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Tristan is>_____________>_____________>_____________>_____________

James >____________>____________>____________>____________


Kiara plays __________

Tristan arranges her to be James'______________'at Highfields Both ______ and ________ like her very much.

TRISTANJAMESPhysically disabledPhysically normalGood at swimming Good in sports, plays footballGood at Maths, understands how computers workConfident, looking forward to changesShy, nervous, kind of scared about life, full of thoughtsGoing to Chesterlea GrangeGoing to HighfieldsPerforms drama wellHates drama


ExpositionThe main characters, __________, __________, __________ are introduced. We also learn more about the twins and the upcoming school play.

Rising ActionBoth Tristan and James have __________ feelings about going to their new schools. They are worried about being separated and whether they can adapt to their new schools.

ClimaxThe day after the schol play, Tristan and James react very differently to the school play. They both realise how much they depend on each other and how difficult it would be to adapt to their new schools. Tristan is not sure whether to follow James to Highfields or to go to Chesterlea Grange on his own.

Falling ActionAt first, Tristan tells his mother that he does not want to go to _________________. Then, James talks to him and Tristan changes his mind.

ResolutionThis is the ending where the twins realise that they have made the right decision. They are both happy in their new schools.

TimePlaceend of Primary School. going to Secondary School.

Peter Hill Primary school

Highfields and Chesterlea Grange.


Sample Essay type QuestionTristan and James are as different as day and night although they are twins.

Describe the similarities and differences in their characters in the storyFlipping Fantasticby Jane Langford

Sample Answer:

Tristan has a positive minded boy. He has with high self-esteem. He has high linguistic skills too. He is also very friendly and he makes friends easily. He has shown that he is mature when he says that Chelsea Grange is the right school for him. In contrast, James has low self esteem. He is timid and lacks confidence. He wants Tristan to reconsider his decision about going to Chelsea Grange.

1. Why was James relieved?A. Tristan would be with JamesB. Tristan would not be at HighfieldsC. James could manage without TristanD. Tristan was going to Chesterlea Grange

2.If Tristan was not going with James, he thought of many excuses just toA. go to ChesterleaB. go to HighfieldsC. manage without TristanD. quit school on the first day

3. James wants his brother to do all the followingexcept His brother can look after James Help his brother with his wheelchair James can look after his brother Help James to hold back the automatic doors

RENTCATSIG pins afar

SONSTIG newspapers



NILOGI the door

GLUNPIL buttons off the TRISH

Lying _ _ _ _ _ around

Putting _ _ _ _ wood upon the _ _ _ _

Bringing in _ _ _ and soiling the _ _ _ _ _ _

Leaving the _ _ _ _ _ _ unclosed

Spilling _ _ _

Fading _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _