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How to create a Flickr Account tutorial.


  • 1. How toCreate aflickrAccount marianneSilloriquezTUTORIALS.2012

2. flickris a photo sharing sitethat lets you share yourfavorite photos andvideos to the world.marianneSilloriquez TUTORIALS.2012 3. Get StartedClick HeremarianneSilloriquez TUTORIALS.2012 4. Sign inwith yourYahooaccount.(or createan accountif you donthave one).marianneSilloriquez TUTORIALS.2012 5. Select a flickr screen name marianneSilloriquezTUTORIALS.2012 6. Follow thesestepsmarianneSilloriquez TUTORIALS.2012 7. Click to select your image marianneSilloriquezTUTORIALS.2012 8. Click to upload selectedimagemarianneSilloriquez TUTORIALS.2012 9. Dragtoresizeimage marianneSilloriquezTUTORIALS.2012 10. Go to step 2.Type yourpreferred aliasthen previewmarianneSilloriquez TUTORIALS.2012 11. Step 3,Putdetails heremarianneSilloriquez TUTORIALS.2012 12. After you personalizeyour profile, you are readyto upload your pictures. marianneSilloriquezTUTORIALS.2012 13. Click toupload photos marianneSilloriquezTUTORIALS.2012 14. Browse your folders for selection. Highlight selected photos to upload multiple pictures.Select photos & upload marianneSilloriquezTUTORIALS.2012 15. Set privacysetting thencontinueuploadmarianneSilloriquez TUTORIALS.2012 16. Add Title,description,tags on yourphotos to helpidentify photos marianneSilloriquezTUTORIALS.2012 17. You can groupphotos by theme.Create sets.Include yourphoto into aset. 18. What are SETS, COLLECTIONS,GALLERIES,GROUPSSETS is like a photo album, it contains photosCOLLECTIONS contains multiple sets that havesomething in common or the same themeGALLERIES is where you can put your favoritepublic photos uploaded by othersGROUPS is where you and others can share photos.A group can be public, public (invitation only),privatemarianneSilloriquez TUTORIALS.2012 19. More things to do with your photos Click at the center of your photo to access additional options add a tag, add a note, add a person, edit, rotate, view sizes, etc.. Explore & have fun! 20. Click formore ways to sharemarianneSilloriquez TUTORIALS.2012 21. Click to organizeyour photos marianneSilloriquezTUTORIALS.2012 22. Drag items into this area to edit by batch marianneSilloriquezTUTORIALS.2012 23. Edit by batch. Photos PermissionDates Add people Add tagsAdd to setSend to group Location marianneSilloriquezTUTORIALS.2012 24. Click yourphotostreamTo leaveorganizer marianneSilloriquezTUTORIALS.2012 25. At the bottom ofYour photostream page, Click here to change layout of yourphotostream 26. ToolsSEARCH just type a key word in the search box on topof the pageClick CONTACTSon toolbars to search / connect with friendsmarianneSilloriquez TUTORIALS.2012 27. Time to getstarted now. marianneSilloriquez TUTORIALS.2012