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  • No matter how many times you interact with technology by texting, tweeting, posting, blogging etc.

  • When social contact becomes a messenger contact The New Form of Contactby Magic Trax*by Beedle Um Bum*Now we live in a world of instantaneity. Where we can reach people all over the earth with the click of a button

    by dactylx

    *by renbostelaar-it is never OK to be unavailable. Ever. Not for a minute.

    *It is to the point where people are on social media because you sort of have to be, by Millenia47*It has become so ingrained in our daily lives, that when when we are together

    *If we fail [to be e-compatible} the risk is well get so annoyed with each other that we wont communicate at all.

    We must learn to respect each other's style, yet draw boundaries. If we fail, the risk is we'll get so annoyed with each other that we won't communicate at all.He Texts, She TweetsAre They E-Compatible?

    *as people have become more individualistic (p. 592) and families are spending less and less time together https://sociology.nuim.ie/sites/sociology.nuim.ie/files/u30/SiobhanMcGrath.pdfd by Justine Gordon*In many cases by middle school kids are spending more time with media than parents or teachers.http://www.newswise.com/articles/psychologist-examines-effects-of-technology-societyby whiteafrican

    *by Stefnisson*One of the differences between our self-image in real life and online is more ability to change our look, and also mask our identity. by ifryn

    *Even when a person posts a photo of you on social media, you can untag, delete or modify the photo to keep social presence more consistent with the self-image you want others to see.by ClemSauce*christellefv's How communication channels shape what we say -online posts and texts provide people the opportunity to take pauses in conversations, and thus more carefully craft what they say.

    *As a result, those conversations tend to be more interesting than conversations face-to-face or over the phone.

    *But the truth is social interaction is an important part of both mental and physical health


    by **Melanie Ann ***-disclosing more about ourselves online actually lessens intimacy and satisfaction among romantic couples.-by Sky-Prince

    *-many people tell me they hope that as Siri, the digital assistant on Apples iPhone, becomes more advanced, she will be more and more like a best friend by elmarshox*frischmilch's *Weve become accustomed to a new way of being alone together. vLicense All rights reserved by Project Macfricahttp://farm9.staticflickr.com/8422/7858465912_a206dc1284_z.jpg

    by Macpogi8*by TomStock.usIf we dont teach our children to be alone, they will know only how to be lonely.

    *The thing is, as many of us are willing to talk to machines that seem to care about us.by Shellular Kellular

    *And we sink deeper and deeper to into this world of face-to-device conversationby china.sixty4

    *Radicalccs!'s *by kayakleader*by Sunna Gautadttir*License Some rights reserved by nige_marLittle Nora*