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5. Now recite the summoning of the god:183 lniti:atiornI summonthee. Headl essOne, whocreatedearth andheaven, created night and day. thou art Osoronnophris" whomnonehadi everseen; thouart Iabas, thouart Iapos, 12 thouhastpr o-vided fordi scriminati onbetweenthatwhichis justandunjust ;thou hast made femal e and male; thou hast revealed bot h the seedand fruit ; thouhastmade humans love each other andhate eachother.I am Moses thy prophetto whom thouhast transmitt ed t hy mys-teries celebratedby Israel; thou hast revealed the moist and the dryand all nourishment ; hear me!Iamthemessengerof PharaohOsoronnophr is; thisisthytr uename which hathbeen tr ansmitted to the prophets of Israel. Hearrne, ARBATI IIA6 REIBET ATHELEBERStTH ARA BLATHAALBEUEBENPHCHICHITASGOt IBAOTHlAO! Listentome and [ urnaway thi s daimon!I call uponthee. awesome and invisible god, withan empty spirit.AROGOGOROBRA6SOCHOUMOOORI 6 PHALARCHA6000. Holy Headless One, deliver him/her [state your name] fromthe daimdn which rest raineth him/her, ROUBRlAO MARl6 0AM BAABNABA6 TH ASS Ao6 NAI APHNlA6ITH OLhTH ABRASAXHeadless One, deliverhim/her [repeat the name insert ed above] from the daimon that re-strainet h him/ her! MABARRAIO KOTI-lA BALOABRA()TH, deliver him/ her [again insert the persona lname] A6TH ABRA6 THBASYM ISAK SABA6THlA6 !He is the lord of the gods; he is the lord of the inhabited world; heis the one whomthe winds fear; he is the one whomade all thingsby the command of his voice.Lord. King, Master. Helper. empower my soul, IEO UPYR IOUPYR lA6T IAt 6 10 0 U ABRASAXSABRIAM0 0YY EY00YY AO()NAIE, immediately, immediately, messenger of god ANLALA LA! GAIA APA DlACHANNA CHORYN." Olorrm nophris is aHermeticformul:arepresent ing theEgypt ianphrase: unirwnnft- "Ositis the Beautiful Being."Il labas andlapos are Samar itan versions of the name of the Hebrew godlaO.THEPOSTMODERNMAGICAL PAPYRUS OPABARlS3. The Stele of Jeu the Hieroglyphistor The Rit e of t he Headl ess Oneill(PGM V.96--172, 350 Cle.)2. Prepare for theritual bywr iti ng theformula: A6TH ABRADTHBASYM lSAKSABA6TH/AOon a new strip of papyrus, also drawrhe magical sign>on it.3. Face north andstretch the str ip of papyrus across your foreheadfrom one of your temples to the othe r andrecite the six names:A6TH ABRA6THBASYMISAK SABA6TH lA6.4. Then recite:Subject to me all daimcn s sothat every daimon , whether heavenlyor aerial. or earthly or subterranean, or terrestr ial or aquat ic, mightbe obedient tome, and every enchant mentand scourge which isfrom god.Thus will all daimcns be obedientto you.27. Once the revelation is compl ete. andthe godhas de part ed, closetherite inthe usual manner.182' ''Th is is based on therite mim:ansl:ated as the "Bomless One" during the early phaseof the recepno n of the papyrus materials among modernoccutriSIS.T his is another general ini tiatory rite for encountering a great god ordaimon. TheRite of theHeadl ess (or Infini te) O neis much simplerthan thefirst twoinitiatory rites. Itis subtle in its power at first. Notethat rhe body of the worki ng is a summoning-butin the course ofthe summo ningthemagicianisn ansformcdfroma summonertothe enriry being summoned-and ultimately to the god himself.I. Performa version of you r usual opening rite of pur ification.184 THE l'OS TMODERN MAG/CAL PAPYRUS OFABARlSI am the headl ess daimonwith sightinmy (chel; I thhch he immortalfire; I amt c trut W 0onc ;eeds are done in the world; 1 amthe one thatthe ct at Iiehmin flashandthethunder roll; I amtheoO,tmakeththe gh g . hi h fall th uponthe earth that Itwhos e sweat is th e heavy ramw rc C I aft. . ted- I am the DOC whose mouthIS uner y arne;and dest royeth; I am theAian; mynameis a heart encircledby a serpent; come 0 anfollow.S After allowing time for the god. to becomein youfhsou\,close the working in your usual manner. This opcranonmay e rc-pared until success is gained.PaOTBCTIONMagicians mOl Yoften fed themselves to he in need ofprotection fromforces that migh t interfere withtheir magical operations or from thevery forces called upon to do the magical work. T his is especially truein the gocric stages of magical development . Once the stage known ashasbeenreachedspecial operat ionsforprotectionbecomevirtually un necessary. T he Greek termfor protective operations andthe amuletswhichmight be created tosupponthemis