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A tutorial on the basics of using Flickr, including ideas of how to use it in an elementary classroom.


  • By Kelly Stevens Fun!
  • All About Flickr
    • Flicker is an online application used for managing and sharing photos and videos.
    • Users can edit their photos and add effects online.
    • Available privacy controls allow users to dictate who sees their uploaded content.
    • Includes a social component allowing users to receive updates from a group, family, or friends.
    • Basic accounts are free !
  • Sign Me Up!
    • Open your favorite internet browser and go to your preferred search engine. Type Flickr in the search bar.
    • Type in the address bar.
  • Sign Me Up!
    • Click Create Your Account.
    • If you have a Yahoo account, you can simply sign in. If not, click sign up.
  • Sign Me Up!
    • You will then be asked to create a free Yahoo account.
    • Once your account is created, youre ready to start using Flickr!
  • How Do IUpload a Photo?
    • Click Choose photos. This will take you to your documents and allow you to select your pictures.
    • You may select more than one photo for upload at a time!
  • How Do IUpload a Photo? Once your are ready to upload, choose whether to have your photos available for public or private viewing. Click the pink Upload Photos link and youre done!
  • How Do IUpload a Photo? Once your photo has been uploaded, you can add a title, a description, and a set of tags to help you find your uploaded photos quickly!
  • How Do IOrganize My Photos?
    • Along the top page, click the down arrow next to the word Organize.
    • Then, click Your Sets.
  • How Do IOrganize My Photos? Click Create New Set button. You will see your uploaded content in the bar across the bottom of the screen.
  • How Do IOrganize My Photos?
    • Give your new set a name.
    • Add a description.
    • Drag your photos into the set and click save. Simple as that!
  • How Do ICreate a Group?
    • What is a group ?
    • Groups allow photos to be shared either publically or privately according to photo subject or the people doing the sharing.
    • A public group can be joined and viewed by anyone.
    • A public, invitation only group can only be joined by invitation, but the content can be viewed by anyone.
    • A private group can only be joined by invitation, and the content can only be viewed by the members.
  • How Do ICreate a Group?
    • Along the top page, click the down arrow next to the word Groups.
    • Then, click Create a New Group.
    • Choose the kind of group youd like to create.
  • How Do ICreate a Group? Then, simply give your group a name and description, select a safety level, and you are officially a group administrator!
  • Searching For
    • Photos? Just type a keyword in the search box on the top of the page!
    • Contacts? On Flickrs homepage, click Try a search to find people you know!
  • For Further Assistance For easy reference, the links on Flickrs main page will guide you through the steps necessary to personalize your profile, upload photos, and find friends!
  • Fun With FlickrIn The Classroom
    • Students can create album sets containing photographs of living things and nonliving things. This activity could be set up as a grade-level project, with each class contributing to the set. (NJCCCS Science 5.5A2)
    Youve taken your first steps into the world of Flickr, now how can you use it in your elementary classroom? Here are a few ideas!
    • What better way to keep track of weather and seasonal patterns than a photo diary? Have students take pictures of the days weather, and then add them to a monthly weather set! Students can use their uploaded photos to graph the weather, and analyze in writing the weather patterns they observe and how those patterns affect their everyday lives. (NJCCCS Science 5.8B3,4)
  • Fun With FlickrIn The Classroom
    • Using the search function, collect photos of important American monuments and symbols. Print out several copies of each, and have the students use them to create national symbol posters. These posters can include facts about the symbol and why it is important to our countrys history. (NJCCS Social Studies 6.4B4)
    • Find interesting photos and turn them into writing projects! This can be done with any topic of your choosing. Students, using the picture as a prompt, will write a story about it including a beginning, middle, and end. (NJCCS Language Arts 3.2B3)
    • Observe the Earths rotation! On a sunny day, have the students chart the movement of the shadows throughout the day by taking pictures and uploading them. At the end of the day, have students document their observations using your photo timeline! (NJCCCS Science 5.9A2)
  • A Note About Safety When working with students on Flickr, safety is of the utmost importance. Here are some useful tips!
    • Do not publish student photos without signed permission from their parents.
    • In lieu of having students use their names on Flickr, assign each student a number as an online label.
    • Create a private group for your grade-level or school. That ensures only members will be able to see your content.
  • Additional Resources Want to learn more? Check out these terrific sites!
    • Flickr: Stories You Can Tell In School
    • My Friend Flickr
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