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  • 2. ORIGIN FITNESS FOR KIDSOriginated in Switzerland, Fitness for Kids is anestablished, proven, and effective Program forintroducing Children to the benefits of PhysicalActivity, Good Nutrition, and Respectful Living.Fitness for Kids is visiting Elementary Schoolsapproved by the Swiss Government since 2006 and justlaunched its first ever Nationwide Billboard Campaignin Fall 2011. Fitness for Kids has an ongoing mediaoutreach on television, print, radio, and social-media.Similar Activities are forseen in the USA.
  • 3. PROGRAM FITNESS FOR KIDSToday, there are countless fitness and health routines foreveryone from teenagers to seniors. But nothing forchildren. Fitness for Kids has been educating andinspiring children since 2006 with a simple but effectivecurriculum. Habits - good or bad - have their roots inchildhood!Fitness for Kids communicates to children, ages 5 - 12 ,the positive impacts of a respectful life attitude, dailyactivity, and healthy nutrition and helps kids integratethese habits where they belong: in their daily life.Fitness for Kids is based on the three pillars:ATTITUDE, ACTIVITY, AND NUTRITIONVISIONThe Vision of Fitness for Kids is that every child in Americais going to know about Fitness for Kids and benefit from it.The Organization Fitness for Kids is going to unite and teamup schools, parents, government, organizations,corporations, individuals, and media - all for a healthy futureof our children.
  • 4. HOW IT WORKS FITNESS FOR KIDSThe heart of the program are the School Visits. Fitness forKids explains to children how little it takes to live fit, strong, andhealthy. The kids receive the especially for them designedFitness for Kids Books and Journals which become their dailyguide for the next weeks and months. These tools include allthe information kids need to learn and keeps them motivated tolive healthy. Fitness for Kids Instructors explain the program to thekids and teachers. Additionally, every child receives the Fitnessfor Kids T-Shirt as a motivation as well as a healthy snack fromAmbassadors (Celebrities).After this first visit, called "Kick-Off Event", the kids work ontheir fitness daily together with their teachers and parents:Performing exercises from the book, keeping their daily fitnessjournal log, as well as performing the Fitness-Check multipletimes.After 6 - 8 weeks the Fitness for Kids Team returns to theschool for the Check-Up Event. Everything learned andpracticed will be evaluated by looking at the daily journals andperforming fun fitness checks. Its time to repeat, praise, andmotivate. The School and every child receives an Award as areminder for life.
  • 6. AMBASSADORS = ROLE MODELS FITNESS FOR KIDSRole Models support Fitness for Kids as Ambassadors at schoolevents and other activities. They are listed online with a healthyquote saying why they support Fitness for Kids. At the events,they have an active and inter-active part: they do interviews, sharestories from their life, exercise and play with the kids, hand out healthysnacks (fruits and water), and sign the T-Shirts...Internationally there are over 80 Ambassadors. Olympic Winners,Actors, Musicians, Athletes, Hosts - the list is endless.In the USA - well known and influental personalities from sports,entertainment, politics, music ,or other parts of society such as LailaAli are currently being signed on as Ambassadors. For an all up-dated list go to
  • 7. FITNESS FOR KIDSAPPENDIXOur Alarming USA StatusSchool VoicesBoard of DirectorsImpressum
  • 8. OUR ALARMING USA STATUS FITNESS FOR KIDSOne in three children in America is either obese oroverweight. Recent studies have found that obesity ratesamong children have tripled from just one generation ago.Never before did children grow up so unhealthy. Most childreneat wrong and get almost no physical activity anymore.Most kids cant even do a simple somersault! The risks foroverweight children are immense: Heart- and CardiovascularDisease, Diabetes, Joint Damage, and last but not leastPsychological and Social Problems. This is a huge socialproblem and responsibility for all of us.Over 66 percent of Americans are clinically overweight.That means that more than 190 Million Citizens are eitheroverweight or obese. Obesity related diseases are at least a147 billion dollar medical burden every year and growing.The consequences of the countrys obesity epidemic expandbeyond just personal health. A Gallup Poll dated October 2011says that overweight or obese full-time workers miss 450 millionmore days of work each year than healthy workers, costingbusinesses $153 billion annually in lost productivity.The World Health Organization (WHO) has already declared OUR CIVILIZATION IS AT GREAT RISK!Obesity a Worldwide Epicemic back in 1997.
  • 9. IN THE NEWS FITNESS FOR KIDS Newsweek: Cover and Article Date: May 14 2012
  • 10. SCHOOL VOICES FITNESS FOR KIDS Some Testimonials and Feedback from Schools: Principal Dr. Vicky Lee, Tarzana Elementary "We are the first school in America to have this program and we are so thrilled, and we also consider ourselves very fortunate. This is a program has been very prevalent and successful in Europe and for us, to be the first ones to have this happen here, is an honor indeed. During the last weeks we saw a big change, especially the way the kids think and act on a daily habit. Many doubled or tripled their fruit, vegetable and water consumption along with their daily physical activity minutes. I hope this plants the seed for us to be able to perhaps have this happen to schools all over Los Angeles and the United States." LAUSD Cafeteria Chef Esta Rea "In the past month since the Fitness for Kids started at our school, Ive seen a change of eating habits in our children at Tarzana Elementary. Most of the kids are leaning towards the fresh fruits and salads now. Many times I even heard the kids say "eat healthy, never eat the greasy foods." PE Coach Stephen Haynoski "This is the program that is solely needed at this time. When fitness and nutrition levels are declining at an alarming rate across the district and the nation, a program like Fitness for Kids can break this downward trend and send our children into a more positive direction for their future." Lydia Schlanger, 3rd Grade Teacher "I have been teaching the Fitness for Kids lessons and sharing the exercises with my third grade students. As a result, through eating healthier, being more active and having more respect for our own bodies, it was great to see how many changed their daily health habits. I personally lost 20lbs! Thank you for helping us change our lives."
  • 12. IMPRESSUM FITNESS FOR KIDSFitness for Kids is a 501c3 Non-Profit Organization based in Los Angeles. Fitness for Kids and Apple Burger Logos are registered Trademarks. For more information email: We are looking forward tomake a difference together! THANK YOU
  • 13. DISCLAIMER FITNESS FOR KIDSThis confidential presentation is the property of Fitness for Kids. Any unauthorized reproduction or distribution of thispresentation is prohibited.By accepting the presentation, you acknowledge that:(1) the information contained herein will be used by you solely for the purpose of evaluating a partnership or collaboration with Fitness for Kids(2) you will not reproduce the presentation in whole or in part and will not distribute all or any portion of the presentation to any person other than a limit