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  • 1.Welcome


  • Let Flourish address
  • the opportunity
  • you are missing

3. Look at the Facts

  • Only 1 in every 5 employees is highly engaged.
  • That means up to 80% of your staff could put more into achieving the results you need.
  • Whats more, engaged employees deliver 43% more revenue and 3% higher net profit margin.
  • These are facts you cant ignore

4. So, whats the answer?

  • People work harder when they are personally motivated to succeed at what they do.
  • Self-motivated people are more optimistic, creative, determined, effective and successful
  • So, if you want more productivity, cracking the code of personal motivation is a must.

5. Leadership

  • The answer lies in leadership. At least, thats where it starts.
  • At every level, leaders are the single most influential factor on motivation, engagement and effort.
  • But only when leaders know what motivates them, can they inspire their teams to do the same.

6. Leadership Action 1 2 3 4 First, leaders need to know or discover the aspirations that inspire them - what they really want to do, be or achieve Second, they need to let these aspirations define or align to the work they do - the vision and goals of their organisation Third, they need a plan that will bring their vision to life and the skill to adapt as circumstances change Fourth, they need the skill to explain their vision to their team, to draw out what motivates them and align it all to drive for better performance 7. Essence

  • These 4 steps are the essence of what we do
  • We do it for Executives, Leaders and all Employees
  • We embed it to help you make it global and an integral part of performance management.
  • And we certify your own Coaches so you can sustain it for yourselves

8. Make it Happen Certify your ownCoaches so you can sustain it for yourselves Embed it tomake it global and an integral part of yourperformance management system HelpExecutivesclarify theideas that inspire them and use their motivation to energize the organization EquipLeaderswith skills todraw out what motivates them and the people they lead and align it to drive performanceLet allEmployeesdiscover the ideas that excite them and align them to achieve the vision for your company Executive Flourish Lead Flourish Essential Flourish Coach Flourish Embed Flourish 9. Add More Value Kids Flourish Community Flourish Bring life to your CSR activities. Work withCommunityleaders to bring out the ideas that inspire them and then make them happen Be amazed - giveYoung Peoplea chance to explore their futures and work on projects that prepare them for life Executive Flourish Lead Flourish Essential Flourish Coach Flourish Embed Flourish 10. Our Secret Ingredient Kids Flourish Community Flourish Inspired Ourmethodologycombines some of the best ideas from the world of human understanding and tailors them specifically for our world of executive coaching, leadership development and employee engagement Executive Flourish Lead Flourish Essential Flourish Coach Flourish Embed Flourish 11. Make 2010 the Year You.

  • Discover and stay focused on the ideas that inspire, excite and motivate you
  • Align your ideas to the job you do and work to enrich the vision of your enterprise
  • Acquire new skills to engage the people you lead and watch them perform and grow
  • Reach out to communities and young people, put your values into practice and give them the passion and ability to succeed for themselves


  • Let Flourish address
  • the opportunity
  • you are missing

13. Choose the Right Option

  • Giveexecutivesan exclusive opportunity to clarify and implement the strategic ideas that inspire them

Executive Flourish Lead Flourish Essential Flourish

  • Giveleadersthe skills they need to engage their own teams in driving productivity through personal ambition
  • Letall staffdiscover what motivates them and help them achieve their goals in doing work that also makes them proud
  • Embedmotivation as an additional lever for better productivity - put it into performance management
  • Inspire thecommunitiesyou serve and theyoung peopleyou influence

Coach Flourish Embed Flourish Kids Flourish Community Flourish 14. Contact Tim Coburn [email_address] 15. About and Contact

  • Flourish was set up by leadership and performance specialist Tim Coburn to help leaders and their organisations improve productivity by putting the ideas that inspire them - and their employees - into the work that needs to be done.
  • Contact Timfor advice on how Flourish can work for your organization
  • Ask for informationon partnership agreements that enable global training organisations to distribute Flourish products