Fishing in Spring Lake, New York

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Fishing in Spring Lake, New York

Fishing in Spring Lake, New York By Maher Ishak, Woodbury PharmacyIntroductionNew York resident Maher Ishak established Woodbury Pharmacy in the city of Highland Mills. Spending much of his last two decades managing and operating Woodbury Pharmacy, Maher Ishak likes to visit nearby lakes to unwind and fish.

A source of relaxation, fishing allows a person to decompress and unplug from technology. Around Highland Mills, those who love to fish should consider Spring Lake. An ideal place to catch rainbow trout, Spring Lake is located just north of the city. FishingBetween 2:09 a.m. and 4:09 a.m. as well as 2:39 p.m. and 4:39 p.m., fishers find the most activity. However, 9:30 a.m. to 11:30 a.m. also are good times to fish. The Allegany County lake spans 27 acres and restricts motorized vehicles, which adds to the pleasantry of the environment.

Spring Lake is open to the public and requires a fishing license. Additionally, New York Fish & Wildlife enforces fishing rules and regulations.