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Flash Music USA Guitar Accessories 2019 Catalog
The worlds first mechanical, hand held guitar pick. Achieve warp speed picking technique instantly. Aggressive tone and aack. Think of a cross between a violin bow and a chainsaw. Patent pending.
Detachable fretboard illuminator lights the fretboard on dark stages, and just looks cool. Instantly detaches for the ulmate ulity gig light. Available with red, white, blue and mul colored lights.
The only vibraon type headstock tuner that illuminates the fretboard, with detachable gig light. Look cool AND see what you are doing ! Patent pending.
Our unique tuner aaches to the body of your guitar via micro sucon technology. Patent Pending.
Worlds only illuminated guitar capo. Come on, this just looks so awesome. Why be ordinary?
Electronics SHRED PICK
FMFL0001-Red FMFL0002-White FMFL0003-Blue FMFL0004-Mul
Our tanium picks are made in California using the finest tanium for unmatched quality. Titanium is light weight, super strong and corrosive resistant. Our tanium pick is thinner than our competors giving it a familiar feel at the lowest price around.
Our unique copper picks flex. Beryllium copper is heat treated to spring temper, creang the only copper picks that flex. Comes in 3 thicknesses. 3 packs and 12 packs
They are steel but they sll flex. And they will last forever, just don’t lose them. 2 thicknesses, comes in 3 packs and 12 packs
Heavy Brass Pick, made in the USA. Top quality and the least expensive brass pick made domescally. Available in 3 packs or 12 packs.
An assortment of heavy brass, stainless steel, flexible copper and flexible stainless steel. 12 picks with assorted gauges.
Metal PicksMade in the USA
FMCP0004- .006 in FMCP0005- .008 in FMCP0006- .009 in
FMSS0003- .008 in FMCP0004- .025 in FMSS0005- .008 in FMSS0006- .025 in
FMCP0007- .006 in FMCP0008- .008 in FMCP0009- .009 in
Single FMTI0001- .029 in 3 Pack FMTI0002- .029 in
12 Pack FMTI0001- Assortment
3 Pack FMBR0002- .032 in 12 Pack FMBR0003- .032 in
3 Pack
3 Pack
12 Pack
12 Pack
Premium celluloid 351 picks made in the USA. Assorted colors. 12 packs or 100 ct bags. 4 thicknesses to choose from.
Delrin® 351 pick 12 packs. Extremely durable mae surface to provide grip. Comes in 6 gauges, each with their own color. Delrin® is a registered trademark of DuPont.
Guitar PicksMade in the USA
Premium Celluloid
12 Packs
12 Pack
100 Bag
100ct Bag
White Marble Green Marble Black Marble Black Marble Tortoise Shell
FMDE0001 FMDE0003 FMDE0005 FMDE0007 FMDE0009 FMDE0011
FMDE0002 FMDE0004 FMDE0006 FMDE0008 FMDE0010 FMDE0012
.50mm .60mm .73mm .88mm 1.0mm 1.14mm
FMCE0001- .46mm FMCE0001- .46mm FMCE0003- .71mm FMCE0005- .96mm
FMCE0002- .46mm FMCE0004- .71mm FMCE0006- .96mm
FMCE0007- 1.22mm
FMCE0008- 1.22mm
The original ICE PIX STIX Celluloid 6 Pack. Picks scks to your guitar via micro sucon so no messy adhesive. The micro sucon pad also provides grip. 7 gauges to choose from. Packs come in assorted colors.
These unique Delrin® picks have off centered holes and raised edges to provide grip and also allows freedom to readjust the pick with only light pressure. Tips are rounded. 12 packs come in 3 different sizes of thickness.
Same grip concept but sliced thick. Made of Delrin®, comes in 12 packs with 3 sizes of thickness. Sharp p.
Same grip concept. Made from Polycarbonate material. Sharp p. 12 pack. Used by Rusty Cooley
Same grip concept. Made from with a Delrin® material. Glow in the dark.
Specialty Picks ICE PIX STIX
SWISS PICKS ATOMIC - Glow In The Dark Round Glow In The Dark Sharp
Round Sharp
Sharp SWNC0001- .80mm SWNC0002- 1.10 SWNC0003- 1.5mm SWNC0004 2.0mm Round SWNC0001- .80mm SWNC0002- 1.10 SWNC0003- 1.5mm SWNC0004 2.0mm
SWAR0001- .55mm SWAR0002- .80mm SWAR0003- 1.1mm SWAS0001- 1.1mm SWAS0002- 1.5mm SWAS0003- 2.0mm
IPST0002- .58mm IPST0003- .71mm IPST0004- .81mm IPST0001- .46mm
IPST0005- .96mm IPST0007- 1.5mm IPST0006- 1.2mm
The finest tanium, brass and stainless steel slides manufactured in the USA. Top quality at low rock boom prices.
Only Cool =#I{ Shirt. Our signature Flash Music Shirt. 100% per-shrunk 5.3 oz coon. Double needle sleeves and hem. Available now in black, other colors available in February. Come on, look how cool it is.
Instantly change the finish and color of your flat top electric guitar and bass with these unique detachable toppers. Go from relic to factory then back to relic in seconds while you change your strings. Patent pending
Insta-Guard to add protecon in a second with micro sucon technology. Or choose a tradional pickguard with pre-drilled holes matched to you specific guitar. Patent Pending
We are just ge ng started. We will connue to add more items this year. We have a plan to bring straps, strings, more picks and and more...
Other Stuff
Tradional Pickguards
Small Medium Large X-Large 2X-Large FMTS0001 FMTS0002 FMTS0003 FMTS0004 FMTS0005
FSTI0001 FSBR0001 FSSS0001