floral classics rugs by gb rugs

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This is a wide selection contemporary classical rugs that come from the whole world of oriental rug.


  • FLORAL CLASSICAL RUGS by gb-rugs60 Raj Tabriz Carpet 14062593799560 Raj Tabriz Carpet 14120906178860 Raj Tabriz Carpet 14120906198160 Raj Tabriz Carpet 14120906218760 Raj Tabriz Carpet 14120906229070 Raj Tabriz Carpet 14080816759270 Raj Tabriz Carpet 141317759572Bakhtiar Rug Faradombeh 140000000188Berkana rug 140000000314Berkana rug 140000000441Berkana rug 140000001107Berkana rug 140000001109Berkana rug 140000001112Bijar Rug Thin 140000000326Erivan Carpet 140000000137Erivan Carpet 140636446269Hamadan Rug 140708264968Hamadan Rug 140708264987Hamadan Rug 140708265154Hamadan Rug 140708265187Hamadan Rug 140708265253Hamadan Rug 140708265287Hamadan Rug 140708265400Hamadan Rug 140708265418Hamadan Rug 140708265435Hamadan Rug 140708862310Hamadan Rug 140708862350Hebey China Rug 140000000280Hebey China Rug 140000000284Ilam Rug 140000000890Isfahan Najafabad 141407056524Isfahan silk Weft Rug 140808167567Kerman Rug 140000000152Kerman Rug 140000000173Kerman Rug 140000000839Nain Kashmar Rug 140926932870Nain Rug 140434556304Nain Rug 140803969686Nain Rug 140808167580Nain Rug 141218046665Nain Rug 141218046967Peching Carpet, Old Finish 140000000041Peching Carpet, Old Finish 140000000223Peching Carpet, Old Finish 140000000224Peching Carpet, Old Finish 140000000227Peching Carpet, Old Finish 140000000384Peching Carpet, Old Finish 140726056763Peching Carpet, Old Finish 141407765120Qum Kork Rug 140000000418Qum Kork Rug 140000001213Qum Kork Rug 140828961787Qum Kork Rug 141406562920Qum Silk Rug 140513965696Qum Silk Rug 141201843278Qum Silk Rug 141317772930Qum Silk Rug 141317846090Qum Silk Rug 141317864186Qum Silk Rug 141317961677Qum Silk Rug 141317963964Qum Silk Rug 141319159942Qum Silk Rug 141319163901Sarouk Rug 140000000080Sarouk Rug 140000000146Sarouk Rug 140000000798Sarouk Rug 140700565584Sultanabad Rug all silk 140513966242Thin Nain rug 141010545792Varamin Rug 140000000359FLORAL CLASSICAL RUGS by gb-rugs