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  • 1. Bill Calkins Ball Horticultural Company IGC Business ManagerA plant for every purpose.A purpose for every plant.

2. Verbena Aztec White Cool Wave Pansy White High contrast.Begonia BabyWing Classic color comboAngelonia AngelMist White White Bronze Leaf Upscale like a tuxedo Accent garden dcor ($$$) Ornamental PepperPetunia BlackVelvet Heuchera Blackout Black Pearl CalibrachoaPowWow Wild Berry EchinaceaPetunia Sophistica BlackberryCan-Can Dark Purple 3. Look at me. We were obsessed with hot pink all summer, and according to the Fashion Week runways, it looks like its coming back Petunia Debonair Dusty Rose again next spring. Its bright, fun and sexy in a super-feminine wayplus, it has a certainEasy Wave Petunia Shell Pink look-at-me effect.New Guinea Impatiens Divine Pink 4. High voltage. 55 mph Landscape drama Color shouts SPRING!Zinnia Zahara YellowOsteospermum Voltage Yellow Dahlia Dahlietta JuliaCalibrachoa Cabaret Deep Yellow 5. 2012 COY.Tangerine Tango, a spirited reddishorange, continues to provide the Celosia Bombay Orangeenergy boost we need to rechargeand move forward. Geranium Allure Tangerinepantone.com TIP: This was the coreBegonia Sparks Will Fly color for 2012,Impatiensaccording to the color Patchwork Cosmic Orange experts at Pantone. 6. The Holy Grail.Blue is calming. It can be strong and steadfast orlight and friendly. Almost everyone likessome shade of the color blue. Cerulean Blue was so awesome in 1999. 7. Fairy tale.Another trend that has emergedfrom fashion weeks in India as wellas elsewhere is white. In fact, theOsteospermumSerenity Whiteall white fairy tale look isone of the hottest trends to emergethis season.FashionForRoyals.comSnapdragon Oh Snap! WhiteBegonia Yin White Lobelia Hot Springs White 8. Swiss Army plant. Whopper Red with Bronze Leaf Indoor OutdoorMillion Kisses Honeymoon HangingGryphonTaishan Gold African Marigold 9. Take control. Gardens Bon Bon CherryBliss Containers Big BloomsDragon Wing RedFire BallsTaishan Gold African Marigold 10. Better breeding. Bulky plantsSombrero Salsa Red Cheyenne Spirit More blooms up Super hardyDouble Scoop CranberryPowWow Wild BerryHenna Coleus Redhead Coleus 11. Artwork by:Sombrero Salsa Red Cheyenne SpiritEmma Calkins, 4Double Scoop CranberryPowWow Wild BerryHenna Coleus Redhead Coleus 12. Electric Lime ColeusTIP: Display beds and premadedesigner combos will help inspire yourcustomers to get creative with uniquefoliage varieties. Henna Coleus Redhead Coleus 13. PurpleBaronOrnamentalMillet 14. Blue Chalk Senecio Twisted ArrowsTwisted Dart Juncus Juncus 15. Verde and Limn TalinumBreathless Blush & White Euphorbia 16. Be creative. Mix colors & textures Use the air Fun with gallons 17. Unique looks.Can-CanTerracottaCalibrachoaTotally unique from annualsFill whiskey barrelsGroup and price high 18. Lavender Ellagance PinkSensory experience. based on the idea that a customer whose senses are fully engaged will stay longer and buy more. Alyssum Clear CrystalWhite & Lavender ShadesStock HotCakes Pink 19. Oops.InternsOne or two might have fallen inHappy koiCoal Miner ColocasiaHibiscus Luna Rose Thalia Red Stem Colocasia Coal Miner Pontederia Royal Blue Maui Magic Colocasia 20. Dianthus Green BallArmeria Ballerina RedMona Lavender PlectranthusTruffula TreesBellis Bellissima Mix 21. Dad, can I haveone?Kid-friendly sectionsKid-friendly eventsSchools Celosia Intenz Gomphrena FireworksMona Lavender Plectranthus Bellis Medicis Red 22. Spring fever.Sneak Peek open housesFirst-to-market RESPONSIBLYSuccess OsteospermumPansy Matrix Serenity Rose MagicZion Copper Amethyst Serenity Lemonade Osteospermum Voltage Yellow 23. Sneak peek.Behind-the-scenesPartner upMake $$ Osteospermum AkilaOsteospermum 3D SilverPurple, White, LavenderDianthus Everlast Burgundy Blush 24. &Sidekicks.These plants can all be grown andsold alongside mums. Gaillardia Mesa YellowOrnamental Pepper SangriaGaillardia Mesa Bright Bicolour 25. &Partners in crime. Autumn color bowls Ornamental Peppers, Celosia,Taishan Combos Purple Millet (thriller);Zinnia Zahara (filler); HeleniumMarigold Taishan GoldDakota Gold (spiller)Ornamental Millet Jade Princess 26. Its bloom time.Can-CanTerracotta More blooms and for longerCalibrachoa would make me buy more perennials.Leucanthemum Real Neat Dianthus Everlast Lilac+EyePhlox Peppermint TwistAchillea Red Velvet 27. Work smarter. Access the biggest online product lineup. Order anytime 24/7 Document management Tons of marketing toolsBallSeed.comMona Lavender Plectranthus 28. VISIT: Facebook : IGCFlourish Twitter: @BillCalkins Pinterest: Flourish forIGCs Website: Ballhort.com 29. Bill Calkins bcalkins@ballhort.com 630-588-3249 30. Debuting at Spring Trials, April 2013 31. Kong Jr. Series ColeusGrowers: 30% smallerleaves than Kong meaneasier shipping lessbreakage, less loss.Retailers: Big-appeal shadeoptions with landscapelongevity.Offered in North Americaexclusively through BallSeed.Green Halo 32. Kong Jr. Series ColeusLime VeinRose Scarlet 33. New Day Red Shades GazaniaGrowers: Compact habitand uniform floweringmake it easier for high-density packs and smallpots. NEW Red Shades is anall-new colour to gazanias. 