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<ul><li><p>7/29/2019 Florence Resume New 1[1]</p><p> 1/4</p><p>WORK EXPERIENCED</p><p>FAR EAST MARITIME FOUNDATION, INC.REDO Bldg. Remedios St.Cor. San Marcelino st.,</p><p>Malate, Manila</p><p>June 2001 up to present - ACCOUNTING CLERK /ENCODER</p><p> Responsible for encoding the</p><p>Enrollees, Payments, make paper Works and</p><p>filing.</p><p>- CASHIER</p><p> Accept Payments.</p><p> Ensure Official receipt is issued</p><p>upon receiving payments fromenrollees.</p><p> Post record of payments on theregistration from.</p><p> Sort out company discount.</p><p> Prepared daily collection report,petty cash fund, cancellationcharges and other expenses.</p><p>UPSCALE TELECOM AYALA CENTER </p><p>Makati City</p><p>Dec. 2000-Jan. 2001 - CASHIER/SALES STAFF</p><p> Responsiblefor selling our units monitoring ourstocks and balancing our sales.</p><p>GENERAL ELECTRICCarmona St., Makati City</p><p>Feb. 1999-July 1999 - MOUTH INSPECTOR</p><p>FLORENCE G. GALIVO</p><p># 2172 Zamora Ext. Sta. Ana,Manila</p><p>Cell# 09182699591Email Address:</p></li><li><p>7/29/2019 Florence Resume New 1[1]</p><p> 2/4</p><p> Responsiblefor inspecting one parts of light whichis called Mouth.</p><p>CITY HALL OF MAKATI</p><p>July 1997-Sept. 1998 - YOUTH COORDINATOR Responsiblefor facilitating and monitoring theyouth in our Barangay.</p><p>JARDINE DAVIES INSURANCE CO.,Sen. Gil Puyat, Makati City.</p><p>June 1997-July 1997 - SECRETARY</p><p> Responsiblefor typing and filling the important</p><p>statement of accounts of our clientsand agents.</p><p>VOLUNTEER EXPERIENCE</p><p>Volunteer for the campaign of Coun. Ferdie T. Eusebio</p><p>AWARD ACHIEVEMENTS</p><p>Customer service awardLoyalty award</p><p>SEMINAR AND WORK SHOP</p><p>August 1998 - Child Abuse</p><p>Session Hall of Makati City Hall</p><p>September 1998 - Market Prices</p><p>Session Hall of Makati City Hall</p><p>March 2002 - ISO Awareness seminar</p><p>Femfi Paredes Branch, Sampaloc Manila.</p><p>August 30, 2003 - Femfi Quality Mngt., System</p><p>Femfi U.N. Branch, Ermita Manila</p><p>July 23, 2005 - Customer Service Guaranteed Seminar</p><p>Femfi U.N Branch, Ermita Manila</p><p>September 13, 2003 - The winning Edge</p><p>Femfi U.N Branch, Ermita Manila</p></li><li><p>7/29/2019 Florence Resume New 1[1]</p><p> 3/4</p></li><li><p>7/29/2019 Florence Resume New 1[1]</p><p> 4/4</p><p>MR. LEN GALANGSupervisorPag-ibig Fund.</p><p>AURORA IGNACIOManagerUpscale TelecomTel. No. 840-24-14/819-72-84</p><p>TOBY HUELARAccounting HeadFar East Maritime Foundation, Inc.Tel. No. 523-7313</p></li></ul>