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MonaVie's exceptional wellness and weight management products and business opportunities are changing lives around the world.


<ul> <li> WE HAVE THESCIENCE TOPROVE THEVALUE OFMONAVIEPRODUCTSMONAVIE VIEWANTIOXIDANT SCANNER </li> <li> ARE YOU...FEELING OLDER?FEELING STIFF AND SORE?FEELING FATIGUED?GAINING WEIGHT?STRESSED OUT? </li> <li> MONAVIE VSET MONAVIESTRESS. KEEP IT IN CHECKMonaVie Vset HEALTH WITH PURPOSE PRODUCTS JUICES MonaVie MX MonaVie Active MonaVie (M)mun MonaVie Pulse MonaVie Essential MONAVIE RVL MONAVIEPREMIER WEIGHT ENERGY BLENDSSOLUTION HEALTHY. SUSTAINED. ENERGY. MonaVie EMV REVEAL YOUR BEST SELF MonaVie EMV Lite RVL Nutrition Shake RVL Dietary Supplement RVL Pro 10 HDH Protein Bar RVL Snack Bar MonaVie EMV Validated by Informed Choice and WADA Standards </li> <li> HAVE YOUDREAMEDRECENTLY?What would you like to see changein the next 1224 months? Your health? Your finances? Your time?TODAY ISYOUR DAY! </li> <li> COMMUNITYCOMMERCE VSTRADITIONAL BUSINESSAND FRANCHISINGCommunity Commerce gives people the opportunity, withvery low risk and very low financial commitment, to build theirown income-generating asset and acquire great wealth. Robert T. Kiyosaki, Entrepreneur and AuthorTHREE LIFE-CHANGING OPTIONS: Start Your Own Business Need idea, time, and money Own a Franchise $100,000+ to get started JOIN MONAVIE Ready to go! No riska proven opportunity Proven turn-key system International opportunity YOU CHOOSE! Less than $1,300 to get started with an Executive Kit </li> <li> START PROPERLYStart with an order of Senior Executive Kit 1,000PVEarn a bonus of ____________ Junior Executive Kit 500PVEarn a bonus of _____________ 200PV or 100PV KitEarn a First Order Bonus of __________ Become a Starsponsor one person on your left and one on your right. Help your team become Stars. THE PATH TO GOLD LEFT TEAM RIGHT TEAM YOU STARTS HERE! Level 1 Build a model that generates $1,000 a week and $50,000 a year Level 2 Personally Enrolled Group Enrolled </li> <li> PATH TO GOLDCONTINUES HERE! TEAM COMMISSION You can earn up to $10,000 per week when your left and right teams YOU order 1,000 cases or more of MonaVie Health LEFT TEAM RIGHT TEAM Juices or RVL products. Level 1 Level 2 Level 3 Level 4 Personally Enrolled Group Enrolled Autoship </li> <li> MONAVIE ACHIEVEMENT LEVELS RISE TO THE TOP Black Diamond - $912,698 White Diamond - $826, 151 Purple Diamond - $672,498 Blue Diamond - $443,852 Diamond - $244,690 Average Annual Earning Potential* Emerald - $151,880 Ruby - $104,508 Gold - $53, 186 Silver - $30,231 Bronze - $18,908 Star 1000 - $9,572 Star 500 - $4,092 10 20 40 60 100 2003004005006001000 1500 Average Number of Cases Per Week** This example of a perfect organization is for demonstration purposes only. Your success in building such an organization will depend on your skill, work ethic, the efforts of your downline, and market conditions. </li> <li> INCOME DISCLOSURE STATEMENTGLOBAL (FULL-YEAR) 2011The Income Disclosure Statement is a reflection of MonaVies rewarding opportunity. The following chart represents the average global earnings of the ranks ofMonaVie Distributors worldwide and provides high, low, and average weekly income information, as well as annualized averages. % of Weekly Weeks to Advance in Rank Weekly Income Annualized (The number of weeks for each rank is Average Average Active Distributor Rank Average calculated from date of enrollment) Weekly Hours Amount Distributors High Low Average Amount Worked* Min Max Average Distributor 70% $2,200 $0 $32 $1,681 2 n/a n/a n/a Star 20% $2,200 $0 $45 $2,314 3 1 341 9 Star 500 5% $2,130 $50 $79 $4,092 3 1 341 12 Star 1000 2% $3,545 $100 $184 $9,572 3 1 354 18 Bronze Executive 1% $4,691 $200 $364 $18,908 3 1 355 24 Silver Executive 1% $4,913 $300 $581 $30,231 3 1 330 29 Gold Executive</li></ul>