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<ul><li> 1. 10,000,000Amount of money gets spended9,000,0008,000,0007,000,0006,000,0005,000,0004,000,0003,000,0002,000,0001,000,000 01992 1994 2001200520072008 2010 Years In 1992, the economic damage was only 1,000,000 but in 2012 it rapidly increase and went to 9,800,00 which affect on Pakistan economic a lot. When flood came it wash out the rice and wheat farms. Addition, it affect on cotton production.</li></ul> <p> 2. 20000000 18000000Number of people get affeted 16000000 14000000 12000000 10000000 8000000 6000000 4000000 2000000019921992 1995 1996 2003 20052010 YearsIn 1992, the people who got affected were almost 6,500,00 but in 2010 it really increased. Itwent to 18,000,00 people get affected. It suddenly become higher from past years. 3. The picture 1 showsthe actual rain. In2nd picture it showsthe normal rainfall.In 3rd picture thedark blue part showsthose areas had themost rainfall andthose areas gotflooded. 4. This picture shows the view of damage area in Pakistan. 5. Map:1The area it is more redthose areas weremost affected byflooding. 6. The areas which are brownthose areas got affectedbadly. 7. This is showing the rain in Pakistan through 1998 to 2011 8. (a) shows that the geographic spreading of rainfall in SouthAsia. (b) Weather spreading of rainfall (mm/month) averaged inPakistan. Most rain falls in July-August buy during the summermonsoon made twice the amount than happened inwinter. </p>