLAMETTE FLY- They have STRONG and QUICK side. TE goes strongside unless formation has JO added to it. - They would rather run GO vs. slanting team than ISO. - CLINTON is an outside QB KEEPand FOLLOW is an inside QB KEEP. - BELLY is a path. It tells HB to run a BELLY path. Coule be used with several kinds of blocking ( standard, Guard etc. ) - GO and QUICK are equivalent except QUICK is usually run from M position behind QB. - GO/QUICK are short trap schemes. However, GO is man blocking vs. ODD. - If a team has 1 in the box against their 1 back formation, they will run without motion. Example STAR Formation vs 1 in the box they run ISO weak - Veer path 6 yards. - Most options not really read. - STRIKE is a LONG TRAP scheme to the weak side. - Against a 50 with Nose moving a lot, run GO. - For Willamette, GUARD is weak guard pulling and TRAP is strong guard pulling.They dont run BELLY GUARD vs. a 3 ( left ) because G&amp;T have to be good. Theyd rather run GO at 3 tech. (right) probably GO GOB</p> <p>X X X</p> <p>X X</p> <p>X X X</p> <p>X X X X X</p> <p>X</p> <p>X X</p> <p>X X X</p> <p>X X X</p> <p>3 kinds of FLOW + FULL flow - ISO, SPEEDY both backs going same way. + SPLIT flow - GREEN, ISO MAN, ISO GUARD, ISO GOB,GO, STRIKE, MIDLINE + CROSS flow - SCISSORS, COUNTER - On SCISSORS 1st man always gets ball. COUNTER 2nd man gets ball? - Have guards pull away on FLY sometimes to read LBers. - Vs. 4-4 dont run backside because 2 are in the hole. 4-4 has trouble playing ISO, attack to TE. + Against motion, can run DICKEM - QB chest passes. Or can run like SPEEDY and LOAD block to keep ball in QBs hands.</p> <p>X X X</p> <p>X X</p> <p>X X X</p> <p>X X X</p> <p>- They usually take dont take the motion component out of play ( ie they dont run double lead Midline or using sweeper to kick out DE ).</p> <p>WILLAMETTE FLY- BELLY &amp; FLY Same play to either side. - GUARD ( long ) &amp; TRAP ( short ) same thing. - GOB &amp; SOB - C &amp; G fold - FOLD ( QT and QG fold ) &amp; GAT ( SG &amp; S...</p>