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How Fit2Talk can promote your Personal Training Business and develop an online presence for the world to view.


  • 1. Fit2Talk is an online Health and Fitness community. It's FREE to all, allowing you to set up a profile to make friends, be healthy and look great! There is also a wealth of information online to get stuck into including recipes, workouts, therapy and nutrition help. We aim to provide Personal Trainers with a unique, modern approach to online listings. The Fit2Talk PT page (Listings page) will allow members to view your profile giving them an insight into your character and services you provide. If they like what they see then they can contact you via email or your online profile. We dont just stop there though...........Fit2Talk allows you to be in control of your own marketing, but how?

2. How you can market yourself on Fit2Talk PT Profile: Your profile can be edited at any time by you, with no extra cost. You can incorporate links that lead members to testimonials, articles, video, workouts or even your own website! The hyperlinked section of your profile will also be fed through to the PT page, meaning that you can change your main advertisement at any time. Once you have joined our online PT listings you can instantly start promoting yourself throughout the website. We differ from a static advertising scheme by letting you actively increase awareness of your Fit2Talk profile. Ways of which you can do this are listed below. 3. Post and comment: Fit2Talk is designed with you in mind. To help you connect and help members, we have allowed you to post your own blogs, videos, groups, articles and more, which can all link back to your profile. These posts can receive comments and ratings, so make them unique and interesting! Your blog.......Your business.......Your life! 4. How can I interact with the users? Fit2talk member profiles state their current goal and progression, as well as giving you an insight into there training and lifestyle. You will be able to use the information to find prospective clients. To ensure that you dont waste your time searching through our members one by one, we have added a friends in your area box on your profile and the people search section. Contacting members: As a unique feature, personal trainers can message members via their comment wall or privately through their online inbox. Just like Facebook. Creating leads: You can create groups for your current and new clients to socialise in. You could even turn this group into a Q&A forum, getting an insight into what our members really want. The idea is to create an interactive page, where your name and services are mentioned frequently to create awareness of your PT profile. Remember: When interacting around the site its all about creating your own stamp! Provide useful information on all the platforms (e.g. Video, blogs, diets) and attract users to you! 5. How will clients know about my profile / listing? Aside from the promoting of yourself mentioned in the previous pages, we have ensured that the Fit2Talk members are aware of our online PTs. The main thing being our Fit2Talk Online Personal Trainers are here to help! Promoting Awareness: We have placed little reminders around the site that are linked to the PT Page. These can be found on the sign up page, workout page (PT Page entrance) and most importantly on everyone's profiles! PT Badge: In addition to us setting up a reminder on peoples profiles, we will supply you with a PT badge (shown below). This badge allows our members to know that you are a certified PT with our backing. 6. Gym Listings: Underneath every gym listing we show all the current PTs at that gym. This is displayed as a photo of you, linked to your profile. Now when members look to join a gym they can see you and contact you before they even sign up. So remember first impressions are everything, setup your profile to make an impact! INSERT PRNT SCRN 7. Additional advantages when using Fit2Talk All the great help Fit2Talk offers you in the form of promoting yourself and creating awareness of your business have been created by Personal Trainers, for Personal Trainers. We know the industry and how important it is to achieve a fast client base, so we have looked outside the box and here are some extra ideas we have come up with. Answer Phone: Dont ever miss a potential client ever again. Your Fit2Talk profile is available 24/7, so by setting up a simple answer phone message like shown below. Sorry I cant get to the phone right now, but if you would like to leave a message or alternatively visit my PT Profile at This way your potential client can see who you are, the service your provide, testimonials and prices. This can be linked on your profile as mentioned before and displayed using videos or simple blog format. 8. Current clients: Get your current clients to help promote you by adding comments to your wall, create a group for your clients to socialise in. Set up diets and workouts (These can have videos attached) to direct your clients to when not training with you, remember results talk! PT development: We have linked up with organisations that specialise in further training. Courses include PT business sense, functional training, advanced nutrition and sport massage therapy. 9. How we promote Fit2Talk We are currently undertaking a marketing campaign to boost members and traffic through the site. We are going national, but we are currently focusing on the Merseyside area. So lets take a look at how we are getting people on board. Leaflet drops: When ever we visit a gym and secure their listing we flyer drop around their area. This notifies the public about the free information that we give out, which is pretty hard to ignore! Gyms: Once a gym signs up to our listing they are given advertising to distribute to their members, this way their members get the most out of their training and get to know about the PTs at the gym. You the PT: It is in your interest to distribute leaflets (We supply upon sign up) and promote use of Fit2Talk within your gym. This is a secondary point of sale and if your not so keen on going up to people initially it can be a great point of contact! 10. Magazines / Newspapers: We are currently in contact with all the local papers and magazines, including the Echo (Health & Fitness section) and will be publishing our press release throughout Merseyside. Online campaign: The internet is by far the best way to spread the news about anything. Fit2Talk uses a vast number of social media sites (Facebook, twitter, Reddit etc.) and article publishing sites (Ezine articles,article base,Buzzle etc.) to spread the word about our free health and fitness community. In addition to this we have numerous online partnerships driving customers our way and have optimised our site to get the best out of search engines like Google. 11. So whats the cost? Well you would have thought since we were doing all this for you and giving you the chance to gain new clients that the cost would be high, but your wrong. Firstly: We do request that every PT actively promotes us through the leaflets we provide, this helps both of us. Also any externally linked pages on your profile, must also have a return link (Purely for SEO purposes). Monthly rate: 10 per month, for 12 months, through standing order. Their is also a one off additional setup fee of 10. The monthly fee is reviewed every 2 months and can be increased depending on Fit2Talks traffic. Annual fixed rate: 80 one off fee, paid via cash or cheque. This payment will cover you for a full 12 months and no further payment apart from a 10 setup fee will be charged for that year. Referral Discount: Refer 2 PTs for successful sign up and receive 25 worth of Herbalife products.