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    Social Media plays a vital role in improving the search engine rankings by creating the strong social presence on theweb. In this post, check out the role of social media in improving SEO and how by hiring social media services canincrease your traffic.

    Ways to Improve SEO by Social Media

    1. Link Building on Social Media Channels

    Building links on social media channels help in increasing the authority and credibility of the site. Links on socialmedia profiles are considered as the high-quality links. It not only helps in building the links but increasing the trafficand average time spent on the site. This gives search engine strong signals and thus increase the organic ranking ofthe site. You can create social media posts including blog content, images and videos to increase the engagementand overall traffic to the site. Ask your SEO agency to provide all the posts so that social media services canimplement and deliver good results.

    2. Increase Followers

    It is not just posting regularly on social media channels but it is equally important to build strong follower baseacross all the channels. For increasing the followers, it is important to post fresh content, posting in the groups andtargeting the relevant audience. By liking, sharing, re-tweeting, +1 and commenting, you can increase your socialactivity plus followers on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+ and Pinterest. If you have fake followers, thenGoogle will penalize your site and lower down the rankings in SERPs. For this activity, you can hire social mediamarketing services which will not only save your time but create a strong follower base.

    3. Use Target Keywords in Your Posts


  • Use target keywords in your social media posts. The best way to use it is by creating hash tags. This will not onlyincrease the reach of your posts but also helps in improving the organic rankings. As Google will know exactly whatthe post is all about it can also get searched in search engines by the particular hash tag. Thus this helps inincreasing the organic traffic through your social media posts on different channels. SEO agency and social mediamarketing company will help you for sure to perform this activity in an effective way.

    4. Create Local Listing

    If you have a local business, then it is worth creating a local business listing on Google+. Specify the accurate NAP Name, Address and Phone Number and website that helps in appearing your listing on local 3 pack results orknowledge graph. You can keep your social media profile on Google+ active by posting blog posts, images andvideos regularly and engaging audience with your local listing. Ask your customers to post online reviews for yourgood services. By performing this, you can improve the ranking of your profile to appear higher in search engineresults. You can combine the SEO services and social media services to perform this activity in order to get betterresults.

    5. Make Your Content Viral

    Make your content viral by increasing the reach and frequency so that people can share it on their favourite socialmedia channel. In order to increase the reach of your social media posts, hire a social media marketing agency tohelp you increasing the traffic and popularity and chance of getting searched and appeared will be higher in thesearch results. You can even change your social media profile settings to get make your profile searchable insearch engines results.


    Social media channels are effective digital marketing tools to increase the authority and credibility of your site. At thesame time, it increases the trust of people. This helps in improving the organic rankings and overall traffic to the site.


    Five Important Ways to Improve SEO by Social MediaWays to Improve SEO by Social Media1. Link Building on Social Media Channels2. Increase Followers3. Use Target Keywords in Your Posts4. Create Local Listing5. Make Your Content ViralConclusion