34. Divine Series F1 New Guinea ImpatiensIf you want vegetativeperformance at seed pricesIf youve put your standardImpatiens walleriana programon holdIf your landscaper clients wantlots of brilliant shade colourIf youre stressed out aboutwhere to take your shadeprogramDivine is your solution. 35. Cool Wave F1 Spreading PansyGrowers: Cool Wave Pansiesdeliver easy spreading colourfor Spring and Autumn nowyou can extend your growingseason for the in-demandWave Brand to Spring andAutumn, too!Retailers: Showier baskets andpremium packs of Cool WavePansies inspire consumers andcan be sold at higher pricepoints. Theyre the bestchoice for colour all season for Golden Yellowlandscapers and gardeners. 36. Cool Wave F1 Spreading PansyPurplePastel Mixture Berries N Cream Mixture Mixture Improved 37. Sophistica Lime Bicolor Improved PetuniaGrowers: Unique decoratorcolours with professionalseed quality. Theyre easierto manage and easier tomix with other petuniasthan vegetative varieties.Retailers: New anddifferent petuniascommand a higher pricepoint than standardvarieties. 38. Cha-ching Cherry PetuniaGrowers: Easy-to-grow, multi-colourpetunia times with other BFP noveltypetunia varieties.Retailers: Exciting novelty varietydisplays well at retail great incombos with other species. 39. Ragtime Petunia Home Depot ExclusiveGrowers: Exciting new trailingpetunia is an excellent companion toRhythm and Blues.Retailers: Trailing, vigorous plantsmake dramatic displays in hangingbaskets. 40. Rose and Shine PetuniaGrowers: Stable blackcherry bloom with creamstar pattern can be grownwith other BFP noveltypetunia varieties.Retailers: Stunning looksand mounded habit willattract shoppers attentionalone or in combos. 41. Gold Rush Rudbeckia IGC ExclusiveGrowers: Unique double-bloomed variety flowersearlier and has superiordisease resistance to seed-type rudbeckias.Retailers: Double flowersgive this rudbeckia apremium look, perfect forupscale containers. 42. Enduro Series VerbenaGrowers: Enduro is ideal forSummer production wont flush out of flower inthe heat.Retailers: Vigorouslandscape verbena offersthe same Summerflowering as Homesteadwith an upgraded purpleand two new colours. Rose 43. Enduro Series VerbenaRose Purple White Blush 44. Enduro Series VerbenaNew hardy verbena serieshas superior Summerflowering over all otherverbenas on the market.The first series that is hardyto Zone 7. Purple 45. Dalaya Series DahliaGrowers: Repeat-flowering,disease-resistant dahlia willbloom Spring to Fall.Retailers: Unique coloursstand out at retailandcontinue to bloom!Shari 46. Dalaya Series DahliaEye-catching, bicolourflowers resist mildew andgive great performancefrom greenhouse togarden. Showcase them asa centerpiece in mixedcontainers.Yogi 47. Double Take Series Interspecific GeraniumGrowers: The most uniforminterspecific geraniumseries on the market givesyou 12 double flowers atfirst flush when grown 3plants to a basket.Retailers: Controlled habit,superior hold and shatter-resistant double flowersadd up to excellent sell-through. Pink+Eye 48. Double Take Series Interspecific GeraniumPink Pink+Eye Red ScarletWhite 49. Double Take Series Interspecific GeraniumHigh-performance seriesoffers well-matched habitsthat are very controllablefor growers and havesuperior hold at retail.Red 50. 3D Purple Envy OsteospermumGrowers & Retailers: One-of-a-kind bicolour joins the3D double osteo lineup blooms stay open 24/7. 51. Breezy F1 Trailing Tuberous BegoniaGrowers: Seed series isnaturally branching andmounding to produce agreat container or basketcrop.Retailers: Easy-to-retailseries for the shadefeatures big and bright,double blooms.Pink 52. Breezy F1 Trailing Tuberous Begonia PinkRedSalmon Orange WhiteYellow 53. Twisted CelosiaGrowers & Retailers: Set yourprogram apart with this vivid newcolour! Its easy to grow alongsidemums for Autumn, in Springprograms, and as a potted plant. Anice addition to Intenz programs. 54. Kolorscape Series Shrub RoseGrowers: Delivers betterlandscape performance andvalue than Knock Outroseswith a flexiblemarketing program.Retailers: Stunning, easy-care series is more compactthan Knock Out with moreof a value price consumers and landscaperswill be back for more! Cheri 55. Kolorscape Series Shrub RoseFlamingoKardinal Milano 56. Veranda Series Shrub RoseGrowers: The first series ofcompact floribunda-typeroses bred specifically forpatio planters and mixedcontainers.Retailers: Decorator item issuited to premium SKUs. Angel 57. Veranda Series Shrub Rose Blush BrilliantChicaCreamLavenderSunbeam 58. White Lightning Spring DaisyGrowers: The bestSummer-pe